July TAPP General Meeting

Minutes of TAPP Inc. Meeting July 5th, 2022
Held at the Caloundra Power Boat Club
All welcomed by Paul Harney President of TAPP
Paul acknowledged the traditional owners of the land on which we meet – the Kabi Kabi, the Jinibara and the Bribie Island Djindubari people.

Member attendance: – as per attendance book (13)
Apologies : – as per attendance book (5)
Motion put that the apologies be accepted
Moved: John Seconded: Helen Carried

Minutes of Previous General Meeting
Motion put that the minutes of the November meeting be accepted as a true record.
Moved: Ken Seconded: Allan Carried
Business arising from the minutes of the previous meeting.
None reported

• OSCAR Newsletter – Key article: SC Local Govt. Area is now a United Nations declared Biosphere follow the link – here
• SC Environment Council (SCEC) Newsletter – https://www.scec.org.au/latest_news
• Healthy Land & Water Newsletter – Key article: From flood repair to flood resistance
An urgent call to sign a petition at –
SC workshop re Erosion, Venue 114, Bokarina, August 9th, 9 – 1pm – Follow the link at –
• SC Council Diversion 2 Quarterly Meeting minutes
• Letter to the Federal Minister for the Environment the Hon. Tanya Plibersek, re the EPBC Act
• Emails re planting at Jensen Park and meeting with Hollow Log Homes – bird nesting boxes
• Emails from Tony Barry re Island breakthrough, floodplains and DA from Henzells
• Bush care community workshops – a reminder to book in if you are interested.
• Emails re Aura Environment Day from Lucy Goodridge Gains (HLW) and Abi Brown (Mask Events)
• Emails from David Ireland re spraying at Bribie Island
• Emails from Terry Landsberg re the SC Council support for wildlife boxes in Jensen Park
Motion put that the correspondence be endorsed and accepted

Moved: Paul Seconded: Helen Carried

Treasurer’s Report for Take Action for Pumicestone Passage TAPP Inc.
June 2022

Total Balance of General Account and Bells Creek Fund Administration Account brought forward from 1/06/2022 $22,761.57

As of 30 June 2022
Balance brought forward from 1/06/2022 $ 20,810.76
Interest 01/05/2022 $ 0.19
Credits: $ 0.00
Debits: $ 0.00
Balance as of 30/06/2022 $ 20,810.95

As of 30 June 2022
Balance brought forward from 1/06/2022 $ 1,950.81
Credits: $ 0.00
Debits: $ 0.00
Balance as of 30/06/2022 $ 1,950.81

TAPP General Account $ 20,810.95
TAPP Bells Creek Fund Admin Account $ 1,950.81
Balance of General Account and Bells Creek Fund Administration Account as of
30/06/ 2022 $ 22,761.76

Financial Membership: The number of Financial Members currently stands at 53

Motion put that the Treasurers Report be accepted as a true record.
Moved: John Seconded: Paul Carried

Matters for Information

Aura Environment Day – Ken
Aura Environment Day is on Sunday 17th July from 9am – 1pm at the Baringa Forest Park
Parking will be at the corner of Eden Drive and Toorak Place at the Blackbutt Forest.

We will need volunteers to help set up our marquee at 7.30am and unpack at the conclusion of the event as well as staffing it during the event. The events will include Welcome to Country-dance with audience involvement, guided walks at the forest and nearby, Mooloolah River Landcare, SC Council, Bush care, Craft making with Kim Moreland, Barung Landcare, Lyndsay Pollock – frog sounds, e-bike experiences as well as coffee and an all morning bbq.

Pumicestone Passage Speed Limits Update – Paul
After our submission to MSQ re the speed limit issues in the Passage Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) they reviewed the speed limits and came up with a new policy with a minimalist approach.
TAPP met with Jason Hunt who assured us that he would work to change the limits so that there would be a 6 knot limit, 100 metres in from the foreshores, east and west, from Bell’s Creek to the Bulcock Beach opening and 20knots not 40 knots from Bells Creek to Bulcock Beach opening and 6 knots in Bells Creek.

Pumicestone Passage Catchment Management Body (PPCMB) – Graeme
PPCMB has been meeting with the politicians for the past 2 years to gain traction through them to enable the creation of an overall management body for the Passage; however, this approach has gained little traction. Therefore a change in approach whereby the Body will approach the main Associations in the area, E.g., TAPP, BIEPA and Caloundra Residents Association, to join with the Management Body to become affiliated with them to create a larger and stronger voice to support the creation of an Authority to care for the Passage. BIEPA has given their support and will have two members attend the steering committee meetings in future. This means that the Associations will become the backbone of the Management Body whereby they provide the expertise, liaison, information and a strong voice to the politicians in the hope that something will be done to protect the Passage.

Shadforth Engineering – Paul
Mark Lonergan from Shadforth Engineering met with TAPP to discuss the areas that are eroding along the Bells Creek banks, particularly near the culturally significant sites. They will be in touch concerning Shadforth’s ability to use their equipment to help prevent erosion by, for example, placing tree roots along the bank, recognizing that permission would be sought from the relevant authorities.

Biosphere Initiative – Ken
The Sunshine Coast is now a United Nations declared Biosphere. This was announced on 16th June. Council will have a new logo on their paperwork that depicts the Biosphere. Hopefully this announcement will help us to manage the area more sustainably. There are 5 biospheres in Australia and 3 of these are in our area. It does not have any legal status, the State Government will have an interest in this but the Council will manage it. UNESO will audit it every 10 years but Council will audit it every 5 years.

Storm water issues in Golden Beach – Graeme
The storm water problem is a real issue at the moment. As the tidal prism has increased roughly 500ml since the breakthrough saltwater comes up the storm water drains quite frequently. During the recent June king tides we had flooding on the Esplanade again.
A letter sent to Council requesting that they look at salt-water flood management and storm water management for the future. Council officers have given residents a questionnaire that was filled out and returned. A follow up meeting will hopefully be organised soon. The initial response from Council about future management of storm water issues was quite alarming in that what they were proposing to do in the next 21 to 50 years really needs to be done in the next 6 to 18 months. Residents are approaching Council to set up a specific task force to look at all the different factors of storm water management in this area and to do it urgently.

Bribie Breakthrough and Meeting with Developers – Graeme
PPCMB are still hoping to meet with the local developers about managing the effects of the Bribie Island breakthrough and the impact that this has had on their developments and the local residents.

Roys Road and Hussey Creek Citizen Science Project – Paul
The Hussey Creek Projects are still awaiting an agreement between HLW and Council in to regard to timing, training, access to the sites etc.
TAPP’s role in the projects will be to monitor a couple of sites to determine changes in the area e.g., in moisture levels and plant growth. This would be done after a short training session. It would probably require a visit about every 6 weeks to record changes. TAPP would not be responsible for any of the funding, simply have an opportunity to provide people to do the monitoring. This would be a valuable experience for TAPP.

Bush care: This month’s Bush care activities are due on Thursday 14th July at 08:00 along the shoreline at Golden Beach. We meet at the weather shelter by the intersection of Earnshaw Street and the Esplanade. All welcome. An email from Ashley will inform bush care volunteers about this soon.

Matters for Discussion

Inter Urban Break Meeting with SCEC – John
John and Narelle McCarthy from SCEC met with Mark Stevens and a PR representative from Stockland to discuss the proposed development at Halls Creek – which Stockland is referring to as Aura South. SCEC and TAPP have not changed our long-standing position of protecting the inter-urban break and not allowing any development in the defined break. This meeting was to gain information about any proposed development, where and how much development was being planned and perhaps a time line. A positive meeting acknowledged our ongoing good relationship. This meeting included a site visit to Halls Creek and Beerwah East.
Development at Halls Creek would set precedence for other developers to apply for development applications as well.
Mark has offered to take the TAPP committee to Halls Creek and Beerwah East.
Narelle is going ahead with a plan to organise the community to support Council in protecting the Inter-urban break.

Discussion continued about the need to protect our inter-urban break.

Nominations for Executive TAPP positions at the AGM – Paul
Our AGM will be held next month and Paul will be stepping down as President of TAPP.
Nominations are open for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary,
Treasurer and Committee member. Nominations are attached to this email. Please feel free to contact the committee about any of these positions.
Acknowledgement and applause was given to Paul for all the hard work and the tremendous job he has done this past two years as President.

Proposed ‘Parliamentary Updates’ – Paul
Jason Hunt’s office approached TAPP to include information from his office in our minutes but at our Executive meeting we concluded that as we are non-partisan we could not include political articles in our correspondence.

Meeting Times
If anyone has thoughts about our meeting times please let us know.

Around The Table:

John – Isabelle Jordan Reserve
There has been a meeting with Council about the SC Draft Master Plan and Isabelle Jordan Reserve was discussed. The previous master plan stated that the Reserve could be considered for development. Jude gave the group some history about the reserve.
The new plan will be presented to the public soon.

Tony – Royal Life Saving Qld at Bulcock Beach hosted an event with two parent organisations two weekends ago. They have secured a grant to provide lifesaving courses, over a two-year period, to the disadvantaged people in our community jointly with other organisations. In August they will run another Grey Medallion Course for the over 55 at the Grand Pacific. This will include first aid and water safety. This course was originally started by Patricia and Tony and is now run all over Australia.

Lifesavers collect statistics of attendance at Bulcock Beach. Over 75 days they recorded 5,000 watercraft, including canoes and jet skis. There were 75,000 people who came to the beach which amounts to a huge number of people now affected by the breakthrough. They will therefore be campaigning for public safe recreational swimming areas at Bulcock Beach. Water testing will also be a part of their campaign.

Judy – Ken and Sue Aspland will be showing a slide presentation about the history of the Pumicestone Passage at Noosa Parks Association on 22nd July. Information will be set out when this is confirmed.
Discussion followed about organising a public meeting at this end of the coast for interested local residents. Ken will be presenting at the CSSA Hall at 10.30 this Saturday.
Jude has been going through some historical papers from the 1980’s and the issues discussed are the same as the ones that we are talking about presently! Ken also found that during his research. There was even a prediction that the breakthrough would happen at this time and what the consequences of this would be. It seems that the information has been available but has not been heeded due to a number of factors among which is development pressure.

A member of Wildlife Preservation has put together a petition to save Point Cartwright that has a patch of rare littoral rainforest, which is under threat. A hard copy was circulated but the public can sign an on line petition at

Council with Climate Watch has been organising a Climate Watch Trail around Currimundi Lake. Climate Watch is worldwide organisation but the Australian version is run by the CSIRO. There will be walks organised during the wildflower festival this year. You can download the app to see the trail and a list of the species that can be seen along the trail from your app store through www.climatewatch.org

Helen – Received a great response from the brochures. Helen has been taking them to the nearby resorts and has handed out over a thousand.
Helen also went with Ken to hear his presentation at the Pelican Waters. The response was fantastic – his presentation has grown and is now extremely relevant to the residents. Helen is hoping to organise another presentation in Caloundra perhaps at the Power Boat Club.

Jan – is a visitor and now new member of TAPP. Jan has lived here permanently for 2 years but has been visiting for 40. Jan was impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of our group.

Don – also a visitor and new member of TAPP has moved into the area and has learnt a lot today.

The meeting closed at 4:34 pm. Next meeting will be at 3:00 pm Tuesday 2nd August.