November TAPP General Meeting

Minutes of TAPP Inc. Meeting November 1st, 2022

Held at the Caloundra Power Boat Club

Welcome to Country – Ken acknowledged the traditional owners of the land on which we meet.

Member attendance: 15 (as listed in attendance book)

Apologies : – 4

Minutes of Previous General Meeting

Motion put that the minutes of the October meeting be accepted as a true record.

Moved: Judy                           Seconded:   Paul                                             Carried


Emails in – 46     Emails out – 10

  • Healthy Land and Water (HLW) report regarding the settlement of a claim against HLW for an incident at the TS Onslow about a year ago.
  • The HLW report card on the health of our local waterways will be out on Nov 17. It will be interesting to see what the report says about the health of the water in the Passage.
  • Email from Vanessa Nash regarding the production of short videos for TAPP
  • Email from SC Council regarding the formation of a Naturewatch Citizen Science Project requesting that we contribute to a simple survey. Completing the survey does not mean that you are committing to any particular project. This survey lets Council know what interests people in the community.  Information and the survey can be found at the site below

  • Qld Water and Land Care (QWALC) re Climate Action Grants and notice of their Annual General Meeting 23rd November – we will send a proxy form for their election of officers and Ken may attend the zoom meeting.
  • The final report for the World Environment Day and the Aura Environment Day went in to ‘Good to Give’ a not for profit agency who Stockland used to administer the grants they gave us to assist with the running of these events. Thanks to Ken for all his hard work in getting these events up and running,
  • Golden Beach Neighbourhood Watch newsletter has the TAPP article Ken wrote about the Sunshine Coast Biosphere

Golden-Beach-NHW-Newsletter-Sept-22.pdf (

Healthy Land and Water (HLW) Newsletter    (

  • Birdlife Australia regarding a zoom meeting about the Toondah Harbour  development – the loss of critical wetland for migratory birds
  • Feedback on the Flood Risk review – Coastal Hazards Adaptation Strategy (CHAS) reports and their effectiveness – thanks to Tony for keeping us informed – Will meet to discuss this after the meeting today
  • General member contacts

Motion put that the correspondence be endorsed and accepted

Moved:     Ken                           Seconded: Carla                           Carried   

Treasurers Report for Take Action for Pumicestone Passage (TAPP) Inc.

October 2022


Total Balance of General Account and Bells Creek Fund Administration Account brought forward at 1/10/2022          20,716.56     



As of 30 September 2022
Balance brought forward from 30/09/2022 $                       18765.75
Interest: 01/10/2022 $                                  .18

1.      Annual Memberships:


$                            45.00


1. HL&W  –    AED Expenditure

2. HL&W –     AED Expenditure

3. Ken Mewburn Cal. Com Centre payment WED

4. Lewissa Ware – Re-imbursed gift basket                                                                 


$                       5,00.00

$                          909.00

$                           535.23

$                           45.00                                              

Balance as of 31/10/2022  $                 12,321.70                                               



As of 30 September 2022
Balance brought forward from 1/09/2022 $                            1,950.81
Credits: $                                    0.00
Debits: $                                    0.00
Balance as of 30/09/2022  $                          1,950.81                         




TAPP General Account $                          12,321.70 
TAPP Bells Creek Fund Administration Account $                              1,950.81                                                                                                                                                   
Balance of General Account and Bells Creek Fund Administration Account as of 31/10/ 2022  

$                   14,272.51


Financial Membership:  The number of Financial Members currently stands at 41

Motion put that the Treasurers Report be accepted as a true record.

Moved: Ken               Seconded: Paul                                                Carried


Matters for Information


Neighbourhood Watch Anniversary event at Fraser Park – Carla, Jude, Paul

This was a great venue with lots of interest expressed in TAPP.

We handed out a one-page information sheet about the inter-Urban Break and talked to many locals about the possibility of losing this space to development.

It was a shame that the SC Council was not there with a stall – particularly to talk to locals about responsible pet ownership.

Vanessa Nash expressed an interest in doing a couple of very short 2 min videos for us that we could put on our website to inform the community about the issues we are addressing.

Mary-Ann Mcloughlin – a local real estate agent also offered to place information about TAPP and the Passage in the homes of new residents to the area.

Fraser Park would be a good venue for our World Environment Day event next year.

Bush Care – Carla

Golden Beach bush care will be on again on 10 November. An email from Ashley Goodman will let us know exactly where we are meeting. We look forward to seeing you there.

Meeting with Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) – Paul, Ken

Jason Hunt organised a meeting with MSQ as well as a number of community groups, the Coast Guard, Henzells, and SC Council representatives to discuss the Bribie Island Breakthrough. Approximately 40 people attended. Coast Guard would like see two sand ‘plugs’ which could be dredged to clear a way for their boats to get out and for the tide to bring in some clean water. Water quality in the northern section of the Passage is becoming a very concerning issue. MSQ responded by saying that it would cost far too much to dredge and the process would likely not be successful as the sand would most probably move back almost immediately

The SC Council is testing the water regularly and their tests indicate that the water quality is not yet a serious health issue. The Dragon Boat Club has commented that the smell in the area is quite horrendous. Some concern that the contaminated water may travel up into the northern canals of Pelican Waters.

There was some discussion about what may happen this coming storm season,

Is it possible that here will be other breakthrough spots like the wash over site across from the Bell’s Creek entrance? This spot first washed over in 2008 and has washed over continuously since but it has not become a breakthrough. The thought is that the area on the western side of southern Bribie is muddy and therefore more stable, allowing the sand to build up after the storm season.

Water Quality and Drifters – Ken

All of our drainage goes into the north end of the Passage. At the moment there is no circulation of that water. Previously it was refreshed twice a day. At present the fresh water run of from storm water drains enters the Passage and algae forms and this sits in the water,  sinks to the bottom, rots and decays taking the oxygen out of the water. This means that the marine life cannot survive. It becomes dead water.  TAPP has acquired some ‘drifters’, from the SC University, which float in the water and measure various characteristics including oxygen and ph. levels. They will be placed in three different areas of the Passage and they will record the different characteristics. Hopefully they will be in the water soon.

Inter-Urban Break (IUB) Meeting with Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) – Ken, Jude

Jude outlined some of the history and explained the issues that are concerning TAPP

Ken, Jude and Narelle McCarthy from Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC) will meet with a representative of MBRC on Thursday to discuss the inter-Urban Break.

The agenda for the meeting includes discussion about – defining the area; status of MBRC’s position on the IUB; permissible activities and uses of IUB; statutory framework for the IUB; community understanding and education in relation to the IUB and the IUB in context of the broader development of Caboolture West.

The TAPP IUB working group has also arranged a meeting with Jason Hunt on Friday 18 November to discuss this issue.

Matters for Discussion – All

Marquee – Ken

A new marquee with only four legs and a top will cost approximately $650. The marquee we own has walls and can be zipped up and locked. Ken will research this further to see if it would be better to mend our old marquee.

Early consideration for World Environment Day (WED) next year – Ken

Fraser Park would be suitable so we will make application to Council to secure it.

Strategic Plan – Ken

We will leave the strategic Plan for next meeting.

Follow up on Convergence – Ken

After the convergence last year, there were a number of actions, which TAPP agreed to complete. We will need to relook at these in the near future.

December Meeting/Party – Ken

It was decided that in December we would meet on the first Tuesday, December 6th  at 3.00 pm and have Pizzas on the Passage with general chats instead of a formal meeting. We will meet at Ayliffe Park – BYO drinks and a small plate to share. We will see if Bill’s Boats will allow us to have a ride on one of their boats and we could have Pizzas for those who are hungry after that.

New Business

Action/Response to Bribie Island Breakthrough – Ken

The response to the breakthrough has mainly been from the Pumicestone Passage Catchment Management Body that included TAPP executive members – Ken, Paul and Graeme.

Should TAPP have a group response? Can we form a group to develop a factual response? Do we meet with Government personnel? Should we speak to the media?

TAPP would respond in a different way to other community groups concerning ourselves with issues like erosion, water quality and loss of wildlife whereas other groups are more concerned with different issues e.g. storm water inundation.

As we should be verbally and actively involved in responding to the Bribie breakthrough Ken will send out an email to members to gauge interest in joining a TAPP Breakthrough Response group.

Around The Table:

Judy – An article appeared in a local newsletter, the spring edition of the Pelican Waters Update entitled Shifting Sands, which talked about Henzell’s working with community and Council to ‘plot a course forward’ concerning the Bribie Breakthrough.

Tony – Bulcock Beach lifesavers rescued six people at the north Bribie last weekend. Regularly at low tide, people walk to the Island and are being stuck when the tide comes in.

Paul – the SC Council citizen science survey is something worth doing and it could be something TAPP benefits from.

The passivity of the government departments in regard to community has been astounding and baffling! The total lack of apparent interest and respect for community has been very disappointing.

Tom – thanks for the hard work TAPP are doing – keep it up!

Melinda – Looking forward to joining in and giving TAPP a hand

Muriel – agrees that the government is not actively supporting the community.

Would like us to keep in mind that the venue for WED should be near public transport

The meeting closed at 4:35 pm. Our next gathering will be a December Christmas get-together at Ayliffe Park, Golden Beach on December 6th