February Update

Going …Going …Gone!

The TAPP meeting on Tuesday February 1 has been cancelled due to the pandemic given the age of many of our members. The Executive has therefore decided to provide this update. There is still a lot happening with the Pumicestone Passage given the recent breakthrough.
We hope to meet next month on March 1 at 3pm at the Power Boat Club.

1. Bribie Island Break

Jason Hunt met with representatives of community groups, the Coast Guard, engineers from the Sunshine Coast Council and Councilors Terry Landsberg and Rick Baberowski. The community groups raised their concerns about the break through on Bribie Island and Jason undertook to ensure appropriate action would be taken. The need to work collaboratively was recognised as the key to success. Jason has committed to taking the lead on meeting the challenges that the breakthrough has created.

If any member of TAPP would like the Executive to provide feedback to Jason, please send a return email

2. The Speed Limit Submission
Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) have received our submissions for the speed limit review in the Passage. We have not been told when the results will be announced but the notices regarding the changes have all been removed from the boat ramps. Given the current condition in the Passage, we sincerely hope that MSQ seriously considers the TAPP submission which goes much further than the MSQ Proposal.

3. TS Onslow Erosion Project
The erosion at the TS Onslow Stage 2 site has been devastating and mostly irreparable. The mangroves in Stage 1 have been able to hold the sand and have protected that area from the increased tides and wave action. We needed another 3 years for stage 2 to grow sufficiently to have done the same there.

The TAPP Executive met on January 18 and decided to call an urgent meeting about the damage caused by the break through to the TS Onslow site. All key stakeholders have been invited to a meeting at the TS Onslow training room on site. TAPP working in partnership with HL&W and the Sunshine Coast Council has met the terms of the agreement by monitoring the site over the past 7 years. The situation has changed with the break through on Bribie Island. Action is needed to address the damage.

The meeting is at 10am February 4 at the TS Onslow training rooms.

If any member of TAPP would like the Executive to provide feedback to this meeting, please send a return email.

4. Bush Care
The next one will be from 7:30-9:30am on Thursday February 10. There will be lots to do as the area we have been working on has been affected by the increased tides. It will be interesting to see what is left of our work last year! We hope to see you there.

5. Pumicestone Catchment Network Action Plan
A draft version of the Pumicestone Passage Catchment Action Plan 2021-2024 has been developed. It features background information on the catchment and our collective catchment management program, and 71 proposed actions that are underway or intended to be implemented by 37 partner groups. A further meeting will be held in January to finalise the draft. TAPP has two roles –
· To co-ordinate community events in support of local environmental values. Promote, preserve and enhance local environmental values and by increasing community environmental stewardship.
· To preserve and enhance tidal habitats – e.g. TS Onslow restoration project and Bell’s Creek Riparian Area Project

If you would like a copy of the overall plan let us know. We can provide it when it is finalised.

6. TAPP Website Update
We are continually working at updating our website.

7. Palm Lakes Pelican Waters Development
TAPP will request a meeting with Council Officers concerning the Palm Lakes development in order to stay informed about the progress of the development and to ensure that the protocols are adhered to.

8. Caloundra Community Hub
The Caloundra Community Hub project has come to a standstill at the moment. SC Council has requested further information and seemingly increased some restrictions so the Rotary Club will take responsibility for the Hub, with the view that once it is secure the Hub will be handed over to the community groups.

9. TS Onslow Memorial Chair
Don has finished the chair and we will soon be organising the plaques. Then it will be ready to be placed at the site.

10. Community Day at Peachester Hall
The SC Council have invited us to have a stall at the Peachester Hall on 5th February for their Community Day.
The event includes registered talks inside the Hall 9am-3pm and community stalls/markets in the grounds outside the hall. We have declined the offer to run a stall due to covid.

11. Queensland State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The Queensland Government has committed to investigating and consulting about the possible establishment of an Environment Protection Agency. (EPA) You will simply need to register and create a Password to take you to the site. To find out more and to complete a short questionnaire please go to –

12. The Environment Defenders Office (EDO)
The EDO is a group of lawyers who are holding government departments accountable in the courts. They will support groups who need legal assistance in their stance to protect the environment. TAPP has donated to the EDO in recent years and they have reached out to us again. We would like to donate $50 to help them in their endeavours. If you have any objection to this donation please let us know.

13. Aura
Concerns have been raised about some activities at the Aura development. Members of the TAPP Executive will visit the site to assess the situation. TAPP has undertaken to work with HL&W to organise a celebration for World Wetland Day on May 15th 2022.

15. Biosphere Meeting
Ken will represent TAPP at a zoom meeting of the Biosphere group. This group has been set up by the Sunshine Coast Council to explore the possibility of our region being recognised by the United Nations as a dedicated biosphere region. Strict criteria need to be met.

16. Caloundra Livability Alliance (CLA)
The CLA has helped community groups and individuals in the Caloundra area to raise awareness of community issue and then garner support for particular issues.

17. Updates from other community groups

Golden Beach NHW Annual General Meeting – Neighbourhood Watch Queensland (Golden Beach) (nhwq.org)

There is an interesting article on the health of our waterways in this update from HLW
Healthy Land and Water | Latest news and updates (January 2022) (mailchi.mp)

Sunshine Coast Environment Council

Hopefully we will see you at bush-care on Thursday 11 Feb if not then at our next scheduled meeting on March 1st. We are sorry that we are not able to meet at present but we welcome any feedback or comments you may have in response to our February Update.

The TAPP Executive