TAPP April Update

April 2022

The Two Bars picture curtesy of Bluey’s Photography

As the TAPP meeting on Tuesday April 5th was cancelled due to the increase in cases of covid the TAPP executive has decided to provide this update.

We hope to meet next month on May 3rd at 3pm at the Power Boat Club.

Bribie Island Break

We are continuing to monitor the Bribie Island break. There is a future study to be undertaken by consultants to understand the full implications of the Breakthrough and the potential impacts on the Passage. We expect tide gauges to be installed in the central part of the Passage to monitor changes in that area. We are monitoring changes in Bell’s Creek and the cultural heritage areas because of the increase in tide range. We are also continuing to monitor the TS Onslow area as the erosion is still influencing the site even though we have no further responsibility for the area.

2. The Speed Limit Submission

Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) made a determination on speed limit changes in the Passage,

These are disappointing and do not meet the recommendations as submitted by TAPP and supported by 12 other community groups. We have since written to MSQ requesting a reappraisal particularly in regard to the environmental impacts. MSQ do not consider any issues other than safety and they suggested we write direct to the Dept. of Environment and Science. A letter has since been sent to the Minister for the Environment = The Honorable Meaghan Scanlon to request a review of the speed limits and we are waiting for a reply.

3. Bush Care

The next one will be from 7:30-9:30am on Thursday April 14th

The previous bush care gathering was well attended and a lot of weeding and planting was accomplished.

We hope to see you there.

4. TAPP Website Update

We are continually working at updating our website.

5. Letter to Healthy Land and Water Letter

A letter was sent to the Board of Healthy Land and Water to detail our concerns regarding the treatment of the incident at TS Onslow. The response from the Board did not satisfy our concerns. However, the matter has been finalised.

6. Palm Lakes Pelican Waters Development

We have received an email from the Palm Lakes Resort General Manager, Development, requesting that we inform them of our specific concerns and these will then be forwarded to the relevant project consultants. The project has experienced significant delays due to the recent weather event. TAPP have concerns that the project site will be adversely affected by the increase in tides at Lamerough Canal and Bells Creek.

7. Caloundra Community Hub

The Caloundra Community Hub project has been terminated and will not go ahead.

8. TS Onslow Memorial Chair

Don has finished the chair however we can no longer locate it at the TS Onslow site and we will be looking for a different location for it in the future.

9. Aura Environment Day

Over the last 6 years celebrations of World Wetland Day and National Tree Day have been celebrated at Baringa, the first suburb of Aura.

The Unity College School was initially used as a lecture area and students from there assisted with wetland planting in frog ponds, planting trees and general education tours on site at Aura. The lectures were attended by various experts in the field of wetland management, frogs and their habitat and other aspects of sustainable development and living.

As Baringa has developed the event moved to the new schools there but this year instead of two celebrations, the Aura Community is organizing a single event to celebrate both World Wetland Day and National Tree Day and have named it Aura Environment Day. It will embrace local communities and students as available from all local areas.

Aura Environment Day will be held at Baringa, on Sunday 15th May, in the park near the Blackbutt Forest. TAPP have been granted funding through Aura Community Grants to assist in organising and running the activities on the day. It is intended that we will take our Marquee and have a similar display as generally done at World Environment Day.

On the day there will be guided walks conducted by Kerry Jones from Kabi Kabi First Nations, Dr Ed Myers who will talk about frogs as well as Ann Moran and Paul Smith who will talk about flora and fauna during the walks.

There will be First Nations performance including audience involvement with a dance with the Gubbi Gubbi Dance Troupe. Gubbi Gubbi may also be providing face painting with local ochre.

Lindsey Pollack will provide a special music sound performance and may be assisted by Dr Ed Myers to provide frog sounds as an educational event.

There will be a BBQ provided by the community group, Aura Connected.

TAPP volunteers will be needed to assist with setting up and arranging our display for the day, to talk with visitors and to be available to help pack up at end of day.

Set up will be at about 07:30 am on Sunday 15th May with the event ending at 1:00 pm in the afternoon.

This could be a very interesting and exciting day with many events happening. It is a chance to meet the residents of Aura and to participate in opportunities for environmental education in the area.

If you believe you can help with the arrangements and / or on the day, please contact Ken Mewburn: – ken.mewbuurn1@bigpond.com

10. Biosphere Meeting

An application for Biosphere status for the Sunshine Coast has been sent to UNESCO for assessment.

Biosphere reserves are learning places for sustainable development. They are places that provide local solutions to global challenges. Biosphere reserves include terrestrial, marine and coastal ecosystems. Each site promotes solutions reconciling the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use. A biosphere is a place where people live, work and play.

A Community Reference Group (CRG) in 2019 developed an application for Biosphere Status for the Sunshine Coast. This was delivered to Council and when accepted was sent to State Government for their approval prior to forwarding to Federal Government.

An application to UNESCO can only be made by the Federal Government. This was done on behalf of the Sunshine Coast in June 2020. The application is being assessed by UNESCO and the determination of the application will probably be made in June 2022.

The CRG has been re-formed to consider the management of the Biosphere if and when the area is designated as such. The planning is considering the Biosphere objectives Sustainable Development Goals for People, Development, Conservation and Logistical Support. We are relatively confident that the Sunshine Coast will receive Biosphere status.

Neighboring Biospheres are in Noosa and Great Sandy Biosphere Reserve. There are currently four Biospheres designated in Australia. If the Sunshine Coast is designated as a Biosphere Reserve it will make 5 in Australia with 3 adjoining each other.

A Biosphere may encourage tourism and establish a standard of sustainability that will benefit the region. It should elevate the status of the Sunshine Coast for International interest and tourism.

Progress of the application and the development of management planning will be advised as the information is approved for public release. Ken Mewburn has been appointed to the CRG on behalf of TAPP Inc. and will provide updates as available and permitted.

11. World Environment Day

World Environment Day has been celebrated since 1974, worldwide on the 5th June. It was started by the United Nations. Each year WED is hosted by a different country with events focusing on a central theme. WED 2022 is hosted by Pakistan with the theme – Reimagine, Recreate, Restore, with ecosystem restoration the central theme.

On the Sunshine Coast, WED has been celebrated each year by an event organized by Sunshine Coast Environment Council, (SCEC). The event has been held either at Cotton tree Park or the University of the Sunshine Coast Campus.

Due to Covid restrictions, last year, events were held in local community locations across the Sunshine Coast providing opportunity to reduce crowding and allow locals to have a better opportunity to interact with local community groups. This provided the chance to become actively involved with local projects and be part of an event to which they may not normally have travelled.

TAPP intended to host a celebration this year, at the TS Onslow site, however, due to the breakthrough of Bribie Island this area has been badly damaged and reduced in useable area. We have been lucky to be able to arrange with Henzell’s to hold the event at Jensen Park, under construction in Bells Creek Esplanade, Pelican Waters. This should be completed in time, weather permitting and will provide an opportunity for a community opening of this new location. We are grateful for the opportunity to use this facility for the event. We will hold the event on Sunday 5th June.

We have invited all local community groups to attend on the day with suggestions for their activities such as:

Walk and Talk

Rubbish pick up.

Perhaps a BBQ or market stall


Information hand-outs etc.

The event will be attended by members of the Kabi Kabi First Nations People who will provide a welcome to Country.

Also in attendance will be the Gubbi Gubbi Dance Troup with a First Nations performance which includes audience involvement with a dance.

Organisation is still in process and updates will be provided progressively as the day draws nearer. Suggestions and assistance in organizing is welcome.

Assistance will be required on the day, Sunday 5th June. Set up will be at 07:30 and the event should run from 09:00 until 2:00 pm.

If you are able to assist please contact Ken Mewburn:- ken.mewburn1@bigpond.com

12. Updates from other community groups

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