June TAPP General Meeting

Minutes of TAPP Inc. Meeting June 7th, 2022
Held at the Caloundra Power Boat Club
All welcomed by Paul Harney President of TAPP
Paul acknowledged the traditional owners of the land on which we meet – the Kabi Kabi, the Jinibara and the Bribie Island Joondabarrie people.
Member attendance: – as per attendance book (9)
Apologies : – as per attendance book (8)
Motion put that the apologies be accepted
Moved: Paul Seconded: Helen Carried

Minutes of Previous General Meeting
Motion put that the minutes of the November meeting be accepted as a true record.
Moved: John Seconded: Graeme Carried
Business arising from the minutes of the previous meeting.
None reported

• OSCAR Newsletter – Key article: Sunshine Council Ecological Park
• SCEC Newsletter – Key article: World Environment Month Events
• Shadforth Engineering – Mark Lonergan to take proposal to Directors
• Aura Environment Day – Postponed to July 17
• Healthy Land & Water Newsletter – Key article: Loss of wetland around the world
• Diversion 2 Quarterly Meeting
• Sunshine Coast Council emails from Peter Dellow re: Bells Creek, Hussey Creek and Coochin Creek.
• Queensland Water & Landcare Newsletter – Key article: 14M Bushfire Recovery Project
Motion put that the correspondence be endorsed and accepted

Moved: Paul Seconded: John Carried

Treasurer’s Report for Take Action for Pumicestone Passage TAPP Inc.
May 2022


Total Balance of General Account and Bells Creek Fund Administration Account brought forward from 1/05/2022 $ 23,721.37

As of 31 May 2022
Balance brought forward from 1/05/2022 $ 21,770.56
Interest 01/05/2022 $ .20
Direct Deposits: Annual Membership Payments (@$20) $ 0.00
1. Payments:
a. Payment to Ken Mewburn – RAMSAR Brochures $ 960.00
Balance as of 31/05/2022 $ 20,810.76

As of 31 May 2022
Balance brought forward from 1/05/2022 $ 1,950.81
Credits: $ 0.00
Debits: $ 0.00
Balance as of 31/05/2022 $ 1,950.81

TAPP General Account $ 20,810.76
TAPP Bells Creek Fund Administration Account $ 1,950.81
Balance of General Account and
Bells Creek Fund Administration Account as of 31/05/2022 $ 22,761.57

Financial Membership: The number of Financial Members currently stands at 53

I move that this report be accepted as a true record of our account to date:

Treasurers Report Moved: John Seconded: Allan Carried.

2 Matters for Information

Ramsar Brochures: These have been printed and TAPP have 5000 copies. These were used as handouts at the World Environment Day celebration. John commented that many people will look at it and say this is too much information. He suggested creating a single A4 page summarising things that could refer to the brochure. The information is correct and well presented but could be an information overload.

Graeme commented it wasn’t overwhelming but made you think about the issues.
Paul asked if any other comments following from John’s comments. General opinion was that the document is well done and can be read in sections.

Speed limit review: Comments on the review by MSQ indicate that the revised plan has not yet passed through Parliament and it may be subject to further review due to community comments.
TAPP have requested a 6 knot limit to Bells Creek. The MSQ proposal only has 6 knots to Military Jetty. A reduction to 6 knots is needed in Bells Creek itself. TAPP also wanted a 6 knots limit on the inside of Bribie Island down to Bells Creek. The proposed reductions are a benefit from the old speed limits but do not go far enough.

Pumicestone Passage Catchment Management Body: Graeme reported on the current status of the PPCMB. He reported that to date it has not gained the traction hoped for and some changes in the structure are being considered. A letter will be sent to all the relevant and local organisations asking to agree to the basic premise of the Management Body to provide better management of the Passage. More membership is also sought to gain greater credibility and will help put forward changes that are required to help manage the Passage. Currently 70 paid members of the group. He indicated the number of groups that need to work with the PPCMB such as the Stormwater management, not just locally but in the catchment itself. There are 15 Government Departments currently involved with the management of the Passage. Issues that have arisen from the breakthrough of Bribie have demonstrated the complexity of management that currently exist. It is necessary to approach other organisations, such as those in the southern end of Bribie to gain a broader approach and better opportunity to communicate with government and have better management for Pumicestone Passage in the future.

There have been a number of meetings regarding the Bribie Island breakthrough but little feedback from these and action in the future has still not been detailed. The Council are keeping the community informed with latest information. If PPCMB did not exist, TAPP would need to be more actively involved with issues such as the breakthrough.

Shadforth Engineering: Shadforth Engineering have offered support to TAPP for the Bells Creek project. This was initially managed by Healthy Land and Water who also provided financing for the project through the National Land Plan. Due to some issues regarding contract requirements TAPP found it could no longer be involved with HL&W so the project had been temporarily on hold. Mark Lonergan from Shadforth has looked at the areas of erosion we feel need restoration and is working on plans to place “root ball” protection around a scar tree and midden site. These are cultural heritage sites and need protection from ongoing bank erosion. Shadforths would gain all approvals and do the work and it is expected that it will be funded by them. We appreciate their timely approach and offer for assistance on this project.

Bells Creek and Jensen Park: Henzells will be looking to getting community support to help with planting in Jensen Park and will contact TAPP when planting will start. This may be of interest to those involved with Bushcare.

Biosphere Initiative: The following is a report from the Biosphere Community Reference Group. The Sunshine Cost Council expects to hear this month if the application for a Biosphere is successful.

Sunshine Coast Biosphere Planning Community Reference Group – Overarching Key Messages
• The countdown has begun and our community is eagerly waiting to find out if our region will be recognised internationally, as a UNESCO Biosphere, this June.
• More than three years in the making, our Sunshine Coast Biosphere nomination is about celebrating people and nature.
• A biosphere is a special place where people live, learn, work and play sustainably; just like our region.
• It’s about helping us create a legacy for our children’s future, care for our beautiful landscapes, celebrate our cultural heritage and, through gaining international recognition, create economic opportunities to grow our local businesses.
• Council has been working with the Biosphere Planning Community Reference Group in planning and preparing for the next phase, in readiness to transition to biosphere implementation.
• A series of communication and engagement activities are currently underway, in a month-long ‘countdown’ to build momentum in the lead-up to the anticipated announcement.
• We encourage the community to get involved in the countdown on social media as we eagerly await the outcome of our Sunshine Coast biosphere nomination in June.

Meeting about Stormwater in Golden Beach: The Council Officer responsible for Built Infrastructure and therefore responsible for the Stormwater Infrastructure, has resigned and is temporarily replaced by the Officer responsible for roads and traffic lights.

Concerns about stormwater and drains have resulted from the Bribie Island Breakthrough as the higher tidal prism now causes saltwater back-up through the drains. Questions have been forwarded to the Council Officer for his response.

Bribie Breakthrough and Meeting with Developers: The meeting with the developers, Henzells and Stockland was postponed as one had Covid and will be rescheduled as soon as convenient to all. There is support for the development of the PPCMB and both developers are interested in considering response to the breakthrough of Bribie Island. There is no impact from the breakthrough on the development of Aura, however, Pelican Waters is affected.

Roys Road and Hussey Creek Citizen Science Project: Peter Dellow from Council is meeting with Taylor Cooper from HL&W, who has replaced Susie Chapman, in regard to a possible Citizen Science project at Roy’s Road and Hussey Creek. Taylor has expertise for training people for this project. Peter is also considering gaining access for TAPP participants in existing training programs.

This project would require monitoring of work. Roy’s Road is accessible by road. Hussey Creek would require boat access. Before taking leave, Susie had been speaking with Peter Dellow about the potential for a Citizen Science monitoring of the area. The Council has conducted restoration work at both sites. It would probably require a visit about every 6 weeks to record changes. TAPP would not be responsible for any of the funding, simply have an opportunity to provide people to do the monitoring. This would be a valuable experience for TAPP.

Bushcare: This month’s Bushcare activities are due on Thursday 9th June at 08:00 along the shoreline at Golden Beach. To date Ashley has not advised exactly where but expect communication with him by email tomorrow. Members of other groups are also involved with Bushcare. Paul and Ken will be absent due to a meeting at the University on Thursday morning.

3 Matters for Discussion

Sponsoring World Environment Day and Aura Environment Day: TAPP are providing funding for Aura Environment Day and for the recent World Environment Day event from a grant provided by Aura Community Grants. For Aura Environment Day we simply need to turn up and be a stall holder for the event. This event will be arranged by an Event Manager and HL&W are involved in arrangements. Hopefully some members of TAPP will be available for the event on 17th July. We will set up at about 07:30 am.

Aura usually has a good following from locals for events such as that planned.

A motion of thanks to Ken for arranging the World Environment Day Event was moved by Graeme and seconded by acclamation from all.

There followed discussion on the outcome and the location for the event. There is general disappointment at the limited local attendance despite good advertising through all local groups, the stall holder’s networks and local media. The location was off the mainstream for passerby visitors and as a new area was not well known.

The stall holders all enjoyed the event and had opportunity for interaction with one another.

Since Covid some people have a disconnect from their Social Media or go to event areas where they can do multiple things. Others are travelling, on holidays etc.

The original plan was to hold the event at the TS Onslow site, which is on the waterfront and the main walkway so would have the benefit of passing crowd. Due to the damage from Cyclone Seth and arrangements only commencing in March, there was insufficient time to get approval for a Council Controlled Park on the waterfront. We were fortunate that Henzells offered us the use of a park that they still control. This allowed us to participate locally in the World Environment day celebrations. If we conduct a similar event next year, we need to consider a Park that is in a more populous area, such as one at Golden Beach Shopping Centre.

Members discussed the benefit of the single day event, previously run by SCEC at Cotton Tree Park at Maroochydore where everyone came together for the event. The celebrations are now spread over a month and as such does not attract the attendance that was experienced on a one-day event. SCEC offered to continue a single day event if other organizations would take responsibility for arranging or assisting in arranging the event.

Members believe that if the event is an established event, it should not take as long to organize each year. Members believe that the event should be a central one day event as previously held.

A motion was put that TAPP executive write to SCEC and suggest that we move back to the Cotton Tree Venue, a single Day on World Environment Day.

Moved: Paul Seconded: John Carried

Inter Urban Break Meeting with SCC : TAPP, WPSQ and SCEC have met with Council to discuss the Interurban Break and the Beerwah East development. This meeting identified the Aura South, or Halls Creek area development as the biggest single threat to the Passage.

TAPP have been meeting with Council for a number of years not only about Halls Creek but about the impact on the Interurban Break. Council position has not changed regarding Halls Creek and Beerwah East and have been doing a lot of work in relation to preparation of the Beerwah East Site. All their information has gone to State Government and they are waiting for the Government to give them approval.

Stockland have been taking Council officers to Halls Creek in an attempt to get them on side to approve the development area. Bells Creek road is now a direct access to Stockland land at Halls Creek.

TAPP plan to coalesce a number of local groups to create a cohesive group to approach the State Government to counter Stockland’s application.

John read some of an email he sent to Council requesting files, maps or information to include in an information package for community education on Halls Creek, Beerwah East and the Interurban Break.

4 Matters for Decision: At the last meeting the issue of meeting times had been raised. Paul mentioned we have not had any feedback from members and next meeting we need to have a more extensive discussion about staying with what we have or changing times to hopefully attract greater attendance to our meetings. TAPP have 53 members, many of whom have not attended a meeting, some only sometimes.

Paul also informed the meeting he will be stepping down from the Executive after the AGM because he now lives out of the area and will also be travelling more in the future. TAPP will be seeking nominations for the Executive so if you feel you can be available for such, please put your name forward for a position. We will need to fill executive positions at the August AGM.

7 Around The Table:

John commented about a succession plan because we don’t have one in TAPP, we have a plan to have one but it does not yet exist. We need to recruit people to take up the reigns. There are a limited number of people who are the main support and this is the same in most community groups.

Sekisui site is for sale. Also Kelly Slaters Wave pool may also be giving up which is another piece of good news.

John will attend the Division 2 meeting on Wednesday.

Tony mentioned there are still kangaroos on the north end of Bribie. One had drowned, one was taken off by the boating people. Trying to get Parks and Wildlife to do an inspection is difficult. Kangaroos are looking hungry.

Helen thinks it is important that TAPP stays and important we start thinking about people in the younger age groups that could come on board. We may need to try to recruit new people and follow-up with contact. Helen will work on encouraging people she meets on her morning walk. Helen believes it vital that TAPP does not fade out simply because we are all getting older.

Lissa Will take some brochures and give to people who are interested. She knows of people who go online and have a real interest in the Passage.
Lissa has had family issues and has not attended as often as she would wish. She also has some Caloundra South Documents to return to Ken.
Lissa reminded us that this is an unusual year and family matters have intervened.

Judy Congratulations to Ken for Sunday’s World Environment Day it was just a shame we did not get the people but that was just the location. To put all that together would have taken a lot of work. It is a problem getting a new committee and there must have been a particular objective to get the group going.

The explanation was that it started in response to Caloundra South. Four of the original group are in attendance at the meeting today.

Tony made the comment that many people are now away after lifting restrictions due to Covid, people are now travelling or moving.

Graeme stated the Residents Association holds a 7:30 pm meeting but still does not get young people. CRA needs more on the executive and also PPCMB that holds daytime meetings. Graeme suggested we could have dual meetings, night time and also on Zoom even if the younger group are ion their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s.

Tom Cole gave Paul some feedback on a “Bee” group where he is a member. They get about 100 at the meeting but they start with a social “cuppa” for the first half hour and then hold the meeting. He feels the social aspect is worth considering.

The meeting closed at 4:30 pm. Next meeting will be at 3:00 pm Tuesday 5th July.