Give us your opinion – TAPP Meetings

TAPP(Take Action for Pumicestone Passage)Inc.
Notice for Motion to be presented at our AGM

At the TAPP Meeting held on Tuesday 3rd May, the members in attendance discussed the possible need to change the times of our meetings.
It is considered difficult for younger members to attend during work hours and for many other people who are constrained by volunteering, appointments etc during the day.
We ask that members consider a change to meeting times, such as having meetings at night.
If you have an opinion about preferred times or the possibility of gaining membership attendance at meetings with a change of time, can you please email your thoughts for consideration.
Email to:
A decision will be required at the AGM in August so this notice is to assist in providing opportunity for all to provide their preferences and ideas.
TAPP will also seek a location for meetings that can be consistent. We have the benefit of having our meetings at the Power Boat Club, cost free, but are subject to losing the room to paying clientele.
We appreciate the Power Boat Club allowing us free use of meeting rooms and fully understand their need to preference paying clientele.
We hope that there may shortly be other community facilities available for use by community organisations such as TAPP.