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Thank You Ken Mewburn!

Tribute to Ken on stepping down as TAPP President, by secretary Carla Clynick.

It has been an amazing learning experience working as a committee member with Ken. He has really been both President and Secretary as historically he always received the correspondence from other members, who make enquiries; community groups of which Ken is generally a member and officers of various government departments who Ken has met at one of the many meetings he attended.

Ken seems to have this incredible ability to remember facts and figures and he is able to draw on this at critical times in any conversation. As he admits himself, he enjoys the research and accumulation of knowledge about anything to do with the Passage and I hope that passion will stay alive and that he continues to share his knowledge with us.

Among his strengths is also the ability to write comprehensive and articulate submissions to various government agencies when policy regarding the Passage and its catchment are being decided upon. Whether it is a Federal Government Act like the EPBC or State Government legislation like the South East Qld Regional Plan or the Local Government town plans, Ken would always submit a paper outlining policy that would benefit the health of the Passage.

I sincerely hope that this too will continue – even though this exercise often feels futile this is where TAPP can and does have a voice and an impact.

Ken has lived and breathed TAPP for the last 9 years and it is because he is the type of person who always ensures that whatever he does he does well that we have developed a good reputation with Council, Govt. agencies and Developers. When meeting with anyone regarding a concern about the Passage the research would be done and a solution or two would be presented.  His calm manner has stood TAPP in good stead with all these people as Ken’s Motto was – you get more flies with honey than vinegar.

This has been a very busy 12 months with TAPP working on the TS Onslow Project. Ken has worked hard behind the scenes, which was both frustrating and worrying. Ken you have earned a good rest from the duties of President of TAPP but I am sure your passion for the Passage and its catchment will continue and that you will still be involved but now without the added pressure of so many deadlines and commitments.

Thanks so very much for all your hard work over the past 9 years.

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