October 2023 TAPP General Meeting

Acknowledgment of Traditional Owners – Ken welcomed everyone and acknowledged the traditional owners of the land on which we meet.

Welcome to First Guest Speaker – Katrina Wood, Environmental Officer, Community Engagement, Communications and Public Engagement, Department of Environment and Science (the Department).

Katrina started by explaining that there are many branches across the Department and continued by outlining how she and Daniel Phipps work across the Department in their role as Environmental Officers. This link will take you to the Department’s organisational chart, which is very useful for understanding the spread of this large department.


Katrina explained that her role can assist TAPP to navigate across the Department by linking us with the right team.

Katrina’s presentation prompted much discussion and a number of issues that she has offered to follow up for TAPP. For example:

  • There seems to be an increase of dogs on north Bribie which poses a problem for shore birds. Katrina is following up on the signage both on the island and on the beach before going across with dogs. TAPP could also send the Council a request to increase signage.
  • Is there a Bribie Island ranger and are they aware of the increase of dogs. 50 dogs were observed on Bribie on Sunday of the October long weekend. Signs need to identify that “fines apply”. Katrina will give feedback to MSQ and the Bribie ranger.
  • What are the regulations for the following : farming; Storm water drains that seem to be constantly running even though it hasn’t rained. Dumping of sewage into Pumicestone Passage by people living on boats who have limited access to pumping sites. Who is responsible – Council, Unity Water, DES?
  • Who is the new Maritime Safety Qld Officer for the Passage? They are stationed at the new Marina. Who are they and what is their role? Would they be the best person for speed limits on the Passage?
  • What is the fire management plan for Bribie Island?


Welcome to Second Guest Speaker – Dr Peter Kamen

Peter talked about the concept of water quality and who is responsible for its maintenance. He defined water quality as – clean, clear, doesn’t smell, and doesn’t cause problems if you swim in it.

DES has put in a new buoy – a live app will be available so we can regularly check on water quality. What do we do if we see an out of range quality – an outlier? Are there trigger values established? When will we know a reading is out of range? If there are trigger values established, what are the justifications behind them?

Peter also had some questions that Katrina agreed to follow up on with Jim from DES, namely:

  • The water quality from the Australian Government seems to be based on documents from 2000 – 23 years ago. Are there more current guidelines? Do we have guidelines for Queensland? Is there any water quality data on Caloundra city and north Pumicestone Passage? If not why not?

Due to the new bar, there is no longer a daily flush out of this Bulcock Beach area (north Pumicestone Passage). The lack of a wash out of the area is a trigger point that requires follow up. Who is responsible?

Peter suggested that if you find anything unusual in the water, tell the TAPP water quality group and take a sample in a jar. The group can do an initial assessment and can send results to DES for further investigations.

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  • Disaster Ready Survey – Australian Government
  • SCC Our Resilient Healthy Coast management Plan – Invite to workshop
  • Growing Queensland and definition of Gentle Density
  • Meeting with F8 Media – TAPP Email 1.00pm pm Wednesday 27 September
  • Review of QLD EPA Government Response and Submission details
  • Catchment Network Field Trip Coolum 19 October – bus from Events Centre
  • GBNHW Newsletter
  • Sunshine Coast Environment Forum 3 and 4 November.
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Treasurer’s Report

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  1. Matters for Discussion

November meeting falls on Melbourne Cup day so finding a venue is a problem.  It was decided to have a field trip for the November meeting to:  Bells Creek, Roys Road, The Skids and Halls Creek. It was discussed to change of date to Tuesday 14 November and there was agreement. Cars available for the field trip: Jan – if she is here, Don, Ken, Denise.

  1. Around the able

Carla mentioned that Jude would appreciate if everyone could be aware that although dogs have been banned from Point Cartwright, the Council will now need to amend local laws to enact the associated changes. This process could see a turnaround of the ban.

  1. Close and next meeting
  • Next meeting will be a field trip on Tuesday 14 November, with more details to follow.