TAPP Update June 2020


The TAPP Executive met at Shelly Beach on Tuesday May 29th. We decided to provide you with another update. The photo this month is taken at the TS Onslow site. If you haven’t visited the site in the last few months the photo will help you to appreciate how the eco-system is developing.

Pelican Waters Southern Lakes

The Jensen Park site visit will be organised in the next few weeks as it has dried out enough to walk through the site. We will give you an update after the site visit.

Action: Ken will contact Hamish at Henzell’s office to organise a time and date.

World Environment Day (WED)

The WED Event is online this year from Friday 5th through to Sun 7th June. You can tap into it by going to the SC Environment Council WED link – www.wed.org.au
or the face book link at https://www.facebook.com/events/2508396676080479/
When you are on this site, you can click on the Events tab, 2020 and then the WED Program tab. You will see that our TAPP video will be shown on Sunday along with other community groups.
Speakers who will be presenting during the event include –

  • Emeritus Professor Ian Lowe – Formally educated in physics, Ian Lowe has been working for the last forty years on aspects of energy supply and use, especially environmental consequences such as climate, as well as the broader issue of sustainable futures.
  • Professor Dave Schoeman – A marine climate-change ecologist and Professor of Global-Change Ecology at the University of the Sunshine Coast who specialises in the global analysis of the impact of climate on marine systems and in management conservation approaches to minimise these impacts.

Houseboats on the Passage

We are still in contact with Maritime Safety Queensland, the Dept. of Parks and Wildlife and the Dept. of Environment and Science (DES) in relation to the monitoring of houseboat moorings and disposal of effluent. We are urging them to monitor the Passage more frequently to ensure that there is compliance with the regulations.

Pumicestone Passage Management Authority

The Steering Committee, which has three TAPP members, will be conducting an inspection of the Passage by boat on June 29th and then a gathering will be organised to move the process along after the boat inspection. Mark McArdle MP has helped resource the group with a number of management models from around Australia.

Action: Paul will contact Mark to ensure the Steering Committee keeps the larger original group informed.

Pumicestone Passage Convergence Forum

The planning group had a team video conference on Tuesday 26th May. Those that are planning the forum for early 2021 continue to move the agenda along under the guidance of Susie Chapman. The Community Knowledge and Stewardship session was discussed including the process and structure to be used, the engagement of volunteer groups, meeting with key local Council personnel, sponsorship and attendance fees.

Action: The executive will contact both Councils to organise a date and time for a zoom meeting.

Palm Lakes DA to the Council

The latest Development Application from the Palm Lakes developers for the Pelican Waters Golf Course has been submitted to Council. The executive are reviewing the current plan.

Action: Paul will call Ben Prior, the Palm Lakes development manager, to organise a follow up meeting.

Bells Creek Projects

The TAPP executive will be meeting with Susie Chapman and Peter Armstrong from the SC Council to look at a number of erosion sites along Bells Creek. It may be possible for TAPP to be involved in a project to help stem the erosion at some of these critical sites. Healthy Land & Water have earmarked initial funding for TAPP to engage in the project.
Action: This meeting will take place at 8am on Tuesday 2nd June.

Jet Skis

An article by Bill Hoffman appeared in the Sunshine Coast Daily about a petition that is to be sent to Council about the danger that some jet ski operators are causing at Happy Valley. A jet ski retailer had indicated that their sales are up 40% in the last few months.

Action: Paul will contact Bill to talk to him about any future articles about jet skis in the Passage and Brady will contact the police to see what can be done about compliance to the existing laws.

Signage at TS Onslow
TAPP executive have been meeting with Susie Chapman about the Public Information sign that will be put up at the TS Onslow site. This will be one of nine signs that Healthy Land and Water will be placing along the Passage to inform the public about the importance of the Passage as an internationally recognised Ramsar site. The design and wording are being finalised and quotes will then be sought.

Foreshore Solutions
Stuart Thomson from Foreshore Solutions has developed a method of planting mangroves using bamboo. He called to enquire about who he could contact at the local Council. He is suggesting to the Council a project to test the method along a small area of erosion at Diamond Head. Foreshore Solutions is a private company.

We are looking forward to meeting again at the Power Boat Club when it reopens.

Until then stay safe and well.

Paul, Carla, John, Brady and Ken. (June 2020)

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