March 2024 General Meeting


TAPP Inc. General Meeting

3.00pm Tuesday 5 March 2024

Caloundra Power Boat Club

2 Lamerough Parade, Golden Beach

  1. General Meeting
  • Acknowledgment of Traditional Owners – Ken welcomed everyone and acknowledged the traditional owners of the land on which we meet.
  • Apologies – as per attendance book
  • Minutes of February Meeting

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  • Business arising from Minutes

Correspondence Summary Update for March Meeting

Emails In as at February 29th – 44

Dean Crust MSQ accept invitation to be guest speaker April TAPP General Meeting

Contact with Rosanna Natoli

Contact with Min Swan

Insurance Renewal Survey

DES Re water Quality Monitor in Passage

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Dean Crust re guest speaker

Rosanna Natoli re meeting

Min Swan re meeting

Insurance Survey

DES Question re water monitor in Passage.

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Treasurer’s Report

Treasurers Report for Take Action for Pumicestone Passage as at 1 March 2024

TAPP Inc. Bendigo Bank Cash Management Account

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Balance-TAPP General Account as at 31 January 2024                                  $ 14530.58

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Welcome to our Guest Speaker – Jenny Broderick, Sunshine Coast Council candidate for Division 1 and observer Kendall Moreton, LNP Candidate for Caloundra

  • Jenny introduced herself and explained the diversity in Division 1. Literally from the mountains to the sea. A reminder of the extent of the Division 1 boundaries
  • file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/Division%201%20boundary%20map%20(2).PDF
  • Jenny lives in the Glass House Mountains and gave the group a thumbnail sketch of her personal life, raising a family, volunteering, study and working life.

Jenny then asked for questions from the group to steer the conversation. Here is a sample of some of the discussion:

  • Don Smith recognized and praised the books by John Groves as excellent resources- and the group was in full agreement. Jenny Broderick agreed that the books had been invaluable for getting to know Pumicestone Passage and the its catchment area. In particular Jenny loved the history and graphics.
  • Gerry asked if Peachester is in Division 1 and Jenny said it was and some comments were made about the dangerous condition of Commissioners Flat Road.
  • Kerrie from Bill’s Boats Hire discussed the jurisdiction problems and the passing the buck that has been going on for 20 years. What is going to happen? Kerrie said she feels compelled to warn customers against swimming at Bulcock Beach. What is required to make the changes now and not in another 20 years? We are told that it is National Park so we just sit on our hands, things could be done NOW. COVID is a good example of “we can do this!”.
  • Jenny agreed that maintaining good relationships between local, state and the feds is an important role for all of us. She said that we are just a bunch of civilians however we are surrounded by experts sitting in positions that will know what to do, we need to help them to make those connections.
  • Kendall mentioned the Gold Coast Management Group is working in this way.
  • Ken gave the group the background story to the Pumicestone Passage Catchment Management Body (PPCMB) and how it has taken learnings from the Gold Coast group and made some adjustments. Rodger Tomlinson met with them and shared some good advice. Ken noted that there are 40 pieces of legislation and 80 policies covering the Pumicestone Passage and these cause restrictions.
  • Ken noted that we have a rock wall mindset, same around the world.
  • PPCMB will be working on a master plan process for Pumicestone and its catchment area.
  • Don Smith explained the Point Cartwright master plan. Terry Landsberg supports the concept of a master plan and the council does the plan. The master plan can bring all things into focus – e.g. Oyster leases, the channel
  • Barbara asked how we can get John Grove’s book into all the schools.
  • Jenny suggested gifting it and reminding the kids “you swim in Pumicestone Passage so let’s learn about it”.
  • John said that the book “Lighthouses of Caloundra” by John & Janice Groves and Anne Wensley was sent free to schools and they didn’t hear a word back. It was agreed that the book needs to come with promotion.
  • Further discussion about PPCMB and it starting up again.
    • 1st thing is the budget – need a dedicated budget for the master plan
    • Important to have both ends of the Passage involved,
    • TAPP and PPCMB have different objectives so we need both going forward.

The Guest Speaker agenda item concluded with Jenny thanking everyone for their generosity in sharing their knowledge and she was grateful for her education about the Pumicestone Passage.

Ken thanked both Jenny and Kendall for their time and interest.

  1. Matters for Information and Discussion
  • Update on The Urban Rivers and Catchments Program grant – refer to handout given at the meeting. Grant went in on time and now waiting for any feedback. Thanks to Peter for all his work on the submission.
  • Update on Pumicestone Passage Catchment Management Group (PPCMG), Master Plan and oyster leases. See discussion above.
  • Inter-Urban Break (IUB) latest news and Coochin Fields. The Coochin Fields development received a court approval in November and the Council was given an order by Court to approve the development application by 1st The application by the Comisky Group was rejected by Council as not properly made and an extension for revised application was given. Since that date, there has been 6 requests from Comiskey to extend the application time which is now set as 26th March. At present, it is not evident that they have applied for, or obtained and EPBC Approval, however, an application for this could be the reason for the additional extensions. The Coochin Fields development is complex and a potential serious impact on Coochin Creek and Pumicestone Passage in addition to impacts on the wildlife and the National Park in the area. It is strongly opposed by local residents.
  • Dean Crust is the guest speaker for TAPP general meeting Tuesday 2 April 2024 @ 3.00pm. Dean is the Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) Pumicestone Passage Ranger and he will talk about his roles and responsibilities. Coen Harrison also from MSQ will also attend the April meeting.

Suggestions for future guest speakers?

  1. Around the able

Gerry noted that it is only the permanent population of Caloundra who are paying rates whilst the population doubles on weekends and holidays.  Visitors also use the infrastructure and services and are not contributing to the rates.

Barbara noted that Terry Landsberg has all the history and if he gets caught up in the apparent want for change, we risk losing it all.

Don Smith mentioned that they are looking for volunteers to monitor the ‘hollow log’ homes for animals in Jensen Park.

  1. Close and next meeting
  • Next meeting Tuesday 2 April 3.00pm at the Caloundra Power Boat Club