Minutes of November General Meeting

Minutes of TAPP Inc. General Meeting November 10th 2020

Held in the Pelican Room at Caloundra Power Boat Club

All welcomed by Brady Sullivan Vice President of TAPP

1. Member attendance : as per attendance book (20)

Apologies :- as per attendance book (7)

Motion put that the apologies be accepted

Moved: Brady                       Seconded: Ken

2. Presentation from the Sunshine Coast Water Police

Sergeant Kyle Bates and Senior Constable Mark Muddiman

Main points of discussion

  • Area of jurisdiction is from Deception Bay to Double Island Point
  • Use of a seventeen and a half metre vessel, a 4m vessel and 2 jet-skis
  • Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) writes the legislation but Police do have input.
  • Police target compliance on safety and speed and focus on education of regulations
  • 6 knots is the maximum speed within 30 metres of anchored or moored boats; people in the water; a jetty, wharf, pontoon or boat ramp and a float or structure with a diver flag.
  • Generally only 1 in 10 vessel operators are noncompliant
  • The public can email any video footage of non-compliant behaviour to the police or MSQ at WaterpoliceSunshineCoast@Police.qld.au or sunshinecoast.maritime@msq.gov.au
  • The videos should clearly show the person, the registration and time and date.
  • Generally police will issue a caution but these are recorded and any further infringements will incur fines
  •  Licence requirements for Personal Water Craft have recently become more stringent and expensive

3. Presentation of TAPP Appreciation Certificate to The Caloundra Power Boat Club – Paul Harney thanked Pricilla Wilcox – Functions Co-Ordinator and Shane Anderson – Operations Manager for their continued assistance and support of TAPP

4. Recognition of Susie Chapman’s attendance at the meeting – Susie provided a brief description of the role Healthy Land and Water (HLW) play in SE Queensland.

The 2020 HLW Report Card came out on Nov 5th. This provides a comprehensive account of the health of the SE Qld catchments, rivers, estuaries and the Moreton Bay zones. The Pumicestone Passage was rated at A-            To find out more go to:-          

Click here to explore the results

5. Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Motion put that the minutes of previous meeting be accepted as a true record of that meeting.

Moved: Col    Seconded: Kerrie                                         Carried

6. Correspondence –Paul

* Email from Bernie Miller the Grant’s Officer at the SC Council

TAPP was successful in  our application for the Community Grant from the SC Council – we have been allocated $5,000 to assist with the cost of the technology and the Cultural Heritage Items at  the Pumicestone Passage Convergence  16 -18/19  February 2020.

* An email re the SC Council’s Coastal Hazards Adaptation Strategy, Ken will report on this.

* Healthy Land & Water Report Card

* Terry Landsburg’s email confirming his attendance at the Pumicestone Passage Convergence

* Email acknowledging SCEC and OSCAR AGMs, which will be attended by TAPP representatives

* OSCAR Newsletter – access this at https://www.oscar.org.au/

* Email from Jason Hunt confirming the meeting with TAPP

* Phone contact with Channel 7 & 10 re: TS Onslow. Paul has been on the local news talking about The TS Onslow project and there will be further news items in the near future.

* Golden Beach Neighbourhood Watch email thanking us for the article about Trichodesmium for the November newsletter, the newsletters can be found in the right hand column titled “Newsletters” at this address https://goldenbeach.nhwq.org/

Motion put that the correspondence be endorsed and accepted.

Moved: Paul                          Seconded: Lissa                    Carried

7. Treasurer’s Report – Ken

TAPP General Account

As at 31 October 2020
Balance brought Forward from 30/09/2020$                        12,416.08
Interest   01/10/2020$                                    .52
Memberships$                                  0.00
Donations –$                                  0.00
Bank Transaction Fees$                                  0.00
Direct Credit Deposit 
Balance as at 31/10/2020 $                        12,416.60

Financial Membership: 32 (as at 31/10/2020)

Motion put that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as a true record of our account Moved: Ken                          Seconded: Carla                   Carried

8. Matters for Information

Application for grants for Pumicestone Catchment Convergence – as stated we were successful in getting $5,000 from the SC Council and Bribie Island Env. Protection Association (BIEPA) has an application in with the Moreton Bay Council for $3,000, which we will find out about in the coming month.

CHAS Meeting – Ken – The SC Council has been working with members of the community on a project called’Our Resilient Coast. Our Future.’ – Coastal Hazards Adaptation Strategy (CHAS) – a long-term strategy to help manage the impacts of coastal hazards. The Draft report has come outand Council is asking the community to have a look and respond.More information can be found at the link below and you can visit the Caloundra Events Centre on November 26th at 2:00 pm when the CHAS Team will have an open house for the public to come in, view the maps and have the opportunity to ask questions.


Vandalism Sign at TS Onslow – Carla – the sign has been placed at the TS Onslow Site – it is very clear and easy to read – it gets our message across and hopefully it will deter any further destruction.

RAMSAR Signage for the TS Onslow Site – Carla – this is the last commitment for the TS Onslow Grant from the State Govt. It is a hardy aluminium sign 90X60cm which will depict mangroves, birds, fish and say something about the value of mangroves in the local ecosystem. This is one of many RAMSAR information signs that will be placed along the Passage.

Meeting with the Shadow Minister for the Environment – David Crisafulli – Paul – Generally a positive meeting – hopefully getting the message across about our concerns with the environment. TAPP will need to meet with Jason Hunt once more and continue the discussion about preserving the Passage.

TS Onslow site working Bee and Site update – Ken – We laid some coir matting at the southern end of the site and planted some pig face along the bank – this should deter any further erosion at that site. We have left a walkway for the anglers so they can get to the shore to cast.

Sunshine Coast Council invited one representative from each Community Group to attend two workshops about Council waste services. These workshops will explore and review the Sunshine Coast Waste Strategy 2015-2025 and guide any changes necessary.

The Workshops will be on 16th and 30th November from 6-8 pm. Ken has volunteered to attend on behalf of TAPP and will RSVP to Council before the Friday deadline.

9. Matters for Discussion

Bells Creek Erosion Control Project Paul /Ken

Ken, Susie and Paul met with Hamish Pressland from Henzells at site 3 – 41Bells Esplanade – opposite Maclamand Drive. Hamish said they were prepared to help us with engineering support, education through their website, and other in kind support but they did not have any funds earmarked for this area so weren’t able to contribute to the building of any structures.    A considerable amount of this work will entail TAPP working bees.

Division 2 Meeting Feedback – Brady/Paul – It is a good opportunity for the community groups to get together. In future, there will be a facilitator to enable these meetings to flow more smoothly, the focus will be on practical issues, and they will have a broader outlook. Paul mentioned the Convergence in Feb next year and the overarching Pumicestone Catchment body being set up by Mark McArdle was discussed.

A motion was passed to reintroduce the yearly curbside pickup. Responses from Councilor Landsberg are generally always swift.

Christmas Gathering on Tuesday 8th December 3:00 pm – Ayliffe Park undercover area.

Bring along a share plate and or drinks.

Thanks to Kerrie Chandler from Bills Boat Hire, who again offered to take members across to Bribie Island in one of the hire boats. We will need to let Kerrie know numbers closer to the day.

10. Around the Table

Rick Albert – Talked to Jason Hunt and reiterated that Halls Creek as a future development site needs to be taken off the SE Qld Regional Plan.

Alan – Pamphlets from MSQ about safety on the waterways of the Sunshine Coast and restrictions to ‘Live-aboard’ vessels

Jude – There will be a ‘Welcome to the Turtles“ Event at 8.00 till 10.30  Sunday 22nd November at Shelley Beach

Susie – HLW have a regional project on shorebirds. There has been a study completed by Richard Fuller at UQ and there is now a forum set up with a number of stake-holders including the Council and the Wader study group, who are regularly meeting. There is lots of information about it – there is a fresh focus on their roost sites and their breeding habits. Susie will provide us with the link to more information about this. 

Lissa – Sunshine Coast Underwater Divers (SCUD) are a group who has been doing some clean up diving around Bulcock Beach. They are keen to come to one of our meetings; there is some information about them on our face-book page.

Next Meeting will be our Christmas Gathering at Ayliffe Park Golden Beach at 3.00 pm 

Bring along your family, food, drinks and be ready for a trip across to Bribie Island.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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