Minutes of Feb 2020 Meeting

Minutes of TAPP Inc. General Meeting 11 February 2020 3pm
Wave Room Caloundra Power Boat Club 2 Lamerough Parade Golden Beach Qld 4551

Welcome:   Brady Sullivan Vice President TAPP

Member Attendance: – Ken Mewburn, Randy Lagerway, Paul Harney, Colin White, Jill Chamberlain, Michael McNamara, John Roberts, Don Ritchie, Lissa Ware, Di Hearn, Erica Mansfield, Brady Sullivan, Kerrie Chandler, Craig Chandler, Helen Crook, Muriel Bates, Paul Seto, Tony Barry.

Guest:   Peter Tramacchi

Apologies : Allan McKay, Carla Clynick, Tom Cole, John Groves.
Motion put that the apologies be accepted
Moved: Brady, Seconded: John. Carried

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Motion put that the minutes of previous meeting be accepted as a true record of that meeting.
Moved: Paul, Seconded: Colin. Carried

Correspondence: Paul

  • OSCAR minutes received and the link is available on the TAPP website.
  • SCEC Newsletter received and the link is available on TAPP website.
  • Invite to a community event received to commemorate World Wetlands Day which is on 29 Feb at the Baringa Community Centre commencing at 8.30.

Motion put to accept correspondence

Moved: Brady, Seconded: Kerrie. Carried

Treasurer’s Report:      John

TAPP General Account

As at 31 January 2020
Balance brought Forward from 31/12/2019 $                            1680.55
Less Grant Funds                                   0.00
  $                            1680.55
Interest   01/12/2020                           .07
Donations –  
Cheque $                                 101.45
EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer  
Bank Transaction Fees $                                 1.75
Direct Credit Deposit (from TAPP Grant Account) $                         10,000.00
Balance as 31/01/2020  $                         11,577.42

TAPP Grant Account

As at 31 January 2020
Balance brought forward from 31/12/2019 $                          191.44
Cash Withdrawal  
Cheques – # $                              0.00    
Transferred to TAPP Account $                          191.44
Bank Transaction Fee  
Deposits –  
Balance as at: 31/01/2020  $                              0.00             
Cl Balance brought forward from 31/12/2019 $                           1,680.55
Closing Balance as at 31/12/2020 Add TAPP General Account and TAPP Grant Account     $                       11,577.42

Financial Membership:  31 as at 31/01/2020

Motion put to accept Treasurer’s Report

Moved: John, Seconded: Lissa.  Carried

1.     Business Arising from the Minutes

1.1     Duplication of the Bruce Highway:         Paul

The Executive met with Councillor Baberowski regarding  the proposed feasibility study of a parallel highway on the Eastern side of the Bruce Highway at a cost of $650,000.  Sunshine Coast Council has written to the State Government opposing the study.  TAPP has also written to the Minister opposing the study.  However, the feasibility study is going ahead.  The Council believes the three current transport systems need firstly to be upgraded. TAPP is very concerned at the impact on the Passage of further development in the inter-urban break.

ACTION:    Endeavour to find out the who is conducting the Feasibility Study (Brady)

TAPP encourages TAPP members to write to the Minister expressing concern (All)

1.2     TAPP Priorities for Politicians:      John

The Executive worked on condensing the work of TAPP into four priority areas with a recommendation for each.    The four priorities are Halls Creek, Recreational Damage to the Passage, Sewage Dumping & Nutrient and Pesticide Runoff & Sedimentation.  This paper is available on the website and provides information about the work of TAPP to Council and State Government candidates who are interested.

ACTION:    Forward to interested candidates (Executive)

1.3     Ramsar Information Boards for the Passage:           Ken

Ken is working with Susie Chapman in regard to wording and layout of signage to ensure standardised signage for Sunshine Coast & Moreton Council Ramsar site areas.

ACTION: TAPP liaises with Susie Chapman to finalise signage (Ken)

2.     General Business

2.1     Sunshine Council Australia Day Awards 2020:  Paul & Brady

TAPP was nominated for the Environment & Sustainability Award.  The award recipient was Ten Little Pieces founded by Alison Foley.  Those who attended were very impressed by the number of people involved in volunteering on Sunshine Coast and the event itself was very inspiring.

2.2     Environmental Protection & Diversity Conservation Act 1999 review:        John & Di

The interest group preparing a response to the review have met and will meet again to finalise the submission which is due 17 April.  The submission link will be forwarded to TAPP members.

ACTION:  Meets Friday 14 February (John, Paul, Ken, Di)

TAPP members are encouraged to send in a personal response. (All)

2.3     Halls Creek:   John

The meeting with Councillor Baberowski seems to suggest there is still an interest in Stocklands development of Hall’s Creek and we need to keep abreast of this.

ACTION:  Continue to monitor (John)

2.4     World Environment Day (WED):    Ken

We will update the current handout to provide more professional cards similar to the BIEPA handout to distribute at WED.   The card will include the species of the passage and threats to the passage.  It is most economical to have a run of 1,000 cards and they can continue to be handed out at events after WED.

ACTION:    Draft an updated handout and arrange for printing  (Ken and Randy)

2.5     Vegetation on TS Onslow site:     Brady

The Executive is liaising with Susie Chapman about replacing the vegetation or trimming the vegetation to keep it lower in height as originally agreed with residents.  There has been some damage to the mangrove due to the large tides.

ACTION:  Follow up with Council to receive advice from the Council botanist. (Brady)

2.6     Erosion Study in the Passage:              Paul/Michael

There is a problem of increased erosion in the Passage due to a number of factors including tidal flow, increased craft usage and decaying old oyster leases.  There has been an initial study.  Michael has been liaising with Council (Dennis Shaw).   There may be an opportunity for an honours project following the USC Forum.  Ken Stephenson has hand drawn maps of the passage across years that may be useful.

ACTION:  Explore opportunities  for further research following the USC Forum (Paul and Michael)

2.7     USC Pumicestone Passage Forum 2020: Ken & Paul

A three-day forum is to be held at USC with the tentative dates 24-26 June.  Seven key areas will be explored – Traditional Knowledge, Community Science & Stewardship, Agricultural Knowledge & Practice, Marine Habitat & Species, Climate projections and adaptation, Sustainable Development and Terrestrial Habitat & Species.  On the final day there will be a consultation with key stakeholder groups to inform the new Pumicestone Passage Catchment Action Plan.

ACTION:  Continue to attend and contribute to planning meetings (Executive)

2.8     Water Police in Pumicestone Passage:    Brady

Brady contacted the police (Kyle Bates) who informed him Mark Muddiman has been appointed to be responsible for the Passage.  He is currently in the Torres Strait and Brady will contact him on his return.  He is available to attend a TAPP meeting.  Members observed that police have been in the Passage more often lately.

ACTION: Invite Mark Muddiman to attend a TAPP meeting (Brady)

2.9     Houseboat/Jet Ski Issues in Bells Creek: Ken & Kerrie

An interest group is gathering for an hour to travel up Bells Creek on Friday 14 Feb to assess and photograph signage, crafts, erosion, mangroves, the boat ramp and middens.  Randy will help with recording the visit and may use his drone.  

ACTION: Contact Kerrie if you are interested in attending.  (All)

2.10   TAPP position on speed limits in Passage & Bill Hoffman’s article:    Paul/Michael

Paul and Michael spoke to Bill Hoffman about our concerns in relation to safety, erosion and wildlife preservation as he is working on a feature story about these issues. He had been looking at the Maroochy Rover and will now also look at Pumicestone Passage.

ACTION: Continue to liaise with Bill Hoffman (Paul & Michael)

2.11   Certificates of Appreciation:       Paul

Carla drafted the certificate.  Randy will work on the format for the final draft to be used as the certificate.

ACTION: Present final draft for approval at the March meeting (Randy)

2.12   TAPP T-shirts:                 Col

Col contacted a Moffat Beach supplier (Impact Gear) who is able to do the whole process to deliver polo shirts with no pockets.  He needs 20 orders and the cost will be $27-$30. The material is polyester/cotton.  Sizes are available on the Impact Gear website.  Individuals pay TAPP and TAPP pays the total.  A straw poll showed about 20 people would be interested.

ACTION: Check colours and an example of the shirt and liaise with Randy about the logo to inform March meeting (Executive)

2.13   Membership List:     Randy

The membership list needs to be updated and  then maintained as all members are not receiving information.  Currently we have 48 on the electronic list and 31 on the paid members list.

ACTION: Finalising current membership list and a method for updating (Randy/John)

2.14   Links on website:    Paul

There are links on our website to groups relevant to TAPP e.g. OSCAR

2.15   Website article by Dr Ben Diggles:         Ken

Ken tabled an article by Dr Diggles, a marine scientist, about Trichodesmium.  The outbreak usually occurs between August and September.

ACTION: Produce an abridged version of the article for the TAPP website, perhaps to be posted in August / September (Ken)

3.     Updates

3.1     Our Resilient Coast: Ken

Our Resilient Coast meetings (Q100) have been postponed until the new Council is elected.

4.     Around the Table

  • The annual insurance is due, and we are able to get it through QWaLC at no cost.  (Ken)

         ACTION: Complete insurance form (Paul/Ken)

  • The Golden Beach Progress Association advised of three events to be held at the Indoor Bowls Association Building in Burke St Golden Beach all at 7pm (Ken)

         –  5 March – Mayoral Candidates Forum

         – 12 March – Be Prepared for Extreme Weather held with Qld Fire & Emergency Services

         – 19 March – Meet the Candidates in the Council elections

  • Mark McArdle is promoting a Local Waterway Authority with community representation and it would be helpful to meet with him (Ken)

         ACTION: Contact Mark McArdle (Executive)

  • The recent Aura Newsletter is encouraging in terms of their environmental awareness. (Ken)
  • Council grants are becoming available and the Executive are looking at possible projects.  This may include preparation for the USC Forum (Paul)

         ACTION: Present possible projects for grants at March meeting (Executive)

  • The damage at Short St which seems to happen each year should be able to be addressed (Brady)
  • LNP breakfast meeting was held with David Crisafulli, the Shadow Environment Minister, at the Power Boat Club with a number of LNP representatives present.  He stressed the need for the LNP to be elected and spoke about issues concerning Jet Skis, Houseboats and Erosion and also proposed a Local Waterway Authority for the Sunshine Coast similar to the one operating on the Gold Coast. He was also promoting tourism in National Parks as well as the reintrtoduction of cattle into the national parks as a means to control vegetation. (John)
  • Clean-up for Hatching Day was on Saturday and Jenny McKay who was present may be available to come to TAPP (John)

         ACTION:  Contact Jenny McKay (John)

  • The Passage waters prior to rain has been very clear with bluespotted ribbontailed ray spotted when snorkeling.  There is evidence of sand regeneration close to Blue Hole.  (Lissa)
  • It is importance for all of us to work hard towards zero waste (Helen)
  • There is significant plastic in the drainage near Oaks Resort. Muriel contacted Council and was advised to contact Oaks Resort.  Some cleanup was completed, and Oaks Resort asked to be alerted if it continues to be a problem.  (Muriel)
  • Q&A about alternative energies and zero emissions by 2050 on Monday 10 Feb worth seeing (Di)
  • Michael checked vessels in a snapshot of time (e.g. 4 hrs.) on the Passage on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the Queen’s Birthday Weekend and has the numbers.  He will pass these on to Bill Hoffman for his article.  (Michael)
  • It might be good to have a discussion on Climate Change to get all points of view (Randy)
  • We need new regulations to manage vessels on the Passage both from a safety and environmental perspective. (Paul)

Brady thanked all for attending and the meeting closed at 4.35pm

Next Meeting:    10 March 3pm at Wave Room at Caloundra Power Boat Club

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