State Election 2020 Issues concerning TAPP

The members of TAPP Inc. feel strongly that –

1 – The interurban break is to be maintained in perpetuity.

There needs to be “statutory protection by primary legislation to preserve and maintain the Inter urban break between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast” as was appropriately stated by Mayor Jameson last week.

Halls Creek must not be allowed to go ahead. It is in the South East Queensland Regional Plan as a Potential Future Growth Area. This needs to be removed from the Regional Plan altogether and legislation needs to be clear that the IUB is to remain in the Regional Plan, regardless of which government is in power.

2 –The State Government abandons the plan to duplicate the Bruce Highway on the Eastern side of the existing highway.

The plan to build this major road on the wetland in the inter-urban break would be catastrophic for the Passage. There are several options to improve the dire transport problem between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Duplicating the rail line is the obvious first and most sensible option. If duplication is needed the option to build roads in the populated areas on the western side of the existing highway would be a far more economical and sensible choice.

3- The State Government gives consideration to the wetland when the CAMCOS between Landsborough and Caloundra is planned. This infrastructure needs to be constructed in a way that has minimal impact on this sensitive wetland.

4 –The State Government ensures that there is a greater police presence to monitor and regulate the increased recreational use of the Passage.

The Pumicestone Passage has been dedicated by the United Nations as a sanctuary for wildlife especially for migratory birds. With the ever increasing population explosion in the Caloundra area there has been a continual increase in recreational use of the Passage. There is a dire need for extra police presence on the Passage – at the moment the water police who endeavour to maintain safety on all the waterways in the Sunshine Coast are understaffed.  There is continual blatant disregard  of the rules on the Passage and there is no one to enforce them. . The waterway has become dangerous for those swimming or engaging in more passive recreation. Extra funding needs to be allocated to enable this to happen.

5 –The State Government decrease the Speed limit in the Passage.

Remembering that the Pumicestone Passage is a protected Ramsar sanctuary, speed is the major concern in the Passage. Motorised craft are dangerously operating in areas which are also being used by others. We require that the speed limit be changed from 40 knots – which is equivalent to 75 kilometres an hour to 20 knots which is a safer speed and one which would allow all users of the Passage to enjoy it. The sandbars in the Passage make it quite dangerous to navigate when travelling at speed. The trees along the western section of Bribie Island are all falling into the water due in part to the extra turbidity caused by motorised craft.

6 –The State Government work with the universities and other bodies to improve the nutrient and sediment runoff from the primary producers in the Pumicestone Passage catchment.

 The water quality of the Passage has deteriorated rapidly since the development of the wetland west of the Passage. Coochin Creek is the one of the most polluted creeks in all of Queensland. Nitrogen levels in the creek are extremely high. Funding needs to be earmarked to assist the primary producers to reduce their impact on the Passage.

Sediment levels in the Passage have changed from 80% sand, 20% silt in 1980 to 20% sand and 80% silt presently. This silt has chemicals, heavy metals and general pollutants from the farming and development in its catchment.

7 – The State Government insist on best practice for all future developments. All developments should be reaching 5 star Green Star status. Legislation needs to be in place to ensure that as technology allows for better practice, that this new level is continually insisted upon.

Sustainable development is to be aimed for at all times. 

The Beerwah East development is in the planning stage at present. SC Council has developed a plan for this development that takes into consideration the sensitivity of the area. The State Government needs to take the advice of the local councils when considering their planning documents. The latest in best practice needs to be insisted upon when this development goes ahead.

8 – Maritime Safety Queensland work with Unity Water to ensure that there are sufficient pump out facilities for ‘live on board’ vessels in the Passage

At present there are no pump out facilities for these vessels.  The new Marina at Pelican Waters will not service the boats that are moored in the Passage, as the bridge at the entrance to Pelican Waters is too low to allow the boats to pass under it.  A new facility needs to be installed at the boat ramp at Apex Park near the Power Boat Club.

9- The State Government adopts the recommendations put forward by Professor Graeme Samuel in his report on the Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act

In particular, that there is an independent regulator to monitor the administration of assessments against National Standards and that sufficient funding is set aside to allow the parameters of the Act to be followed.

Tourism is the main industry in the Caloundra region. The Passage provides an important recreational fishing and passive water sport venue. It is paramount that the Passage maintains good water quality to enable this to be the case in the future.

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