October TAPP General Meeting

 Minutes of TAPP Inc. Meeting October 4th, 2022

Held at the Caloundra Power Boat Club

Welcome to Country – Ken acknowledged the traditional owners of the land on which we meet.

Member attendance: 14 (as listed in attendance book)

Apologies : – 5

Minutes of Previous General Meeting – error in the minutes – Judy was not included in the Inter-Urban Break subcommittee – minutes duly amended. Apologies to Judy

Motion put that the amended minutes of the August meeting be accepted as a true record.

Moved: John                          Seconded:   Paul                                             Carried


  • Division 2 Council Meeting Minutes
  • Information re Meeting at Coast Guard regarding dredging and other issues
  • Grant Notices
  • Wildlife Preservation Society Qld re meeting about Bribie Island and Passage dredging proposal
  • Nesting Boxes information by Hollow Log Homes for Jensen Park
  • General member contacts

Motion put that the correspondence be endorsed and accepted

Moved:     Ken                           Seconded: Lynn                             Carried   

Treasurer’s Report for Take Action for Pumicestone Passage TAPP Inc.  September 2022


Total Balance of General Account and Bells Creek Fund Administration Account brought forward at 1/09/2022                22,846.37      


As of 30 September 2022
Balance brought forward from 1/09/2022 $                     20,895.56
Interest: 01/09/2022 $                                   .19

1. Annual Memberships:


$                             60.00


1. Mandrake Accounting – Verification Statement

2. LC Davis – WED Performances


$                          100.00


$                     2,090.00

Balance as of 30/09/2022  $                  18,765.75 


As of 30 September 2022
Balance brought forward from 1/09/2022 $                         1,950.81
Credits: $                               0.00
Debits: $                              0.00
Balance as of 30/09/2022  $                    1,950.81


TAPP General Account $         18,765.75 
TAPP Bells Creek Fund Administration Account $         1,950.81
Balance of General Account and Bell’s Creek Fund Administration Account

as of 30/09/2022

$        20,716.56

Financial Membership:  The number of Financial Members currently stands at 40

Motion put that the Treasurers Report be accepted as a true record.

Moved: John               Seconded: Paul                                                Carried

Matters for Information

Councillor Rick Baberowski addressed the meeting to talk to us about the Inter-Urban Break (IUB)

Main points of the discussion are as follows –

  • The importance of the Passage is known and appreciated by Council. Cr Baberowski has a great deal to do with the Pumicestone Catchment Action Group. (TAPP has representation on this group and the recent plan for the Passage was written after the Pumicestone Passage Catchment Convergence at SC University last year)
  • The State Government has ultimate control over the development in the region through the SE Qld Regional Plan. SC Council is then required to adjust the SC Local Plan to suit the Regional Plan. The Regional plan, written by the State Government, is the document that needs to have the Inter-urban Break delineated clearly. However, the Regional Plan can be changed, according to political will. This happened during Campbell Newman’s term in office.
  • Cr Baberowski will seek legal advice on how to preserve the inter-urban break in perpetuity – specific legislation that goes beyond the Regional Plan and Local Planning Schemes and designates the Inter-Urban Break with protective regulation.
  • The SE Qld Regional Plan is not yet under review. This review will commence early to mid-next year, but the community is able to communicate with the minister and State Govt. officers letting them know our views on issues we feel are important regarding the Passage prior to the more formal public consultation time.
  • To support Council in their plan to protect the IUB we need to demonstrate that we represent a large number of the community. Begin a community education plan to alert the public about the environmental, economic and social benefits of maintaining the Passage and it catchment – perhaps conduct field trips on the passage and/or develop podcasts about the importance of the Passage. Try to get people physically involved in the Passage but maintain a positive outlook while presenting the importance of sustainably managing the catchment.
  • Invite relevant Local Councilors and State Govt. officers to our meetings.

Matters for Discussion.

Golden Beach Neighbourhood Watch Community Event

This is a 30th anniversary event to be held at Fraser Park Golden Beach (between Beattie and McLean streets) on Sunday 16th October. Thanks to Lynn, Paul, Don, Carla and Graeme who have volunteered to help on the day. Please come along for as long as you are able.  We will set up the marquee at 9.15. The event finishes at 2.00 so it will only be for 4 hours.

Inter-Urban Break sub-committee

We will meet again on Tuesday 11th October at The Power Boat club at 1.30pm.

New Business

TAPP Strategic Plan – discussion postponed to next meeting

Around The Table:

Judy – Asked if we had any feedback on the survey regarding a change of time for our meetings? No feedback was received. We will work on this issue – but we very likely won’t get younger people involved as they are too busy with life. Diane suggested that we try to attract recently retired people. Also at Bribie the Real Estate Agents give new residents a copy of one of the Bribie Island Environment Protection Association (BIEPA)  publications which sparks an interest in the group.

Lynn – arrived at bush-care last month at 7.30 after travelling by public transport, but could not find the group. Carla will send her email address to Ashley Goodman so Lynn gets the emails from Council.

If anyone would like to join our bush-care group, you could email Ashley Goodman Ashley.Goodman@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au and let him know so he can contact you directly.

Judy – What was the Councils response to the storm water issues that the Caloundra Residents Association was investigating?

Council officers did attend the Residents Association’s AGM meeting but the response from them not very satisfactory.

The letter that Council sent to the Residents Association was very interesting and we will see if we can send it to our members.

The meeting closed at 4:31 pm. Next meeting will be at 3:00 pm Tuesday 1st November.