Presidents Report AGM 2022

President’s AGM Report 2022 (August)

TAPP (Take Action for Pumicestone Passage) Inc.


1. Introduction
This is my third report since I was elected President of TAPP at the AGM in 2019. It has been a pleasure to work with TAPP members and with a very professional committed Executive group: John Roberts (Vice President/Treasurer), Carla Clynick (Secretary), Ken Mewburn (Assistant Secretary), and Graeme Smith (Executive Committee Member).

2. TAPP’s Mission
TAPP was founded more than 12 years ago in response to community concerns about the proposed Stockland development at Caloundra South (Aura). From that time the TAPP mission has been: To Protect and Enhance the Pumicestone Passage and its Catchment.

3. Membership
Currently there are 53 registered members of TAPP and there has been a gradual increase of enquiries and new members in the past 12 months. There are however more than 100 interested individuals and groups who receive the minutes and the updates.

4. Key Areas of Focus and Activity for TAPP
4.1 The Break Through on the northern end of Bribie Island has caused wide spread community concern. The TAPP Executive have worked tirelessly to engage with key decision makers. TAPP called a meeting with TS Onslow Naval Cadets, the local Council, government departments and Healthy Land & Water to begin to address the extensive damage to the TS Onslow site. The erosion of the site has continued and the Department of Resources who own the site have not acted to repair the damage. The State Government Member for Caloundra, Mr Jason Hunt MP is working with the Naval Cadets to procure funding to begin the restoration of the site.
It was very disappointing to see the mangrove restoration TAPP had undertaken through the TS Onslow Shoreline Management Project destroyed as a result of the break through. The original mangroves that were planted continue to survive: a reminder of the ground breaking project.
4.2 The Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Councils have published the Strategic Plan for the Pumicestone Passage and TAPP has contributed significantly to the development of the Plan. This Plan provides the strategies proposed by state departments, local councils and community groups that are designed to protect and enhance the Passage over the next 4 years.
4.3 The Inter Urban Break between the Sunshine Coast and Caboolture continues to be under threat. The proposed Stockland Hall’s Creek development continues to be of grave concern for TAPP members. The local Sunshine Coast Council is opposed to the development and our local councilors Landsberg and Baberowski and the mayor are fully supportive of stopping the development. Pressure appears to be mounting on the State Government to provide more land for development because of population increase in South East Queensland. The preferred development area at Beerwah East is not shovel ready as yet and is held up at the State Government level. The local Council have done all they can at this point to ensure Beerwah East is ready to start. Stockland invited the TAPP Executive to inspect their site at Halls Creek. John Roberts has been working hard to get all parties to the table.
4.4 The Jensen Park Project is well underway. Henzells have engaged with TAPP on the project. More than 270 plants and trees were planted by TAPP members in an area needing rehabilitation. TAPP is also working with Hollow Log Homes to support the installation of wild life boxes throughout the site.
4.5 The Bells Creek Regeneration Project is on hold even though some planting and rehabilitation has commenced. Healthy Land & Water and the local Sunshine Coast Council need to finalise an agreement to deliver the project.
4.6 Mark Lonergan from Shadforth Engineering met with TAPP to discuss the areas that are eroding along Bells Creek, particularly near the culturally significant sites. Mark is endeavouring to get a project underway in order to protect these sites.
4.7 The Roys Road and Hussey Creek projects are on hold as the agreements that the local Council need have not been finalised.
4.8 The Biosphere Submission has been accepted and given approval by the United Nations. Thanks to Ken for all the time and energy he has put into this initiative on behalf of TAPP.
4.9 The proposed Speed Limit changes initiated by TAPP to address excessive speed on the Passage have not been implemented. MSQ proposed minimal changes and there has been strong community reaction to their proposed changes. Mr Jason Hunt MP continues to work with MSQ to get changes more aligned to community expectations.
4.10 The Aura Environment Day and World Environment Day were supported by Stockland, the Aura developers, this year. They provided TAPP with a $10,000 grant. Stockland worked with Healthy Land & Water, TAPP and other community groups to organise the Aura Environment Day.
TAPP, thanks to the leadership of Ken, organised World Environment Day for the Caloundra area. Fourteen volunteer groups turned up on the day and the Gubbi Gubbi Dance Troupe provided the Welcome to Country and danced for the crowd. The local community band also entertained with their music. TAPP has written to the Sunshine Coast Environment Council requesting that World Environment Day be returned to Cotton Tree next year as a combined Sunshine Coast event.
4.11 The Council Bush Care Group which is supported mainly by TAPP members continues to work on a section of the Golden Beach foreshore extending for about 300 metres south from Bill’s Boats letting area. The Pacific Rotary Club also support the project.
4.12 The Pumicestone Passage Management Body for the Pumicestone Passage has continued their work to establish a recognised Body to manage the Passage and its catchment. The breakthrough of Bribie Island has demonstrated how important it is to establish such a body. Thanks to Graeme for his efforts to establish this important body.
4.13 The Caloundra Liveability Alliance is a useful communication tool that TAPP instigated. As a loose network of community groups in the Caloundra area it provides an opportunity for community groups to keep each other informed and to test the level of support for local issues.
4.14 The Ramsar Brochure has been published and has been well received by the community.
4.15 The TAPP Website is now well established. Thanks to Carla and Lissa for keeping the website updated. Most of the presentations from the Pumicestone Catchment Convergence 2021 are available on the website.
4.16 TAPP wrote to the new Federal Government Environment Minister, Hon Tanya Plibersek MP asking her to fully implement the changes to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) as recommended by the Samuel’s Review.
4.17 TAPP is part of Terry Landsberg’s Division 2 three monthly consultation. It continues to be a useful forum for community groups to share what they are doing, to explore ideas and to seek his help where necessary.
4.18 The TAPP Executive has continues to meet with Jason Hunt MP to discuss major concerns in relation to the Pumicestone Passage. Jason’s office has undertaken to provide updates to TAPP to ensure we are up to date with matters he is pursuing in relation to Pumicestone Passage.
4.19 The Palm Lakes development at the Pelican Waters Golf Course continues to be of concern. The recent flooding has caused grave concerns to many local residents. At this stage there is no response to TAPP’s invitation to meet with the developers.
4.20 An Eco Caravan Park is still proposed for the Roy’s Road property. The developers now want to have Music Festivals in the area. TAPP is concerned about what this will mean for the Inter Urban Break and the impact on the environment. TAPP is in contact with both the developers and Council.
4.21 TAPP contributes articles on current issues to the Golden Beach and Pelican Waters Neighbourhood Watch group.
4.22 Education continues to be offered by Ken and Graeme to community groups, the university and schools about the Pumicestone Passage especially the implications of the break through at the northern end of Bribie Island.
4.23 The Memorial Chair for the TS Onslow site is unable to be established on the site due to the erosion. A decision will be made when the future of the site is determined. Thanks to Don for restoring the chair and his patience.
4.24 Meeting times have been discussed over the past few months. At this point in time the current arrangement will remain in place.

5. Conclusion
It has been a pleasure to be in the role of TAPP President over the past 4 years. I have decided to step down from the Executive. I will however remain a member of TAPP.
Thanks again to all TAPP members and the Executive for all that has been achieved in 2021 – 2022 in spite of the limitations imposed by Covid-19. We have continued to meet monthly at the Power Boat Club and we thank them for their hospitality. Let’s continue to work together and with other groups that share our mission to protect and enhance the Pumicestone Passage and its catchment.
Paul Harney President TAPP August 2nd 2022.