September 2023 TAPP General Meeting

TAPP Inc General meeting

3:00 pm Tuesday 5th September

Caloundra Power Boat Club

Acknowledgment of Traditional Owners – Ken welcomed everyone and acknowledged the traditional owners of the land on which we meet

Welcome to Guest Speaker – John Groves “Longshore Drift, Tasmania to Harvey Bay”

John walked the group through the theories for the Bribie Island wash-overs and breakthroughs as outlined in the book Bribie Island Wash-overs and Breakthroughs by John and Janice Groves. The visual presentation of photos and drawings were excellent and can be found in the book. After the interesting presentation, John challenged members of the group to decide for themselves “Is it Mother Nature or man-made?”

  1. General Meeting
  • Apologies – as per attendance book

Moved: Helen       Seconded: Jude                       Carried

  • Minutes of August Meeting

Moved: Jan           Seconded: John                      Carried

  • Business arising from August Minutes

Peter’s question about Water Quality was discussed.

  • Correspondence Summary September General Meeting
  • Emails In: 68 recorded
  • Email from Office Of Fair Trading (OFT) re changes to Incorporation rules
  • Bendigo Bank re Statement
  • Reports from SEQCA re Pumicestone Passage Issues, WQ, concerns with Bar
  • SEQCA Draft Submission for SEQRP
  • Acknowledgment of receipt of email to SCRC CEO
  • Emails re NIUB Planning
  • Emails re EPBC Referral for Aura South
  • Emails re water quality in Pumicestone Passage
  • Emails re petition for Pumicestone Passage
  • Member Communications
  • Emails Out: 53 recorded
  • Emails re water quality
  • Email to CEO SCRC re water Quality and drain issue in Pumicestone Passage
  • Emails re NIUB
  • Submission to Minister re NIUB
  • Invitation sent to Rick Baberowski to be Guest Speaker October meeting.
  • Press Release to Sunshine Coast News
  • Member communication

Of particular note from correspondence:

  • From Office of Fair Trading (OFT) re changes to Incorporation rules – need to have $150,000 before requiring an audit.
  • Draft Southeast Queensland Regional Plan – submission sent by John to Hon. Dr Steven Miles on behalf of Protect Our Regional Inter-Urban Break Alliance (PORIUBA) representing environmentally conscious organisations. It was suggested that this submission could inform individual submissions.

Moved: Ken         Seconded: Barbara                Carried

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurers Report for Take Action for Pumicestone Passage September 2023

TAPP Bendigo Bank Cash Management Account

Opening balance as at 1 August 2023                                            $ 12416.05


Interest                                                                                                 $          0.12

Membership renewals                                                                       $      370.00

Donations                                                                                            $       30.00

Incoming Subtotal                                                                             $     390.12

$     400.12


Balance brought forward add Incoming subtotal                        $ 12816.17

Bells Creek                                                                                               1950.81



B Pay to Office of Fair Trading (annual fee)                                $    -58.60


Balance-TAPP General Account as at 31st August 2023           $ 14708.38

 Motion put that the Treasurers Report be accepted as a true record of  TAPP’s finances

Moved: Helen             Seconded: John                      Carried

  1. Matters for Information
  • Petition re Water Quality from Drain – on behalf of TAPP Inc Ken has sent a letter to Emma Thomas, CEO of the Sunshine Coast Council to explain the issue with the drain coming down to Bullock Beach from MinchintonStreet. The runoff has created a pool on the beach which children are attracted to for playing. The water testing identified Naegleria Fowleri, commonly known as the “brain-eating ameba” in the pool which is particularly dangerous for children.

In the letter Ken requested that the pool be fenced off urgently to keep children away from the pool, particularly over the school holidays. This is the most practical and immediate action required. No reply had been received at the time of the meeting.

  • Volunteers for Visionary Ocean Warriors (VOW) and Flyways event – Ken was asking for volunteers for these two events on Saturday 23 September: VOW at Happy Valley from 8.00am to 11.00am and Sunshine Coast Council screen of the Flyways movie 4.00pm Fraser Park, Golden Beach, to welcome back the shorebirds. Ken will send out an email with details advertising the event and asking for volunteers.
  • Northern Inter Urban Break – The Draft Southeast Queensland Regional Plan (DSEQRP) has been released and is open to response submissions from interested organisations, – submissions close on 20 September. As noted earlier, on behalf of PORIUBA John Roberts has sent a submission to Hon. Dr Steven Miles, Deputy Premier. It was suggested that this submission could inform individual submissions. John also sent out ideas to other groups who are meeting council representatives next week. The GROW section of the DSEQRP focuses on housing shortage and the idea of development of Caboolture East and West, and Elimbah remain very attractive.
  • Aura South EPBC Report – Submission. There will be a public environment response which means that it will be put on the community to decide. Approval doesn’t mean it will go ahead.
  • Pumicestone Management Body Update – Hit a brick wall – it would need an act of parliament. The model on the Gold Coast is worth considering, with an advisory group. Written to all members of the ‘catchment groups”. Graeme and Ken will go to Moreton Bay to discuss.
  1. Matters for discussion
  • SEQRP submission from TAPP – dealt with Inter Urban Break as part of the Caloundra Alliance.
  1. New business

Open discussion and general business

  • Jan noted: Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) – has a new position of a ranger on Pumicestone Passage 5 days a week, not sure what they are actually doing.

Actions – Ken to contact Kell Dillon at MSQ to see what the plan is. Jan will circulate the article she saw in the Sunshine Coast News.

Future guest speakers

  • October – Ken has sent an email to Rick Baberowski, Deputy Mayor, requesting he attend the October TAPP meeting as our guest speaker. If Rick is unable to attend Helen suggested that Ken could be the guest speaker and talk about TAPP and its history.
  • November – meeting for November is on Melbourne Cup day so we may find it difficult to find a venue. Perhaps we could have a Field Trip or seek out another venue.
  • December – the December meeting is a social event.

Tony – Ithaca-Caloundra City Life Saving Club news

  • Training is being offered on purchase of the handheld, smart, personal defibrillator.
  • Bulcock Beach recruitment approach involves an open day with a sign-on 16 & 17 September. 3,000 leaflets have been circulated.
  • Department of State Development and Planning discussion on Draft SEQ plan 8 September.
  • Sunshine Coast Olympics and Paralympics – Businesses or sports clubs will need to be accredited to be involved in the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics, if they are not accredited then big companies will take over closing the door on others.
  1. Around the able
  • Don Smith – Whilst living at Point Cartwright (PC) was part of a 10 person group acting as a care group for PC with a masterplan and a community reference group. The process would work well for Pumicestone Passage and could include a strategy and action plans.
  • Helen – need to focus on younger people to be involved in TAPP.
  • Jude – wildlife walks – Isabel Jordan Bushland Reserve (Location: Pathfinder Drive near Sunshine Coast Skydivers) and Currimundi Lake (Kathleen McArthur) Conservation Park (Location: Eastern end of Coongarra Esplanade Currimundi), – lots of species to enjoy and very close to Caloundra city for easy access. Jude also mentioned Ben Bennett Bushland Park which is teeming with wildlife and once again is situated in the heart of Caloundra. However, the Sunshine Coast Regional Council has proposed a 4-lane road which will threaten the Bushland Park.
  • Tony – congratulated Jude and the Wildlife Group on another successful Sunshine Coast Wildflower Festival.
  • Gary – noted that people who have apartments to enjoy the water view from Bulcock Beach are very disappointed about the closing of the old bar.
  • Gary also thought that Don’s idea of a master plan and Helen’s of attracting younger members were both great ideas.
  1. Close and next meeting
  • Next meeting on Tuesday 3 October at the RSL Club at 3.00pm.