Meeting Minutes – 10 September 2019

Minutes of TAPP Inc. General Meeting 10 September 2019
Held in the Pelican Room at Caloundra Power Boat Club
Member Attendance Ken Mewburn, Brady Sullivan, Lissa Ware, Ian Colledge, Murial Bates,
Randy Lagerway, Paul Harney , Kerrie Chandler, Colin White, Allan McKay, and
Bob Cullen
Apologies:. Carla Clynick, Helen Crook, Michael McNamara, John Roberts, Dianne Hearn, Craig
Chandler, Don Ritchie, and Jill Chamberlain
Motion put that apologies be accepted:
Moved: Brady Seconded: Colin Carried
Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Motion put that the minutes of previous meeting be accepted as a true record of that
Moved: Brady Seconded: Colin Carried
Corresponence – Paul
Letters In

  • AURA – Stewardship Minutes – Susie Chapman/ Stockland to hold their own
    community meetings three/per annum. TAPP to have executive representation on these
  • TS Onslow Shoreline Management Report from Susie Chapman. To be uploaded to
    TAPP website as soon as up and running.
  • Meeting on the Airport Water being dumped offshore at Marcoola – 6:30 pm at
    Maroochy RSL on
  • BIEPA notice and OSCAR Newsletter
  • Greg Smith
    Letters Out
  • Ken Mewburn/Paul Harney/Joy McCumber/ Lyn Ginns drafted a letter to be sent after
    TAPP website is up to the Palm Lakes developers.
    Emails In:
  • General information from Community Groups and TAPP members
  • TS Onslow emails from Susie.
  • Bank Statement
    Emails Out:
  • Meeting minutes and other Community group notices to members
  • Watering Roster
    Motion put that the correspondence be endorsed and accepted.
    Moved: Paul Seconded: Randy Carried
    Treasurer’s Report:
    As at 31 August 2019
    TAPP General Account
    Balance Brought Forward from 31/07/2019 $ 5538.05
    Less Grant Funds $ 3431.15
    $ 2106.90
    Interest 01/08/2019 $ 1.42
    Membership $ 200.00
    Donations $ 60.00
    Checques #58, #59 $ 199.00
    Balance as at 31/8/2019 $ 2169.32
    TAPP Grant Account
    Balance Brought Forward from 31/7/2019 $ 3431.15
    Cheque #55 K M – Materials/Catering – Onslow $ 463.69
    EFT – Onslow $ 393.69
    Balance as at 31/08/2019 $ 2573.77
    Closing Balance as at 31/08/2019 $ 4743.09
    (Add General Account and Grant Account)
    Financial Membership: 28 (as at 31/08/2019)
    Motion put that the Treasurer’s reports be accepted as a true record of our account to
    Moved: Lissa Seconded: Kerry Carried
    Reminder to previous members that fees are now due.
    Business Arising From Minutes:
    Ken – Speaking at the Probus Club meeting on Wednesday, 18 September at Golden Beach
    Yaroomba Donation – Brady/Lissa – Payment made of $100. Decision to defer donating
    additional funds to the cause until later assessment of available funds.
    New Business
    Strategic Plan
    Public Education – Ken is speaking at the Probus Club meeting on Wednesday, 18
    September at Golden Beach
    Stockland Baringa Opening – Paul, Brady, Ken, Carla, Jude, and Jill attended culmination
    of process working with STO. Community has developed. Next meeting at Baringa
    Community centre. Lyndon Davis, Gubbi Gubbi presided over the opening and welcome to
    country and said regional artwork also being used.
    USC Meeting – Ken briefed on possibility of students using the Pumicestone Passage as
    topic for thesis. Potential for securing a grant. TAPP committee, Randy Lagerway, Susie
    Chapman and Ben Gilby, Gabriel Conroy, Javier Leon to attend on 17 September, 10am at
    USC. Ken suggests topic of follow up on TS Onslow Project – little research prior to taking
    action, what may have occurred to cause the problem initially.
    TS Onslow Progress and next Working Bee – Ken
    The project has been very successful. The beach is building up so the erosion is minimal.
    There will be a working bee on Thursday 8-10 am to use the remaining coir logs in Stage 1
    area, where considerable erosion has occurred behind the blocks. Sand fill will be required at
    a later date. The mangroves planted have been trampled.
    TAPP Website – Paul, Randy, Brady and Ken
    We have a design for our website and we are now working on content.
    Committee meeting to discuss the content to be included on the webpage is to be rescheduled
    for 17 September at 4pm.
    Paul – Said the website will be focused on Pumicestone Passage. Lissa on board to clean up
    Facebook in line with website and TAPP priorities. Further discussion and collaboration
    between the interaction of Facebook and the website will occur once this has taken place.
    Our Resilient Coast Report – Ken made a submission. The next meeting to be 26 October
    SCEC AGM – Ken attended Professor Ian Lowe gave a Historical account of Climate
    Biosphere Meeting was attended and discussions were about the impacts on and preservation
    of the aquatic environment.
    PW Golf Course – Paul said a letter is drafted to the new owners – Elliotts – will await
    uploading onto the new website prior to sending. There is uncertainty as to what the
    development entails, possibly over 50’s retirement etc. Allan mentioned the concerns of
    golfballs entering the waterways and degrading – Pebble Beach Florida, USA – University
    study surrounding this issue.
    Costs of running TAPP – Brady suggested costs could be offset by asking local MP Mark
    McArdle’s office to assist with costs of printing, paper, admin, etc.
    Around the Table –
    Ian Colledge – In favour of Biosphere nomination for the Coast as long as land for
    conservation purposes is not reduced or needs diminished.
    Muriel – Fires on Bribie were concerning
    Colin – wished to move that an extraordinary meeting occur prior to next GM to discuss
    lifetime member recognition.
    Randy – Website link will be emailed to members
    Lissa – Bribie fires destruction and wildlife charred remains found on beaches to the north.
    There is always more than appears to be happening. Facebook management discussions to be
    held in consideration of the TAPP website.
    Kerry – Camper permits have been requested for four more houseboats. Speaking with
    Michael regarding rules and Marine Parks legislation and drafting a letter opposing this due to
    laws and damage to Bribie Island National Park dunes and foreshore erosion. Trees being cut
    for fires, etc.
    Bob – 2040 – The Regeneration: Free showing at Unity College Wednesday 18 September at
    47 Lomond Crescent, Bellvista Estate, Caloundra West.
    Enquiries: Bob 0422-056-334
    Brady thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 4:30 pm
    Next Meeting will be at 3:00pm on Tuesday October 8 in the Wave Room upstairs at the
    Power Boat Club

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