Minutes of November TAPP Inc. Meeting

Minutes of TAPP Inc. General Meeting November 10th 2019
Held in the Wave Room at Caloundra Power Boat Club

All welcomed by Paul Hearney President of TAPP
Paul acknowledged the traditional owners of this land.
Welcome to Tom – a new member interested in the Passage and impressed with what TAPP is doing.

Member Attendance:- Ken , Muriel , Randy , Paul H , Colin , Jill , Allan , Carla Clynick, Helen , Michael , John , Don , Tony , Jude , Dianne , Ian , Tom and Tony

Apologies: Brady , Erica and Rod , Rick , Lissa, Kerrie and Bob
Motion put that the apologies be accepted
Moved: Helen Seconded: Ken Carried

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Motion put that the minutes of previous meeting be accepted as a true record of that meeting.
Moved: Alan Seconded: Di Carried

Correspondence – Carla/ Paul
– Returned call to SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast representative Claudette Rechtorik who would have liked to visit our Onslow site but had limited time during her visit. They are able to assist with these projects in future.
– Message from Bev who was concerned about the dunal area along Golden Beach near the McLean street intersection – The problem is that the public are trampling the vegetation between entrances 314 and 315. The fence does not extend past these trees. It would be worthwhile preserving this space to prevent it from becoming a bare dune.
– Organization Sunshine Coast Association of Residents (OSCAR) Newsletter
– Message from Gail P about the Park adjacent to Jensen’s Park at Diamond Head TAPP is waiting for Henzell’s to submit a development application for this so we can then meet and discuss. We will also take part in a flora and fauna investigation into this site.
– Email from Jude regarding the Council and the Golden Beach foreshore. To be discussed in general business.
– Message from Alan about the trichodesmium at Golden Beach – this looks like a paint spill but it is a natural salt water algal bloom. Information about this will need to be put onto the website.
– Emails regarding the Final report and budget for the Onslow Project to be discussed in General Business.
– Emails from Maritime Safety Qld and Transport and Works regarding the houseboats in the Passage – to be discussed in general business
– Phone call from the Shadow Minister for Transport and Main Roads about the duplication of the Bruce Highway on the eastern side saying he would like to be informed if we hear any more about this. We have had no reply from the Minister or Mr. McArdle. Email out to Cr Baberowski requesting further information about this investigation.
– Email from Rick Albert regarding research being conducted which is looking at the buildup of silt in the Passage. This will be put on the website. We already have the article about Verity Taylor who has won an award for her research modelling coastal erosion on Bribie Island
– Emails in from Susie Chapmen regarding a forum, to be held in June next year, which is being organized to disseminate research and information about the Passage.
– Email from Mark Stevens ( Stockland’s Environmental Officer) suggesting that the Aura Stewardship Group meet only twice a year and that other Aura community based groups meet more frequently with the plan that the community take ownership of the environment and community activities. TAPP would like to maintain the present strong connection with Stockland and the new Aura landowner.

Motion put that the correspondence be endorsed and accepted.
Moved: Carla Seconded: John Carried

Treasurer’s Report – John
As at 31 October 2019
TAPP General Account
Balance Brought Forward 30/09/2019 $ 4687.03
Less Grant Funds $ 2563.67
$ 2123.36
Interest 1/10/2019 $ 00.38
Membership and Donations
Expenditure – Website setup $ 605.00

Balance as at 31/10/2019 $ 1518.74

TAPP Grant Account
Balance Brought Forward 30/9/2019 $ 2563.67
Transaction Fees (EFT’s) $

Balance as at 31/10/2019 $ 2563.67

Closing Balance as at 31/10/2019 $ 4082.41
(Add General Account and Grant Account)

Financial Membership: 31 (as at 31/10/2019)
The grant account will be audited this week and this will go into the final report.
Motion put that the Treasurer’s reports be accepted as a true record of our account to date.
Moved: John Seconded: Carla Carried

Business Arising From Minutes
Website and Facebook update and Management – Feedback from users of our site is telling us that our website is easy and good to use. We are one of a few websites who are reporting on the Passage therefore when the public Google anything to do with the Passage our website should pop up. If any members have information that would be good to put on the website or our Face-book page, please send it on to us. Our Face-book page is functioning well but we need to keep putting information onto it so it stays active.

Palm Lakes – Golf Links Estate – Ben Prior was on the coast this week so a meeting was organized with him on Wed 11th at the Golf Club at 2:00pm. Ken, Paul, Jill and John will attend but anyone who may be interested is welcome.

TS Onslow Site Watering is still happening – Rod and Erica will water on Monday and Paul and Di will do Thursday. Some of the windy weather has caused mangroves to uproot but Bunya Bunya Aboriginal Corp have planted more. Some maintenance will be needed to secure some of the BESE. The final report to the Dept. of Environment and Science is due in on Nov 22nd. After this report we will have our final payment for $10 000 but we need to acquit this final payment in our report. We have had a number of meetings with Susie and devised a final budget. A grant audit will be done this week. A report on the ‘revised area 3’ – the area in front of the tree, needs to be written as we were not able to follow the initial plan for that area. We needed to secure the dune with coir logs, we planted plants on the dune and we will put sand to boost the dune and this needs to be explained to DES in our report. Ken has completed the remainder of the final report putting in a pictorial chronology as well as detailed explanation and it should be completed by the 22nd.

New Business
Top Ten Priority areas for TAPP-
Jason Hunt the Labor Candidate has requested this information.
Committee have a meeting about this and bring the suggestions to the next meeting.
The areas of our concern on our map will be considered as will the suggestions we sent to the OSCAR meeting last year.

Certificate of Appreciation – a draft was passed around which is a basic example of what we could do – perhaps put a frame around it?
Members attending meetings – as suggested earlier perhaps other members might be interested in going to some of the meetings like OSCAR, BIEPA or Residents Association meetings. The feedback to the group would only need to be short and relevant to TAPP.
Update accurate Membership details – include dates of joining and leaving.

Buying the domain name that includes the ‘for’ – at the moment our domain name is ‘takeactionpumicestonepassage’ to enable the site to recognize if someone types in the ‘for’ as well would cost us $38. However google will recognize the request if a person does include the for and it would direct them to our website. So the added expense is not necessary. Randy will ensure the previous old TAPP website is closed down.

Ramsar Public Information Boards
We met with Kim Moreland last week to work out what we would need to put on the information board at the TS Onslow site. The board will be aluminum and constructed in a way that will ensure that it is around for a long time. The funds for this will come out of the grant and it will explain the benefits of soft engineering at this site. It will be one of a series of boards that will be placed along the Passage to explain the importance of the Passage as a Ramsar site. Healthy Land and Water will be organizing the other signs. Golden Beach foreshore Video Graphic Audit – Jude
At a meeting with Wildlife Preservation Society Qld (WPSQ) Cr Dwyer informed the group that he was commissioning a ‘video graphic audit of view lines at Golden and Shelley beaches to determine treed areas – no go areas and areas that could be maintained differently’. Historically there has been quite a lot of clearing along the foreshore of Golden Beach. Restoration and maintenance of the foreshore is critical to the health of the Passage and the result of this audit and the consequences of it will be relevant to TAPP. WPSQ has requested more information about this but have not yet received any response.

McLean Street dune degradation – Email from Bev regarding the trampling of vegetation at this site as explained in correspondence.
Motion put that TAPP executive meet with a view to contact Council regarding the revegetation between beach accesses 314 and 315 and request that the fence be continued along this area.
Moved: Di Seconded: Carla Carried

Opportunities for new initiatives and projects – Paul
TAPP often receives information about grants that are available for small projects which TAPP may be able to access to improve the water quality of the Passage. Perhaps after the Pumicestone Passage Forum next year there may be some projects – it would be ideal to have action that comes from research. It was suggested that TAPP may also consider managing a project in future in a situation where we apply for funding and then employ contractors to do the actual physical work. The Golden Beach foreshore is Council owned and it is often difficult to get permission to work on Council land due to insurance and public risk issues.

December Meetings – Christmas get together and Public consultation no 2
Our grant application stated that we would have 2 public consultations but we have only had one to date. It was decided to have a morning tea with Christmas cake on December 1st – 10:00 a.m. at the Onslow site. We will letter box drop and put it on face-book and the website. Randy will design a flyer and will organize printing.
TAPP Christmas gathering at Ayliffe Park will be at our usual TAPP meeting time – Tuesday 10th December 3:00 pm. It would be a BYO or share plate.

Andrew Wallace email re the review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC) 1999
The site is below and an extract from the email follows;-


“Last week the Government announced the second independent review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. (EPBC Act) The EPBC Act is the Australian Government’s central piece of environmental legislation. It provides a legal framework to protect and manage nationally and internationally important flora, fauna, ecological communities and heritage places which are defined in the EPBC Act as matters of national environmental significance. The EPBC Act also ensures development is sustainable and supports a growing economy while maintaining Australia’s unique environment and heritage and protecting threatened species.
All Australians are invited to participate in the review process. If you have an interest in conserving Australia’s biodiversity, how the EPBC Act has operated, the challenges it should be addressing and your ideas for the future I strongly encourage you to have your say. To get involved, please look here and to subscribe to the Independent Review of the EPBC Act please click on this link. “

In November there will be a discussion paper to which the public can make a brief comment or write a formal submission.
Motion put that the executive and interested members meet to write a submission in reply to the November discussion paper.
Moved: Carla Seconded: Di Carried

SC University Pumicestone Passage Forum 2020
This forum is an opportunity to present all the research which has been happening in regard to the Passage and its catchment.

SC Council – ‘Our Resilient Coast, Our Future’ Update – Ken
The previous meeting discussed Coastal Hazard Scenarios, Blue Heart Project and Social and Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessments.
Next meeting will be in January.
The public are encouraged to go to the link below and add photos or comments about what they see are issues regarding the resilience of the coast.

Biosphere Update – Ken
Council has approved the application. Letter received thanking the group for their efforts in writing the application.
It would be advantageous for the Sunshine Coast if we are able to achieve this rating.

Houseboat Issue – Carla
Email from Gary Crozier Maritime Safety Qld (MSQ) in response to our question about what is involved when they audit the boats in the Passage. Boats with fixed toilets must have a holding tank and that is inspected to ensure that there is no way a vessel can bypass the tank. There is no requirement for the boats to keep a sewage disposal logbook (except commercial boats) – but they are encouraged to do so.
Other boats can have porta-potties and there are no other requirements.
Gary encouraged us to contact MSQ if we suspect illegal dumping and they will go and inspect vessels and check compliance.
Received a phone call from Samuel Lait – Dept. of Transport and Works He thanked us for sending him the photos of the boast illegally tethering to the trees along the foreshore. He was going to have a chat to the owner. He encouraged us to continue to keep him informed if we are aware of any illegal activity on the Passage – photos are helpful in these situations. Michael has let us know of another boat that is illegally moored and will send us relevant photos.

Reports from other community groups – John/Jude (Qld Wildlife Preservation Society)
Windansea Surf Riders clubhouse proposal to build on the dune at Ballinger Beach has been approved by Council against Council Officers recommendations. An appeal has been lodged.

Around the Table
Bob – was unable to attend as he was organizing the viewing of the (positively) futuristic movie 2040 which is showing free at the Our Lady of the Rosary School Tues 10th Nov
John – is heading off to America for Thanksgiving on Mon 25th. New search engine called ‘cake’, which is apparently very good on phones.
Ken – email from U3A asking us if we would like to continue giving talks next year on a different subject. Helen is going to do one on recycling and waste. Ken suggested a talk about erosion would be beneficial and he agreed to organize this for next year.
Muriel suggested we support the lions club and buy their Christmas cake for our Morning Tea function.
Jude – Prof Rod Capone from UQ has devised a way to catch cane toad tadpoles using pheromones from adult toads that attract the tadpoles. Individuals can apply to get the traps and set this up on private land. Some groups have approached Council about putting them on Council land. Information about this can be found at

CWA is having a mini fete on Sat 23rd November at 17 Kalinga St Caloundra at 9.00am

Our Community Morning tea will be on 1st December at TS Onslow at 10.00am – Christmas cake/biscuits and tea/coffee

Paul thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 4:45 pm

Next Meeting will be our Christmas gathering at 3:00pm on Tuesday December 10th at Ayliffe Park, Golden Beach. It will be a BYO or share plate.

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