Meeting Minutes – 13th August 2019

Minutes of TAPP Inc. General Meeting 13th August 2019
Continued from the Annual General Meeting
Held in the Pelican Room at Caloundra Power Boat Club

Member Attendance Ken Mewburn, Rick Albert, John Roberts, Carla Clynick, Brady Sullivan, Dianne Hearn, Paul Harney , Tony Barry, Colin White, Jude Crighton, Erica Mansfield, Allan McKay, Lissa Ware, Ian Colledge and Chris Hoskin
Welcome to Chris Hoskin a renewed member of TAPP who is interested in protecting the Passage.

Apologies:. Helen Crook, Michael McNamara, Murial Bates, Craig Chandler, Randy Lagerway, Don Ritchie, Kerrie Chandler and Jill Chamberlain
Motion put that apologies be accepted:
Moved: Brady Seconded: Colin Carried
Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Motion put that the minutes of previous meeting be accepted as a true record of that meeting.
Moved: Colin Seconded: Brady Carried
Corresponence – Ken
Letters In

  • Incorporated Associations Annual Return Form to be filled out and returned
    Letters Out
  • SC Environment Council – letter of support on TAPP letterhead for their World Environment Day 2020
    Emails In:
  • General information from Community Groups and TAPP members
  • SCEC AGM on Thursday night 15th August
  • TS Onslow emails from Susie.
  • Bank Statement
    Emails Out:
  • Meeting minutes and other Community group notices to members
  • Watering Roster
    Motion put that the correspondence be endorsed and accepted.
    Moved: Ken Seconded: Lissa Carried

Treasurer’s Report:
As at 30th June 2019
TAPP General Account
Balance Brought Forward from 30/06/2019 $ 6198.92
Less Grant Funds $ 4215.64
$ 1983.28
Interest 01/07/2019 $ 3.62
Membership $ 60.00
Donations $ 60.00

Balance as at 31/7/2019 $ 2106.90

TAPP Grant Account
Balance Brought Forward from 30 /06/2019 $ 4215.64
Cheque #55 K Mewburn – Materials – Onslow $ 781.69
Bank Transfer Fees $ 2.80
Balance as at 31/07/2019 $ 3431.15

Closing Balance as at 31/07/2019 $ 5538.05
(Add General Account and Grant Account)

Financial Membership: 18 (as at 31/07/2019)

Motion put that the Treasurer’s reports be accepted as a true record of our account to date.
Moved: Lissa Seconded: Rick Carried

Reminder to previous members that fees are now due.

Business Arising From Minutes:
TAPP Website – Brady and Ken
We have a design for our website and we are now working on content.
Committee meeting to discuss the content to be included on the webpage is to be rescheduled for August.

TS Onslow Progress and next Working Bee – Ken
The project has been very successful. The beach is building up so the erosion is no longer eating away at the bank. There is potential to use some of the remaining coir logs in Stage 1 and perhaps donate the rest to a group like the Bunya Bunya Corporation.

Our Resilient Coast Report – Ken
Ken could not attend the meeting as it was held at the same time as our AGM today.
At our next meeting, Ken will give us a report on the points of interest for TAPP.
Members can also go to the website and access an update there.

New Business
Strategic Plan
Public Education – Ken
Ken presented a talk to the Anglicans Men’s Breakfast about the Passage about the environment and the Passage. In addition, Golden Beach Progress Association requested information about The TS Onslow Project so Ken will be organising that.

Monitor Southern Lakes
Motion moved to arrange a meeting with SC Council Officers to follow up on Halls Creek and introduce Paul as our new President.
Moved: John Seconded: Brady Carried
Aura Stewardship Meeting– Paul
Paul presented his report on the meeting held at Aura Community Centre.
The report is attached.
Scrap Book Pictures – Erica
Erica has organised our scrapbooks and would like any new photos that could go into our books – particularly pictures of the TS Onslow Project.

Around the Table
John – will be unable to attend the September Meeting but would like to meet with Lissa in Early October to have an official handover of the Treasurers position. Lissa will stay as the treasurer till then. John would like two more agenda items added to the Agenda to be monitored at our meetings. The Cottonwood Tree issue and the SC Council application for Biosphere recognition. This will be discussed at the Committee meeting.
Jude – Wildlife Preservation Society had a stall at the Community Volunteers Forum showing the history of Wildlife Society. Our poster about Halls Creek was of great interest to many visitors to the stall who were not aware of the Halls Creek issue and did not know where Halls Creek was.
A SC Council Coastal engineer talked about dredging in the northern and southern section of Golden Beach. Another young woman from the SC University spoke about ‘blue carbon storage’ in mangroves.
Ian Colledge – on a previous visit to Baringa noticed that there is a lot of new very hard surfaces with the roofs, roads and concrete driveways. When it rains all the water will pour down into Lamerough Canal and into the Northern Lake at Pelican Waters which has a weir but not a satisfactory way of allowing the water to go into the Passage. It is a worry that Pelican Waters and Golden Beach will be badly affected by flooding if there is a significant rain event. Ian met Ken because of a previous flood incident as a result of the Pelican Waters development when they worked together to try to solve it and became interested in the Passage. Ken has worked so hard since to protect the Passage all these years and he established a rapport with Stockland that has been extremely beneficial to the whole community and the Passage.
Di – When watering at the Onslow site the local population have been very positive about, and interested in, the project.
Ken – Wrote to the Council about the Pelican Waters and Golden Beach flood map which was modified from the original NASA map. The theory is that the houses are built up but the roads will flood.
Lissa – stated a portfolio of the photos of cotton trees and mangroves in the Golden Beach area.
Paul – Will contact the committee and work out a time to meet.

Brady thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 4:52pm

Next Meeting will be at 3:00pm on Tuesday September 10th in the Wave Room upstairs at the Power Boat Club

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