Minutes of TAPP General Meeting January 14th 2020

Minutes of TAPP Inc. General Meeting January 14th 2020
Held in the Wave Room at Caloundra Power Boat Club

All welcomed by Brady Sullivan Vice President of TAPP

Member Attendance: and Apologies: as per attendance book
Motion put that the apologies be accepted
Moved: Brady Seconded: Col Carried

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Motion put that the minutes of previous meeting be accepted as a true record of that meeting.
Moved: Carla Seconded: John Carried

Correspondence – Carla/ Paul
– Susie Chapman – re Pumicestone 2020 Forum – Summary of the meeting held on Dec 11th -to be discussed in General business
– Kerri Chandler – re the collection of seeds for Onslow – photos to go onto the website
– Cr Baberowski re the duplication of the highway to be discussed in General Business
– Kim Moreland re the signage at the Onslow site we were initially rushed to have this quote in before the final acquittal of grant funds but this is no longer the case. Another meeting with Kim is to be arranged
– Ken Mewburn re the final invoice for payment Many thanks to Ken for all the work he put into getting all the paperwork to Dept of Environment and Science (DES) enabling us to receive our final $10 000
– John Roberts – re the audit of Grant Funds
– Environment Defenders Office news and information about writing submissions for the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act
– Gail Podberscek re the draining of the ponds in Pelican Waters new park to be discussed in General business
– Bev – re McLean St degradation- thanking us for our work
– OSCAR Newsletter – can be viewed at https://www.oscar.org.au/
– Motion put that the correspondence be endorsed and accepted.
Moved: Carla Seconded: John Carried

Treasurer’s Report – John
As at 30 November 2019
TAPP General Account
Balance Brought Forward from 31/10/2019                                        $ 4082.41
Less Grant Funds                                                                               $ 2563.67
                                                                                                            $ 1518.74
Interest 1/11/2019                                                                               $     00.23
Membership and Donations                                                                $     40.00
Cheque #61 – OSCAR Membership ($30)
and donation (70)                                                                               $    100.00

Balance as at 30/11/2019                                                                  $   1457.97

TAPP Grant Account
Balance Brought Forward from 31/10/2019                                       $  2563.67
Transaction Fees $
Cheque #62 Mandrake accounting – audit fee                                  $    145.00
Electronic Funds Transfer – Coastal Engineer                                   $ 2035.00
Balance as at 30/11/2019                                                                   $   383.67

Closing Balance as at 30/11/2019                                                      $  1842.64
(Add General Account and Grant Account)

Financial Membership: 31 (as at 30/11/2019)

Motion put that the November Treasurer’s report be accepted as a true record of our account to date.
Moved: John Seconded:Lissa Carried

As at 31 December 2019
TAPP General Account
Balance Brought Forward from 30/11/2019                                           $ 1842.64
Less Grant Funds                                                                                  $   383.67
                                                                                                               $ 1458.97
Interest 1/12/2019                                                                                  $     00.14
Membership and Donations                                                                   $     30.00

Balance as at 31/12/2019                                                                       $ 1489.11

TAPP Grant Account
Balance Brought Forward from 30/11/2019                                            $   383.67
Transaction Fees                                                                                    $       1.40
Electronic Funds Transfer –Flyers – Public Consultation                        $      97.83
Cash withdrawal – supplies for Public Consultation                               $     93.00
Balance as at 31/12/2019                                                                       $   191.44

Closing Balance as at 31/12/2019                                                          $ 1680.55
(Add General Account and Grant Account)

Financial Membership: 31 (as at 31/12/2019)

Motion put that the December Treasurer’s report be accepted as a true record of our account to date.
Moved: John Seconded: Kerrie Carried

Business Arising From Minutes
Certificate of Appreciation
Motion put that we create certificates for Ken Mewburn, Susie Chapman, SC Library. Bills Boats, Michael McNamara and the Power Boat Club
Moved: Paul Seconded: Kerrie Carried

Public Consultation TS Onslow December 1st – Paul – Thanks to Randy, Erica and Rod for distributing the flyers – we had an excellent turnout of about 60 people. The public generally expressed gratitude for the work TAPP does. There were a small group from Medici Apartments who expressed some concern about their perceived loss of amenity Also some comment about the plants in Section 1 which are growing taller than expected. Apparently, the species we planted were not the ones that were intended. Motion put that executive seek advice about these plants and look at replacing them with the species that grow bushier and less tall.
Moved: Michael Seconded: Paul Carried

Duplication of Bruce Highway on the Eastern side – Carla – Executive to meet with Cr Baberowski on the 4th February to find out what the State Dept. of Transport has proposed and what the investigative process entails.
Jude added that Wildlife Preservation Society Qld had received correspondence from the State Dept. of Transport that they were going to upgrade the existing highway, not duplicate it.
Foreshore Vegetation Management opposite Mclean St – Paul, Ken and Carla met with Council officers at the request of a member of the public. The council officers agreed that the dune was being degraded; they didn’t think a fence would be a deterrent but agreed to do some more planting in that area.
Ten Priorities for Jason Hunt
It was suggested that we also present these priorities to all the other candidates running for office at State Govt. level. Halls Creek as a proposed future development site and maintaining the Inter Urban Break is one of our main priorities. A ranger or extra police presence on the Passage is also a major priority. We should also monitor progress on a possible Connector Rd through Lot 480, south of the aerodrome as that would directly affect the Passage.
If there are any other priorities, not mentioned at the meeting, that you feel TAPP needs to include please email them to Carla.
Ramsar Information Boards for Passage
We will be meeting with Kim Moreland and Susie Chapman again in the near future.
AURA Advisory Group Meeting – Ken
Summary attached to minutes
General Business
TAPP Nomination for Aust Day Award – Paul
TAPP has been nominated for an award. The ceremony is on Friday 24th January at 9:30 for a 10:00 start at the Lifepoint Baptist Church 186 Wises Rd Buderim.
We have registered 4 people to attend. Brady, John and Paul will represent TAPP but if you are interested in attending please let Paul know.
Jill, Ken, Helen and Carla are also attending.

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act – Paul /Carla
The review committee has called for submissions from the public about the effectiveness of this act. Interested TAPP members – Paul, Di, Ken Carla and John will meet on Tuesday 28th January at 10:00 to begin the TAPP submission.
Anyone can put in a brief comment or a submission – some links to guide and direct your comments/submission are from:-
Wilderness Society – https://www.wilderness.org.au/make-your-voice-heard?utm_source=email&utm_medium=breaking-news&utm_campaign=newlaws&utm_content=do-text

Federal Govt. – https://epbcactreview.environment.gov.au/get-involved#submission

Environment Defenders Office – https://www.edo.org.au/2019/11/25/analysis-the-epbc-act-review-a-once-in-a-decade-opportunity/

Halls Creek- John
As the development of Halls Creek is one of our main concerns, it was suggested that we meet with Council, as well as with Jason Hunt and Stuart Coward (The State Govt. political candidates for Caloundra) to continue the discussions about this issue.

House boats and Jet skis in the Passage-Michael
There has been an increase in motorized vehicles under way in the Passage and the main increase has been with jet skis, Other vehicles tend to stop periodically but jet skis just keep going. Accurate numbers can be obtained from the Coastguard as they have a camera operating 24/7
There is an unofficial earthen boat ramp several kilometres upstream from the mouth of Bell’s Creek where a number of boats and jet skis are launching.
We need to find out more information about the regulations around unattended vessels over 5 metres north of Bell’s Creek. How long are they able to stay in one spot – how far do they need to move when required to move. A vessel has been occupying a spot adjacent to Bribie Island since 30th Oct last year. It seems that the vessel is occupied.
There has been quite a bit of glass found in the water that is coming from glass bottles that were buried years ago by campers on the island.
Suggestion that the area between Bell’s Creek and the mouth of the Passage be 20 knots, as opposed to 40 knots. Executive will discuss these issues and decide on an action plan.

TAPP December Christmas get together – Brady
Thanks to Kerrie and Craig for coming and supporting the TAPP Christmas party. Your continued support is much appreciated.
Not only does Bill’s Boats support TAPP but they also support other local events and businesses.

Henzell’s Park update – Ken/Carla
In November, an application went to Council for a park area at Pelican Waters Southern Lakes, adjacent to Jensen’s park at the Bell’s Creek boat ramp. Both Henzell’s and the Council were to let TAPP know when this application was submitted. Last week Gail let us know that a spring/lake that had been there was filled in. Council informed us that this lake is a water hole that had been created by Henzell during their construction phase and needed to be filled in to construct the Park.
The boat ramp at Jensen’s Park will also have an extended car park that will encroach on a section of Jensen’s Park.
Executive will discuss this and decide on a time for a meeting with Hamish Pressland of Henzell’s.

SC University Pumicestone Passage Forum 2020
The format has been discussed and it is likely to be a 2 day event in the Innovation Centre Auditorium at SC University, tentatively on the 18th and 19th May 2020.
Day 1 – Scientific research findings, Case studies (Presentations, keynote speaker, posters)
Day 2 – Management Actions and Priorities (presentations, facilitated workshops and posters)
At a later date – perhaps field trip/s to case studies- coach or boat with presentations.
Suggested cost are $30 per day (concession – $10) $50 for 2 days (concession $20)
The idea is to have all stakeholders together with the scientists to look at the Passage and work out where we are now and where to from now on.
Next planning meeting for this is on Thursday 16th Jan.

SC Council – ‘Our Resilient Coast, Our Future’ Update – Ken
Ken attended some subcommittee meetings in Dec but the next full meeting will be in February. After that, there will probably not be a meeting until after the Council elections.
The public can still to go to the link below and add photos or comments about what they see are issues regarding the resilience of the coast.

Biosphere Update – Ken
This application has gone in to the Federal Govt. for their consideration

Onslow Project – Erica/ Ken
Coir log has come adrift – Ken has moved it up so it drains of all its water and will be put into area 3 near the bench. Don and Ken to work on this Friday 17th Dec 8:00 am
Many people are walking on and around the plants now but the vegetation is quite durable and holding the sand.

Around the Table
John – recommends the “2040” movie that has a positive and practical outlook to the future. There are 11 turtle nests on Shelly Beach at the moment
Lissa- witnessed very responsible fishing with adults teaching children which fish to throw back.
Randy – also able to help Ken on Friday
Alan – Lots of very small plastic pieces amongst the sea grass washing up along Golden Beach
Kerrie has been collecting plastic near Bills Boats
Col – Should we have TAPP t-shirts or polo shirts made up that we could wear when we are out and about to promote our cause? Perhaps we could get a sponsor to help with costs. Col will investigate this.

Brady thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 4:30 pm

Next Meeting will be on 11th February in the Wave Room at the Power Boat Club at 3pm

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