Issues Put To Caloundra Political Candidates


  • Halls Creek – Potential Future Growth Area (PFGA)
    • Should development of this area proceed it would, over time, have an extremely negative impact on the water quality of the Pumicestone Passage.

Recommendation:  Apply best efforts to ensure that Halls Creek as a PFGA is removed from the South East Queensland Regional Plan and that the inter-urban break between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast be maintained in perpetuity

  • Recreational Damage to the Pumicestone Passage 
    • There has been a significant increase in recreational activity in and around the Pumicestone Passage and there seems to be little being done to enforce existing regulations.  Some of these activities are being carried out in dangerous ways which, in some cases, is detrimental to the health of the Passage and to its native wildlife.

Recommendation:  Work to ensure that there is greater police and/or ranger presence to patrol the area to ensure compliance with current regulations and laws.  This would require that appropriate, long term funding is provided.

  • Sewage Dumping
    • At present boat and houseboat sewage is being dumped directly into the waters of the Pumicestone Passage.  This is a health and safety risk to humans and is endangering the native sea life.

Recommendation:  Convince local authorities that sewage pump-out facilities and dump points must be funded and provided for use by boat and houseboat owners.  The use of these facilities must then be enforced.

  • Nutrient and Pesticide Runoff and Sedimentation
    • This type of contamination from primary producers in the Pumicestone Passage Catchment is having serious damaging impact on the waters of the Passage.

Recommendation:  Liaise with the appropriate local bodies motivating and assisting them to pursue new, cost effective opportunities for primary producers by investing in research and pilot projects as well as infrastructure and asset improvement schemes.  The local primary production sector could then be motivated to implement industry best practices to reduce the severe damage currently being caused.

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