Minutes of June General Meeting

Minutes of TAPP Inc. General Meeting June 8th, 2021

Held at the Caloundra Power Boat Club

All welcomed by Paul Harney, President of TAPP

Paul acknowledged the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet – the Kabi Kabi, Jinibara and Undandi people and their elder’s past, present and emerging.

He welcomed those in attendance.

1.Member Attendance: as per attendance book (15)

Apologies: as per attendance book (10)

Motion put that the apologies be accepted

Moved: Ken                             Seconded: Paul

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

At the previous meeting, a question was raised about the minutes of the meeting held 13th April, 2021, being passed by a member not in attendance at the actual meeting. The person raising the issue was subsequently listed as seconding the motion to pass the minutes. The previous minutes have therefore been verified by the President and it is noted that the members listed as moving and seconding the motion are no longer applicable.

With that amendment, the minutes of the meeting held 11th May, 2021, were accepted.

Moved: Graeme                      Seconded: John    Carried

  1. Correspondence.

There was a large amount of correspondence, summarised here in the minutes. Further information can be obtained on specific issues at member request.

Newsletter from HLW

Letter from HLW re installation of Ramsar sign at T.S.Onslow

Invitation from SCC to attend Intergenerational Meeting June 18th

The Bells Creek project is now a underway with a report from SELR showing the work already completed. Pdf information attached to minutes.

Bells Creek project funding now available to TAPP from HLW. Application documents completed and sent.

Information about the Livability Coalition Meeting. Concept Paper attached.

OSCAR Newsletter. Information about Mass Transit. This is currently the major issue for Have Your Say with Council submissions.

Link to information from OSCAR website: https://www.oscar.org.au/planning/scrc-mass-transit-project/

SCEC 40th  Anniversary celebration. Conducted a Roundtable. John attended and mentioned discussion on the Mass Transit project. Community concerns about proposed higher density and high rise along transit routes.

Paul has communicated with Ben Prior re the Pelican waters Golf Club development but received no response to date.  Preliminary work has commenced in the area with 9 holes of the golf course closing.

Email from Rob Cominsky. Family has purchased Roy’s farm and have intention to convert to Eco Caravan Park. TAPP would like to discuss proposal with Council and Community Groups to consider proposal and planning. TAPP will contact him to make appointment.

Received Letter from SCC to confirm TAPP Inc. have been accepted as a new Bush care Group.

Motion put that correspondence be endorsed and accepted

Moved:  John                                Seconded: Graeme                                               Carried

  1. Treasurers Report:

Balance brought Forward from 30/4/21              $ 10698.61

Membership payments                                            $       40.00

Interest                                                                       $          0.09

Balance at 31/5/21                                                   $ 11008.70

Financial Members: 42

Motion put that this report be accepted

Moved:   John                             Seconded: Graeme                                   Carried

  1. Business arising from the minutes of the previous meeting.

Members are reminded that to accurately verify the minutes, they need to have been in attendance at the meeting.

  1. Matters for Information:

Graeme gave an update on the Pumicestone Passage Catchment Local Management Body. He reported the group are now examining the next steps including how to inform the community of the group and its objectives. A membership drive and first fund raising event will be held at Chill 89, Esplanade, Golden beach at 3:00 pm on Saturday 26th June, Attendance limited and ticketed entry is required. https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/pumicestone-passage-catchment-information-session-tickets-158519103907

The PPCMB also covers the southern end of the Passage and the Catchment area. The objective is saving the Passage. The contact list is growing.

A Brochure is being designed to publicise the organization and the objectives. A Media program is about to commence.

The group will establish a link between PPCMB and the Pumicestone Passage Catchment Network. (PPCN.)

Paul attended the last meeting of PPCN. Over the next three months a plan for the next three years will be developed, using information from the Pumicestone Convergence 2021.

The Ramsar sign has been installed at T.S. Onslow. It is very descriptive. Di and Erica have been weeding the Onslow site regularly.

Carla attended the Caloundra Community Hub Meeting. This group is being developed to provide community support for a number of organization and visitors to Caloundra. It is intended to occupy the location originally used as an Information Centre on Caloundra Road. Rotary to manage initially.

Paul attended the Pumicestone Passage Catchment Strategic Planning Meeting. An attendee from the Council of Mayors, John Howling, reported that COM is hoping for  an allocation of $30 million from the Federal Government and a good allocation of that would be directed toward the Passage and the Catchment. He suggests that if projects are defined and ready it would be likely to attract funding.

Shelley Beach Consultation will be the issue the Caloundra Liveability Coalition group will have as a major focus initially. Principally about looking after Moffat and Shelley and protecting the turtles. Hoping with community support to protect the habitation in the area. Many studies done and the Council have not yet reached a conclusion on protection of turtles or vegetation. Thousands of dollars spent on studies. Money may be better spent on community education.

TAPP to hopefully produce Ramsar Brochure. Jason Hunt has advised that grant funding may be available to achieve that.  If the funding mentioned at the Strategic Planning meeting is achieved, some of that may be able to be directed toward a Ramsar sign for the Bruce Highway to advise visitors they are entering a Ramsar protected area.

TAPP now have an ABN which will be of assistance when managing Grant funding, allowing GST to be reclaimed.

John attended the last Aura Meeting at Baringa. The latest Audit Report was presented. Meeting not well attended but provided good information. The dog park will be raised as an issue of concern by WPSQ as it transits the nature reserve. Dogs will have a negative impact on wildlife whether on or off leash.

John attended the Create Caloundra Meeting. The meeting provided an amount of written information but was poorly attended. John left after reviewing the agenda. Basically, it is about re shaping the Park area and the library precinct.

Graeme mentioned that CRA had put in a submission about the proposed development. He also put in his own personal submission. To date this is not funded. General discussion re the momentum of the Create Caloundra Project.

  1. Matters for Discussion

Managing the Passage Speed limit proposal. Paul’s documentation attached for information. The intention is to improve safety and reduce impact on migratory shorebirds and other species in the Passage. A speed reduction would also reduce noise impact on local residents.

Diane is concerned that the speed limit of 40 knots south of Bells Creek would impact the southern end of the Passage. The area of the Skids is a lower speed limit and is a separation from the southern end. Speed limits in the south should be separately considered but similarly regulated to avoid, in particular turtle strike and impact on Dugong population. Jet Skis, (PWC’s) are operating from beaches on south Bribie and should only operate from boat ramps. Supervision required.

It is intended that the TAPP proposal will be presented to the Transport and Main Roads Minister who will then be able to direct MSQ to appropriate action.

A Ranger is needed on the water to ensure compliance with rules.

Gerry suggested that 100 metres from shore may not be sufficient distance to designate for reduced speed.

Greg Poultney, a visitor to the meeting mentioned that he had previously given a petition to Mark McArdle to request management of PWC,s on the Passage. What was requested in the petition has already been in place at the Gold Coast. This has led to quite a few changes such as definition of people in the water. Legislation brought in by Beattie Government in 2005, gave power to Councils to bring people together and regulate areas.

Diane reported that a petition to manage 4×4 operation on the beach at Bribie has resulted in over 25000 signatures in three months. BIEPA is intending to go to the Government with the petition. Suggest that we should consider a petition on Change.org.

Motion put to meeting:

That the proposal to change speed limits on the Pumicestone Passage from the northern end of Bribie Island to Bells Creek be accepted by TAPP.

That local and State Politicians and local community groups be invited to support the proposal.

That the proposal be presented by TAPP to the Queensland Department of Transport & Main Roads responsible for Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ).

Moved: Paul                                                   Seconded: Graeme                       Carried

Public Forum to be held in the Power Boat Club at 5:30 has been completely sold out. Sel Sultmann, Coastal Engineer and Principal Scientist with DES will make a presentation on the Bribie Island Wash-over. Michael Anderson from Sunshine Coast Council will also speak on the issue and Council response. TAPP members, Paul, Graeme and Ken met with Sel last week to discuss this issue and possible response. To date, the NPSR and DES are content to “leave it to nature”. We have written a 6-page response to the meeting with Sel and have sent this to him for further comment. We intend to continue discussion with DES on the matter. Sel is consistently stating there is no human impact involved with the erosion on Bribie. He is not aware of the impact that the Pelican Waters Canal Estate may have with an increase in volume and velocity of flow at the Bar.

TAPP are conducting a World Environment Day event at T.S. Onslow site, “World Environment Day on Pumicestone Passage” on Saturday, June 26th between 09:00am and 1:00 pm. There will be about 9 community groups in attendance. It is also a free ticketed event although we expect people to drop in as they walk past the area. Click on the link to book.


Paul attended the Pumicestone Passage Catchment Strategic Planning Group meeting conducted by Peter Armstrong from SCC. A consolidation of NFP groups obtaining grants and funding to conduct work with farmers and others in the catchment. There has been a reported shift in the access for such to talk with and advise farmers on environmental improvements in operations. An enormous amount of work being conducted in the catchment. Most farms between Mary valley and here are now on board. Demonstrates positive outcomes.

Paul attended meeting with the Caloundra Liveability Coalition –The objective is to bring together a diverse range of groups that have their own permanent identity and interests but agree with the idea that there needs to be better and more sustainable planning for the Caloundra region. The coalition is able to leverage the aggregated strength of the network. Full concept and first meeting information attached with minutes.

  1. Around The Table:

Karla – has just finished a graduate certificate in urban planning with UQ and was considering changing career paths but has decided to stay with a job in Caloundra. She is a recent member of TAPP and happy to support our activities.

Gerry – Mentioned that he was interested in the comments about the Caloundra Livability Coalition and reported that there was originally such an organisation on the Sunshine Coast. This group was comprised of the Golden Beach Progress Association, Kings Beach Progress Association, Chamber of Commerce, North Caloundra Progress Association and the Builders Association. There may have been others. These groups formed what was called the Grand Council of Progress Associations. This group existed in the late 50’s to 60’s. Gerry was the Secretary of the group at one time.

Greg – Thanks for having him as a visitor and allowing him to speak about the PWC issue. Hoping to be able to connect with the group in the future about safety management on the Passage.

Rick – Asked if Jason Hunt had said not worry about taking Halls Creek off the Regional Plan.

Response: Jason is supportive of the Council desire to keep it off the SEQ Plan. He is not impressed with the Plan to develop the area.

Neil – On his ride to the meeting, he spoke with someone from Medici taking photos. This person intends to speak with the Council about putting rock walls along the shoreline. He believes this is better protection.

Tony – Has four items to mention: – Create Caloundra he and the lifesavers were invited but did not go. A sand bar is extending from Bribie Island and Bulcock Beach now has very fast current along the boardwalk and it is getting dangerous. Tony attended a full day planning meeting for Light Rail and OSCAR has a meeting about Mass Transit on Monday 14th at the North Shore Community Centre. The SCC is re-doing its Planning Scheme in advance of the next SEQ Regional Plan and is asking for people to nominate for a Community Engagement Group for three years. Tony will nominate and represent CRA as well as TAPP.

Lissa – Picked up the SCEC brochure that listed what was happening for WED at T.S. Onslow. Will put it on the Facebook Page. Commented on the eddies that happen at the end of the rock groynes. These are higher than the old geobag groynes and the high tide cannot flow over the top.  General discussion around the table re the impact and the increase in stonefish with more rock structures.  Introduced Elliot Peters, he is with Sunshine Coast Underwater Clean-up Divers.

Elliot – Runs the group called Sunshine Coast Clean-up Divers, not formalized in any way. Elliot is a professional diver and had been doing dives in rivers and started cleaning up rubbish. Now been going a few years and have removed about 50 kms of fishing line and a metric tonne of rubbish. Worked at Buddina and at the boardwalk in the Passage. Group is growing and starting to do clean-ups in more areas. Do marine research for UQ. Operate under Project Aware involved with technical education.  They have Marine Park approval to remove any debris. Tide impact less underwater.

Diane – Compliments to TAPP for the meeting. Concerned about turtle welfare and the increase of turtles that drown in crab pots. Rain and silt from catchment has caused turtle deaths. Silt has covered seagrass leaving nothing for them to eat. There were 85 ghost crab pots picked up in the area. Crab pots can only be removed by the authorities. Crab pots should show the name address and phone number of the owner.

The meeting was closed at 4:45 pm.

The next meeting will be at the Caloundra Power Boat Club on Tuesday 13th July at 3:00pm