Take action to protect the Pumicestone Passage by joining as a member or donating to TAPP.

TAPP are concerned members of the community who want to ensure the greatest care is taken of this precious natural resource, the Pumicestone Passage. We meet at the Powerboat Club (2 Lamerough Parade, Golden Beach) at 3pm on the second Tuesday of each month. Participation in group activities is completely up to your energy and interest, with some members active at every work bee, some attending meetings and others simply providing moral and financial support and keeping up to date by reading the monthly reports.

The TAPP membership fee is $20 a year. We also welcome donations to help pay for materials used in our various projects including the erosion control at the Onslow site of Golden Beach.

If you are interested in joining TAPP please complete this form and we will be in touch to get things going!