April General Meeting

Minutes of TAPP General Meeting 4th April 2023

Held at the Caloundra Power Boat Club

Welcome to Country: Ken acknowledged the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet.

Denise suggested that we should also acknowledged Dr Galarrwuy Yunupingu who passed away 3rd April.

Dr Yunupingu was Australian of the year in1978. In 1998 he was added to the list of 100 “Australian Living Treasures”. He was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 1985. In 2015, at the Garma Festival, he was honoured by the University of Melbourne with an Honorary Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) to recognise the significance of his work for Indigenous rights. Through his work and that of others, Australian Citizens have acknowledged the tremendous contribution to the care of this land over thousands of years by the Traditional owners. In 2017, Yunipingu, along with Tom Calma and Lowitja O’Donoghue were honoured by Australia Post in the Legends Commemorative Stamp, “Indigenous Leaders” series to mark the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum.

It is with respect we acknowledge Dr. Galarrwuy Yunipingu along with the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet.

Ken welcomed members in attendance at the meeting.

Members in attendance: 12 from attendance Book

Apologies: 11 from Attendance Book

Moved by Lyn         Seconded by Jude that apologies be accepted.            Carried

  1. General meeting

Minutes of meeting held 7th March

Moved by Graeme, Seconded by Tony that minutes be accepted.              Carried


Letters Out: 1

Minister for the Environment. Citizen Science findings and questions.

Copied to:

Jason Hunt Member for Caloundra

Emma Thomas CEO SCRC

Maria Suarez Div 10 Councilor Environment Portfolio

Peter Cox  Div 3 Councilor Water Quality Portfolio

Terry Landsberg Div 2 Councilor

Emails In: 43

Bushcare re Training workshop 29th March

Bushcare re Volunteer Safety Induction

Response from Council re application for use of Fraser Park for WED

Information from Beach Matters

Graham Webb, SCC and jack Coates, HLW re water quality in PP

USC request me to address students in May

Unity Water Online Forum 19/4 0900-1230. Register by 14/4/2023

Unity Water Construction Contract for Aura and Harmony.

Information re use of printed biodegradable structure for erosion.

The Moreton Bay Foundation re research project for Pumicestone

QWALC re membership update

Information re IUB Meeting

Member contacts and general information

Emails Out: 20

HLW re contact and future relationship

IUB communication SCEC

Comments by member relating to BMT Report of Bribie Breathrough.

Member request for info re Asbestos at Golden Beach

Member contacts and notices

Moved Ken that inwards Correspondence be accepted and outwards be endorsed.    Seconded by Lyn.                                                                 Carried

Summary of Treasurer’s Report   

TAPP General Account as at   31st March 2023

Balance Brought Forward from 1/03/2023                                                              $12502.20

Interest 1/3/2023                                                                                                          $         0.11

Nil Inwards

Nil Debits

Balance as at 31st March 2023                                                                                    $12502.31

Bells Creek Fund administration account for HLW

Balance as at 31/3/2023                                                                                             $   1950.81


TAPP general Account                                                                                                  $12502.31

Bells Creek Administration Fund                                                                               $   1950.81

Balance General Account and Bells Creek Admin Fund.                                    $14453.12

  1. Matters for Information:

Bribie Island Report Update:

  • Graeme reported on the BMT Report on Bribie Breakthrough, stating it is labelled as Unofficial and is the third edition which creates concerns about the value. Observation of the area would throw doubt on the validity of the report. The report appears to protect the Government and does not appear to provide adequate answers to the questions raised by the community.

Graeme, Ken and Damien have responded to the report with questions to the Minister. It was decided that we should not directly criticise the report as we may be locked out of further discussion. Graeme and Ken developed a list of questions for the Government, which was sent Jason Hunt. Damien has sent his comments and appraisal of the report direct to the Minister. We hope for an early response.

A copy of the BMT Report has been sent to The Moreton Bay Foundation for comment. We communicated with the Community and Partnerships Officer who commented it is unusual and a little suspect to receive a third edition of a Consultant Report.   

The report has not put science in the consideration for any of the reasons for erosion.

Pumicestone Passage Research Project

  • The Moreton Bay Foundation has an interest in conducting a research project in Pumicestone Passage. Katie Walters, the Community and Partnerships Officer for TMBF contacted me about the chance of placing some monitors in the Passage. To plan this they needed some familiarization with the area.

The actual research will be conducted by a PHD Candidate from the School of Science at USC. Initially 2 sites would be required.

After checking a number of locations between Bulcock Beach and Military Jetty, a selection of sites will be made and approval for the Research arranged by TMBF. It is envisaged that TAPP will continue to be informed about the project. The research will examine marine life and perhaps eventually water quality.

Update Pumicestone Passage Management Body

  • Graeme provided an update on the PPCMB which was intended to create a management body like the Gold Coast Waterways Management Authority for the Pumicestone Passage and its catchment.

We have been unsuccessful in achieving that simply because the government does not want it and believe it too expensive. The GCWA costs about $40million per year to operate. The Councils, both Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay are hesitant to support the plan.

As an alternative we consider the possibility of creating an Advisory Group which would involve the Government, Council, USC and Community. This would provide an ability for communication and input into management of the Passage and Catchment without additional legislation and cost. This could provide community input for planning purposes and include community in future plans for the Passage and catchment. The name would change to the Pumicestone Passage Catchment Advisory Group, (PPCAG).

The proposal will now be discussed with membership of the PPCMB and then with the appropriate Government and Council.

Unity Water Upgrade for Aura

  • Unity Water is providing new water infrastructure to meet growing demand from Aura. This will involve construction of 12km of new water pipeline from Ewen Maddock Water Treatment Plant to a new reservoir at Aura.

The reservoir will be constructed on the western side of the Bruce Highway on land owned by Stockland opposite the Aura development.

A new wastewater line will be built to the Kawana Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Work on this project is expected to commence by mid-2023 and construction will be completed in early 2026.

An interesting comment in the information documents from Unity Water mentions a population of 69000 at Aura by 2056. It is possible that this includes some of the population of Beerwah East as the defined population for Aura is 50000 by 2041. 

  1. Matters for Discussion

Inter-urban Break Update

  • The meeting held with SCEC on 22nd March resulted in 11 action items for completion before the next planned meeting on 13th The intent of the meeting was to create a campaign plan for the protection of the Inter-urban Break. The following actions are underway.

SCEC will revise the two previously created information documents used as handouts, combine the information and create a new brochure for use at future events and campaigns. John provided copies of the early version of the documents to Narelle for revision.

A list of community group contacts has been commenced, using available information and this is in the process of updating. The list needs to concentrate on groups that are actively involved in local issues and will be developed from an extensive list of organisations within the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Council areas including those in the Hinterland.

Narelle is creating an introductory document to send to all community groups advising them of our campaign and how they can become involved.

Contact will be made with the Member for Caloundra, Jason Hunt, and the Member for Longman, Rob Skelton advising them of our campaign.

The campaign has been given a title:- Protecting our Regional Inter-urban Break Alliance. (PORIUBA).

As part of the development of the campaign and Alliance, TAPP members need to understand the IUB and what it means to them individually. Questions such as, is it important and why, or why isn’t it? Where is it and what is it? Are questions that perhaps we need to ask ourselves so we are best prepared to encourage support from others.

John is organizing a further meeting with Nichola Jarvis from the Council to discuss the progress of Beerwah East planning.

World Environment Day will be an opportunity to provide information to participant groups and to the public. Handouts will be provided by the 4th June for use at the event. The handout brochure will include a QR Code which will possibly link to TAPP Website. The website includes information on the IUB and this will be updated in the near future.

TAPP Strategic Plan

  • In John’s absence, this agenda item deferred to next meeting.

World Environment Day

  • An Application for the use of Frase Park has been sent to the Council. The application will take six weeks to process and we cannot publicly advertise until final approval has been received. We can, however, send invitations to the community groups we hope will attend. An invitation will be prepared for distribution to all local community groups later this month.

The Application form is a complex document and applies some stringent restrictions and request for management controls, none of which are applied to large family and social group gatherings at weekends and public holiday periods. There could be scope to simplify the document and it may be in our interest to discuss this with Council at some time.

The event will run from 0900 to 2:00 pm with set-up from 0730 am and close and pack up from 2:00 pm with completion expected to be about 3:00pm.

At the next meeting in May, a commitment from members that can assist will be needed to ensure available help at the event. In the interim period progress of arrangements will be advised to members by email.

  1. New Business
  • Jude advised that the Maleny Wood Expo is on again this year from 29th April to 1st This will provide an opportunity to promote the case for the IUB. WPSQ are happy for TAPP to be in attendance and share their marquee. Communication of this event will be arranged by email if any TAPP members are available to be involved on any of the days.
  1. General Business
  • The Agenda item, Convergence Follow-up will be deferred to a later meeting as complex and will require extra time. Maybe require formation of a committee to examine issues. Some of the issue will be discussed at the next Catchment Network Meeting.
  1. Around the Table:

Gerry suggested we should seek a donation from Council for World Environment Day

To compensate for the cost of compliance with their requirements for use of the park.

Gerry is wondering what the flow-on effect of the Bribie Breakthrough will be. It appears at present to be providing entertainment for tourists but what are the future impacts.

Presented at the previous meeting, TAPP produced a letter and some citizen science observation which were sent to the Minister for the Environment with a number of questions about potential action and mitigation of impacts. No response as yet.

Tony Emergency patrols by lifeguards at Happy Valley at weekends. People being cut every day on oysters on the rocks at happy valley. (No sign in water at site of rocks).

Graeme, Council has received $500000 for stormwater mitigation work at Golden Beach which includes management of saltwater incursion into drains.

Allan, an observation that water quality in the north end of the Passage seems to be getting worse. There is algae, no fish and no strong tide flow to flush area. The water level rises and falls with tide changes without a noticeable tidal flow.

TAPP have spoken with Council Water Ecologist, Graham Webb about additional water testing, particularly during periods of heavy rain and lower tides.

General discussion on the issue. Tony confirmed that similar experience of water quality at Bulcock Beach.

Denise Would like a copy of the Unity Water plans for Aura. (Provided at the meeting)

Jude advised that the final follow-up public information session on the Shelley Beach, Moffat Beach study which involves the dune vegetation management. A drop-in session from 0900- 1:00pm on Saturday 22 at Rhumba Resort

  1. Next Meeting

2nd May at the Caloundra Power Boat Club at 3:00 pm

  1. Close Meeting at 4:25.