Minutes of September General Meeting

Minutes of TAPP Inc. General Meeting September 8th 2020

Held in the Wave Room at Caloundra Power Boat Club

All welcomed by Brady Sullivan Vice President of TAPP

1. Member Attendance: – as per attendance book (20)

Apologies :- as per attendance book (5)

Motion put that the apologies be accepted

Moved: Carla                       Seconded: John

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Motion put that the minutes of previous meeting be accepted as a true record of that meeting.

Moved: Carla            Seconded: John                                            Carried

3. Correspondence –Paul


Dept. of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) – letter drop to TS Onslow Neighbourhood

Narelle McCarthy   SC Env Council – letter of support for our SC Council Grant and letter to SC Council re the seaplane

Terry Landsberg – received letter from TAPP re the Sea Plane and will note our concerns

Gail Podberscek – Diamond Head Neighbourhood support letter to Council re Seaplane and they also placed a post on their face book page.

Daniel Phipps – Dept. of Env and Science information about the seaplane application

Susie Chapman – meetings and updates for the Pumicestone Convergence in February 2021

Tony Barry – extinction crisis report – copy this link onto your browser to access this:-https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:96324df5-42fa-44d4-b1c4-dc00ff416133

OSCAR Newsletter –https://www.oscar.org.au/  they would like our support on some issues

Greens Candidate – Raelene Ellis would like to meet

Jason Hunt – Caloundra Community News

Office of Fair Trading – acceptance of our incorporated status

Hamish Pressland from Henzells = acknowledgement of Bells Creek report

Jessica  Mowat – Moreton Bay Council =  thanks for letter of invitation to Convergence gathering

Membership enquiries from our website


To community groups, SCEC , Council re the seaplane business venture

Letter to Shawn Kelly of Paradise Seaplanes = letting him know the reason why we didn’t support his business venture

SCEC re support letter for Grant and Seaplane issue

Dept. of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) – vandalism at TS Onslow and request for information to place on our sign

Susie Chapman re Ramsar signage at TS Onslow

OSCAR – TAPP involvement in their Election Working groups re Duplication of the Bruce Hwy

  • Motion put that the correspondence be endorsed and accepted.

Moved: Paul              Seconded: Lissa                    Carried

4. Treasurer’s Report – John

TAPP General Account

As at 31 August 2020
Balance brought Forward from 31/07/2020 $                        11,645.09
Grant from Mark McArdle $                             250.00
Interest   01/08/2020 $                                    .49
Memberships $                             540.00
Donations – $                             145.00
Bank Transaction Fees $                                  0.00
Direct Credit Deposit  
Balance as at 31/08/2020  $                        12,580.58

Financial Membership: 32 (as at 31/8/2020)

Motion put that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as a true record of our account to date.

Moved: John                         Seconded: Lissa                   Carried

5. Business Arising From Minutes

5.1 Matters for Information

Application for grant for Pumicestone Catchment Convergence to be held on 16 -18/19 Feb 2021 –Paul

The Convergence will be a three-day event, gathering all the stakeholders – including farmers, government bodies and scientists. It will be presented at the university but also on line – it will be a hybrid event. TAPP is organising the Community Knowledge and Stewardship session where community groups will present their environmental initiatives that contribute to the health of the Pumicestone catchment.

Sunshine Coast Council Community Development grant application went in last week to hopefully obtain $6000, which would reduce the cost and allow more people to attend.

Neighbourhood Watch Article – Paul

Diamond Head/ Golden Beach Neighbourhood watch is now compiling 12-page quarterly newsletter for the area. Community groups will be able to submit articles. TAPP sent in an article about the Convergence.

Queensland Conservation Council – Paul contacted them to let them know that we would support them in their letter to the Qld State Government concerning the election promise that was made in regard to extending Qld’s protected areas from 8% to 16%, increasing funding for National Parks and investing in them to protect species and jobs in the Parks.   

Isabel Jordan Nature Reserve – John

Queensland Wildlife Preservation Society (QWPS) is concerned that the Queensland Air Museum has applied to extend onto Isabel Jordan Reserve. A letter has gone out to Dept. of Natural Resources Mines and Energy (DNRME) Dept. of Environment and Science (DES) and Tourism and Infrastructure. The response stated that the concerns are noted and that the land use is complicated and the SC Council is trustee of this. The Petition has been tabled in Parliament – it had 1826 signatures. There was a hazard reduction burn recently at this site, which was not known by council, and it is feared that the burn did not protect the fauna – the acid frogs habitat was possibly not protected.

A Community and Aviation Forum meet quarterly to discuss issues. 

Motion put that TAPP is represented at the Community and Aviation Forum, which meets quarterly.

Moved: John              Seconded: Lissa                    Carried

Signage for Ramsar sites – Carla/Ken

Meetings are continuing. The next meeting will be on Thursday. We are close to having the artwork layout settled and the wording is underway.

5.2 Matters for Discussion

TS Onslow Site working bee and vandalismCarla /Ken

Dept. of Agriculture and Fisheries had a letter box drop in the TS Onslow area. This had all the information regarding fines and who to contact if any more vandalism is noted.

We are going ahead with a 1m square sign with the similar information on it.

Ten plants have been planted in the southern area of our project where Council has filled with sand. Council will extend the fence to protect this area.

Bunya Bunya Corporation also planted 400 more mangroves in the area that was vandalized. 

Sea Plane and amphibious vehicle applications – Ken /Carla

A phone conversation with an officer from Dept. of Maritime Safety Qld (MSQ) said that the paperwork for this business enterprise is in the pipeline. Nothing has been decided yet and that we would be given the opportunity to have input into this issue when the time came.

Shawn Kelly, owner of this business, was told to request community group’s endorsement for a 3 month trial. The issues for TAPP are safety concerns; speed limit on the Passage; landing and taking off in a space with other motorized craft and non-motorized craft. This plane already operates in the Maroochy River but that is a different space to Pumicestone Passage.

Enforcement of regulations on the Passage & changing the speed limit– Paul/Ken

This is the biggest issue on the Passage at the moment. The monitoring of the motorized craft on the Passage is not effective. The regulations are in place – they need to be enforced!

Motion put that Brady contact the officer in charge of the Water Police to ask a representative to come to one of our meetings in the coming months.

Moved: Brady                        Seconded: John                     Carried

Amendment to the motion put that an MSQ representative also be invited to come to one of our meetings to discuss what the regulations are and what system is in place to ensure that these regulations are enforced. 

Moved: Paul                         Seconded: Brady                  Carried

Jensen Park trees lost due to proposed carpark – Ken /Paul

Carpark extension to the Jensen Park boat ramp is extremely necessary as the current carpark is over used. Paul spoke to a Council Officer re this new carpark and they are attempting reduce the impact on the current vegetation as much as possible. This extension was supposed to be completed in 2022. It will accommodate 30 more parks .

The Pelican Waters section of this park will go ahead next year. Henzells is cleaning up the area, replanting sections and putting in a walkway through part of it.

Meetings with candidates for the Qld State election – Carla

We are organising meetings with the Qld State Govt. Election candidatesin the coming weeks.   As mentioned previously we have a list of 5 or so issues which we would like to put to them. If you have any other particular issues or if you would like to come to these meetings, please contact Carla.

Invitation from Visionary Ocean Warriors– Paul

This group is organising a clean-up, clothes swap and waste education event at Bulcock Beach. There will be music, speakers and various community groups.

Motion put that we support Visionary Ocean Warriors by setting up at their event on Sat, 26th September from 8:00 to 1:00, at Happy Valley.

Moved: Paul                         Seconded: Brady                  Carried

Information will be sent out to you with regard to times to meet for setting up etc. Attached to these minutes is their information brochure. More information at :-

Seaside Scavenge Caloundra event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/708326513051574/Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/spring-into-scavenge-caloundra-tickets-116078071637

Seaside Scavenge website: www.seasidescavenge.org

5.3 Matters for decision

This new agenda item has been included to provide a time for any member who has an issue or motion you would like to discuss or present to the group. Please forward any motions to Carla or Ken before the meeting.

6. New Business

Report on the upgrade of the Bruce Highway – John

The Bruce Highway is to be widened from Bribie Island interchange to the Steve Irwin Way. It will be a three-year project to start next year. It is valued at $662 million. Environmental evaluations and offsets will be in place.

7. General Business

Polo Shirts – Col

Col visited the polo shirt printer. He is unfortunately closing his business due to the coronavirus

Motion put that the purchase of the polo shirts be deferred till further notice.

Moved: Col                Seconded: Brady                  Carried

Certificates of Appreciation – Col

Motion put that we present a certificate to the Caloundra Power Boat Club in appreciation of their support.

Moved: Col                           Seconded: Paul                     Carried

8. Around the Table

Tom – What is happening with the body that was to take charge of the Passage?

Brady and Ken are on the steering committee for this initiative. The next meeting will be on 24 Sept. A document will be put forward to outline the idea of what it might be and how it might be funded. The premise is to find a way that the Passage can be managed as a whole but in a way that different departments and organisations can be held accountable for their actions. It will probably not be called an ‘Authority’.  This will be a 2 or 3-year project. In the next month or so, a document will be put forward to the wider reference group and the public.

Ian – re the discussion about the seaplane – it would be horrendous to be sailing or kayaking under the flight path of a seaplane.

Erica – thanks to Muriel for the pictures and clippings for the TAPP scrap book. If anyone else has any other photos or clippings about the Passage please give them to Erica.

Lissa – A dugong was sighted in the Passage recently.

Still managing our face book page and has put information regarding Sea Side Scavenge on 26th Sept. event at Bulcock Beach on our face book page.

Helen – still passionate about going for zero waste, also the need for society to live sustainably

Ken – great to see everyone back meeting face to face, hopes everyone is staying well in these unprecedented times.


*article in the SC daily re a fig tree which is to be cut down to provide space for 9 more caravan sites at Military Jetty van park.

 *The EPBC Act – Susan Ley, Federal Minister for Environment, is ignoring the 2 main recommendations made to the commission and seems to want to devolve all responsibility to the states.

Motion put that TAPP write to the Federal Minister – Andrew Wallace and expresses our concerns about this issue.

Moved: Paul                         Seconded: Col                       Carried

*Catch phrase of the Visionary Ocean Warriors is that – you cannot throw anything away.

*Thanks to Di and Erica for cleaning up and caring for the plants at TS Onslow

Carla- SC Underwater Divers (SCUD) will be cleaning up Bulcock Beach on Friday. They often post on our face book page.

Brady thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 4:15 pm

Next Meeting will be on 13th October in the Wave Room of  the Power Boat Club at 3:00 pm

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