October TAPP General Meeting

October Minutes of TAPP Inc. Meeting  October 5th, 2021

Held at the Caloundra Power Boat Club

All welcomed by Paul Harney President of TAPP

Paul acknowledged the traditional owners of the land on which we meet – the Kabi Kabi who we have been working closely with at Bells Creek, the Jinibara and the Bribie Island Undandi people – acknowledging the respect they have shown this beautiful land.

Member attendance: as per attendance book (20)

Apologies : – as per attendance book (4)

Motion put that the apologies be accepted

Moved: Carla            Seconded: Colin                   Carried


Minutes of Previous General Meeting

Motion put that the minutes of the September meeting be accepted as a true record.

Moved: John             Seconded: Alan                    Carried

Correspondence Paul

Newsletters from

*Organization of Sunshine Coast Association of Residents (OSCAR) – general news and links –-  https://www.oscar.org.au/

*Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC) https://www.scec.org.au/latest_news (Check out the article (page 2)  on the wash-over written by Ken Mewburn last year)

* Healthy Land and Water Healthy Land and Water (hlw.org.au)

Correspondence from

* Tony Barry – Update on Mass Transit submission and the Transit Corridor Upgrade.

* Graeme Smith – Caloundra Livability Alliance

– Pumicestone Passage Catchment Management Body (PPCMB)

– Channel 7 news report and notice of their AGM – 5th October

* Bernie Strong re the Caloundra Information Hub being set up on Caloundra Rd

* Susie Chapman from Healthy Land and Water- re the Bells Creek Restoration Project and the Archeological Report of the site

* Don Ritchie – Dawn Wilson Memorial Chair – to be discussed in the meeting.

* Dr David Moore  – responding to our letter to Council re declaring a Climate Emergency

* Nigel Russel who is conducting a “Sustainable Visitor Capacity Management Study” He is requesting that members complete a survey about the National Park on Bribie Island.   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G786Y85

* SC Council encouraging us to look at the flood mapping information on their website in light of the Coastal Hazard Adaptation Study that Ken was involved in last year.


* The Moreton Bay Rotary Group has sent us their brochure about Moreton Bay to give us ideas about the brochure we hope to create about the Passage and Ramsar.

* Allan Brewer contacted TAPP re the planes that are arriving and leaving the Caloundra Airport and the effect they are having on the migratory birds.

* SC Council would like community engagement re climate change.  They have a survey of 30 questions on their website that they are requesting we complete. To access this click on this button …..  this survey

Motion put that the correspondence be endorsed and accepted.

Moved: Paul                          Seconded: Helen                  Carried

Treasurers Report

Total Balance of General Account and Bells Creek Fund Administration Account brought forward from 1/09/2021 $                      21,215.87


As of 30 September 2021
Balance brought Forward from 1/09/2021 $                         11,565.06
Interest   01/09/2021 $                                     .18

Direct Deposits:

1.      Memberships

$20 X 9 members

2.      Donations

$25 X 2 members




$.                             180.00


$                                50.00

Cash Deposits:

1.      Memberships

$20 X 5 members

2.      Cash for donations

$15 X 2 members



$                               100.00


$.                                30.00

Debits:  $                                  0.00
Balance as of 30/09/2021  $                          11,925.24 


As of 30 September 2021
Balance brought Forward from 1/09/2021 $                           9,650.81
Credits: $                                   0.00
Debits: $                                   0.00
Balance as of 30/09/2021  $                           9,650.81


TAPP General Account $                        11,925.24
TAPP Bells Creek Fund Administration Account $                          9,650.81
Total Balance of General Account and Bells Creek Fund Administration Account as of 3/09/ 2021

(General Account + Bells Creek Fund Administration Account)

$                        21,576.05               

Financial Membership:  The number of Financial Members currently stands at 49.

Motion put that this report be accepted as a true record of our account to date:

Moved: John             Seconded: Carla                               Carried


New members Peter and Lyn introduced themselves.

 Business arising from the minutes of the previous meeting.

None reported

Matters for Information

Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC) AGM – John

SCEC is the umbrella group for about 50 community groups in the Sunshine Coast. Narelle and Natalie reported on the many SCEC activities. The main activities involved the court case to fight the development at Yaroomba by Sekesui, the World Environment Day Celebration and the declaration of a Climate Emergency. There were three community group speakers   – Fergus Fitzgerald – Climate Change, Melva Hobson = Organisation of Sunshine Coast Association of Residents (OSCAR) and Diane Oxenford from Bribie Island Environment Protection Agency (BIEPA) Professor Ian Lowe spoke about his new book ‘Long Half Life ’concerned with  the history of uranium.

Update on the Pumicestone Passage Local Management Group (PPLMG) – Graeme

Local news- Channel 7- interviewed this group on Tuesday morning. This was was aired on Tuesday night.

The groups AGM to be held on Tues 5th – 7.00 at the Power Boat club, Hal Morris – from the Gold Coast Management group and Helen Fairweather, SCC University senior lecturer in Engineering will address the meeting. The aim is to organise a large group of people to convince all sides of politics that we need an authority to manage the Pumicestone Passage. There needs to be legislation to cover that management to enable it to be effective. At the moment there are a number of organisations and Government bodies who each manage a particular section of the Passage. This is detrimental to an effective and speedy response to the many problems and issues which impact on the Passage. All welcome at the meeting.

Bribie Island wash over – Ken

No confirmation yet for the meeting date with Jason Hunt, the  Harbour Master and Sel Sultmann from Department of Environment and Science. (DES)

 The wash- over is not being contained – there is no intention to stop people from walking all over the site. The concern is that one destructive storm season will cause irreparable damage.

The sand accretion towards Bulcock Beach is a concern as it seems to be a sign that if the island does breach, the new bar will form at that breach.

TAPP will continue to work towards getting some action on this issue.

Caloundra Livability Alliance – Graeme

The livability Alliance will finalise the processing of the ‘Value Caloundra Community’ communique regarding the road through Ben Bennet Park, once all the supporting letters have been received.

There are two more communiques which will be sent out to community Groups soon. This alliance will amplify the voice of Community Groups – giving them more influence to bring notice to their issues.

Grant Applications – Paul

TAPP has applied for two grants. One of these, from Stocklands,  to run a ‘Wetlands Day’ at Aura next February as well as the World Environment Day here at TS Onslow in June .

The other, from Council, is to create an information brochure about the Passage and its Ramsar listing.

 Managing the Passage – Speed limit Proposal – Paul

Paul will meet with Jason Hunt on Wed 6th October to discuss the next step.

TAPP will take this to the minister responsible – Mark Bailey

Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) have announced that they are going to do a review of the speed limits in the Passage.

 Bells Creek Restoration Project – Carla

Our last meeting was with the Land Care group who completed some of the restoration work at the site. We discussed what needs to be done and how we could improve the access to the fishing spots.

A First Nations council officer who took us around the site and talked to us about the middens, artifacts and scar trees and entertained us all with some folk lore tales of  the past.

The area is looking better with new pathways encouraging people to stay on track. We will meet again with Susie at the end of the week to discuss the next stage of the project.

The aim is to maintain the riparian area of Bells Creek as the population grows. We would also like to complete some other infrastructure works like pontoons and chain and plank access tracks, but we will need to find other funding.

The Channel 7 reporter told Paul she was keen to report on the Bells Creek Project and Tom will contact a reporter from the ABC as well. These all give TAPP a bit more coverage and support for our concerns.

 Matters for Discussion

 Sponsoring World Environment Day (WED) and World Wetland Day(WWD)

 In June next year we would like to host a WED day celebration with all the local groups in the area.

We planned it for this year with the support of a number of other local groups but the weather prevented us from proceeding. We have applied for a grant to fund more activities at next year’s event – perhaps a food/coffee stall and some entertainment. We will need some extra support from members to organise this event.

The other event, the WWD, is a bigger event and we will organise this with Susie from Healthy Land and Water. This will also involve stallholders, food stalls and entertainment.  WWD will be held in early February at Aura so we will need to start thinking about it in November. Any member who may be interested in helping us to organise this please let us know.

Sustainable Visitor Capacity and Management Study for Bribie Island National Park and Recreation area – Nigel Russell = Paul

As mentioned in Correspondence. Nigel has been hired by the State Government to look at visitor use of the National Park. As mentioned by Tony – these surveys are really important for community groups – it is our chance to have a voice to tell the Government what we need.   Please complete the survey – it does allow us to discuss the northern section of the island. It is important that our voices are heard as well as those in the southern section. The log-in for the survey is here again:-


We will also give Nigel written feedback as TAPP. Thoughts about what should be included in this report.

  • The most important issue for the Island and the Passage is the fact that there are no rangers currently managing the northern section of the Park or the waterways.= Regulations are not being enforced
  • Education in regard to the importance of the migratory birds.
  • The fact that this is a National Park and as such it is there to protect the rights of the environment and animals above all else
  • Many boats now visiting the northern tip of the island are putting up shelters and staying all day. They are also allowing their dogs to roam free on the island.
  • The increase in the population in this area means a dramatic increase in visitors on the northern tip and this is not being managed.
  • This increase in use is causing erosion in sensitive areas of the Passage

Declaring a Climate Change Emergency – Council Feedback  – Ken

The letter to the Council and their response was sent out to members – if you have any other suggestions to make to Council please let us know.

Dawn Wilson Memorial Bench – Don/Paul

Don presented information about our Dawn Wilson Memorial Chair. The aluminium brackets would sit on concrete slabs and the seat would be timber. The cost would be approximately $1000.

Motion moved that Paul contact the Commodore of TS Onslow to get formal permission to place the memorial chair at the TS Onslow site. We go ahead with a chair that has aluminium frame and wooden slatted seats and arm rests. Not to exceed $1000

Moved: Paul                          Seconded: Muriel                  Carried

Around the Table

 Tom – surprised at the sand in the Passage at the moment – it was obvious with the low tide today.

 Col – The TAPP shirts catalogue which has been around the room shows the shirt that was recommended by the uniform store. It is a mixture of cotton and polyester; the 100% cotton shirts were too heavy and hot.

We can order 40 shirts at the cost of $33 each. If we do not order 40 the cost will increase. So please consider purchasing one to enable us to access the discount.

The logo would be too difficult as it has a lot of small writing. We could have the TAPP name in full on the back and just the TAPP letters on the front.  This is still being finalised. The favourite colour was blue.

An order form will soon be emailed to members.

Helen – Is concerned about waste. She is picking up 5or 6 masks that have been dropped along the walkway. It would be good to wear cotton homemade ones.

Carla – Reminder that our bush care group will be meeting again on Thursday 14th Oct, at 7.30 So come along and help plant some trees or ground cover and do some weeding. It is well-organised and quite fun.

We have been asked if we would like a speaker at one of our meetings in the future. A Council Officer has been assigned to survey the wading birds in the Passage and she has expressed an interest in presenting information to our group. She will be presenting information from the Qld Waders Study Group. We will decide when she can come at our next meeting.

John thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 4.13

Our next meeting will be at the Power Boat Club on the 2nd November at 3.00 pm (Also Melbourne Cup Day)