Maritime Safety Queensland’s (MSQ) proposed Pumicestone Passage Speed Limit Changes



In response to safety concerns raised by user groups and the broader community, Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) is proposing to gazette a 20-knot speed limit in Northern Pumicestone Passage from Military Jetty, Golden Beach to approximately the Caloundra Bar. We are writing to seek your feedback on this proposal.
The map of proposed new speed limits are displayed at boat ramps along Golden Beach  and will apply to all vessels.
The intention behind the proposal is to ensure safe interaction between powered vessels, passive craft and swimmers in waterways that are becoming increasingly popular and congested.

A 6 knot speed limit currently applies in the waters extending from the shore for a distance of 100 metres, commencing at a jetty adjacent to Raleigh Street (Military Jetty) northward along Golden Beach and Bulcock Beach to the extension of Minchinton Street. This speed limit will remain, but the general speed limit for the remainder of the area will be reduced from 40 knots to 20 knots.
This reduction in maximum speed in this area is proposed to provide vessel masters with additional time to assess if a close quarters situation is likely and the risk of collision, and to take early action to avoid collision and comply with “distance off” regulations.
Additionally, it is proposed to implement a 6 knot zone in the lower reach of Bells Creek because it is very narrow and shallow, contains numerous anchored and moored vessels and has a public boat ramp.

Under Section 81 of the Transport Operation (Marine Safety) Regulation 2016 ships are not permitted to travel at more than 6 knots within 30 metres of a person in the water, moored vessel or boat ramps. In addition, the required distance off is 60 metres for personal watercraft (PWC). It is proposed to gazette this area as a 6 knot zone to alleviate any subjective judgement of distance by the master or enforcement agencies.

If you or your organisation wish to provide feedback to MSQ, please answer the questions below and return by e/mail within 30 days of receipt of this letter.
At the end of the 30-day consultation period responses will be evaluated to determine if the speed limits changes will be implemented at this time.

Please send your replies to the following e/mail address:
Should you wish to mail in your response, please mail to the following address: Maritime Safety Queensland, PO Box 1094, Mooloolaba QLD 4557.
Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Should you wish to discuss this matter, please contact Marine Safety Officer Ben Bosschieter on (07) 5373 2310 or by return e/mail to.

1. Do you agree with the proposed 20 knot zone being gazetted in Northern
Pumicestone Passage as shown in the map below?

2. Please explain your reasons.

3. Do you have an alternate option that may be considered and reasons why?

4. Do you agree with the proposed 6 knot zone being gazetted in the lower reach of
Bells Creek as shown in the map below?

5. Please explain your reasons.

6. Do you have an alternate option that may be considered and reasons why?

7. Are there any other considerations you can think of?


Gary Crozier
Area Manager, Sunshine Coast | Waterways Operations