Minutes of August AGM and General Meetings

Minutes of TAPP Inc. AGM and General Meeting August 11th 2020

Held in the Pelican Room at Caloundra Power Boat Club

All welcomed by Paul Harney President of TAPP

Member Attendance: – As per attendance book

Apologies : As per Attendance Book

Motion put that the apologies be accepted

Moved: Paul              Seconded: Muriel                            Carried

Annual General Meeting Commenced

Minutes of Previous AGM Meeting:

Motion put that the minutes of previous AGM meeting held in August last year be accepted as a true record of that meeting.

Moved: Allan            Seconded: Tony                                           Carried

Presidents Report

Read by Paul  and received with appreciative applause for all he work Paul has put into TAPP this year. Presidents report is attached.

Treasurers Report

Read by John with appreciative applause and thanks for all the work John has put into TAPP this year. Treasurers report attached.

Election of office bearers for 2020- 2021

Officer bearers stood down and Allan McKay took the chair

As each position had only one nominee, an election was not called for.

Nomination for President received for Paul Harney

Proposed:      Di Hearne                   Seconded: Don Ritchie                     Carried

Nomination for Vice President received for Brady Sullivan

Proposed:      Paul Harney               Seconded: Lissa Ware                      Carried

Nomination for Treasurer received for John Roberts

Proposed:      Carla Clynick              Seconded: Muriel Bates                    Carried

Nomination for Secretary received for Ken Mewburn

Proposed:      Paul Harney               Seconded: Helen Crook                    Carried

Nomination for Assistant Secretary received for Carla Clynick

Proposed:      Paul Harney               Seconded: Lissa Ware                      Carried

Motion put that TAPP remain an incorporated body and continue to follow the rules as set out by the Qld Incorporated Association.

Moved Paul                           Seconded: Lissa                                          Carried

As we now have five committee members we will need to have three committee members and two ordinary members to have a quorum for our meetings.

General Meeting Commenced

Members in attendance and apologies remained the same.

Correspondence – Paul

  • Foreshore Solutions (A division of Seagrass Technologies) – They are a private company who presented a project to plant artificial seagrass in the Diamond Head area. TAPP directed them to Council.
  • Glen Dean a resident of Pelican Waters – concerned about the algae in the lake near the golf course. Continuing correspondence
  • Karl Goodsell – – from an NGO called Positive Change for Marine Life who wants to further to understand existing threats to biodiversity in the Pumicestone Passage and whether there would be scope for his organisation to run projects in the area.
  • Visionary Ocean Warriors  – A group are organising a clean-up, clothes swap and waste education event called Spring into Scavenge for an organisation called Seaside Scavenge at Clarke Place Park, Happy Valley, on 26th Sept 2020 (COVID restrictions permitting). – to be discussed in General Business section of the meeting
  • Qld Conservation Council – National Parks for life –seeking support for a letter to the Premier re National Parks – to be discussed in General Business section of the meeting
  • Golden Beach Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter – to be discussed in meeting
  • Anne Lapinay – Private company who rents out drone time
  • Luke Poland One Nation Party- touching base

Motion put that the correspondence be endorsed and accepted.

Moved: Paul              Seconded: Carla                    Carried

Treasurer’s Report

TAPP General Account

As at 31 July 2020
Balance brought Forward from 30/06/2020 $                        11,494.61
Less Grant Funds $                                  0.00
Interest   01/07/2020 $                                    .48
Memberships $                              100.00
Donations – $                                50.00
Bank Transaction Fees $                                  0.00
Direct Credit Deposit  
Balance as at 31/07/2020  $                        11,645.09

TAPP Grant Account

As at 31 July 2020
Balance brought forward from 30/06/2020 $                                0.00
Cash Withdrawal  
Cheques – # $                                0.00    
Transferred to TAPP Account $                                0.00
Bank Transaction Fee  
Deposits – $                           
Balance as at: 31/07/2020  $                                0.00             
Cl Balance brought forward from 30/06/2020 $ 11,494.61
Closing Balance as at 31/07/2020 Add TAPP General Account and TAPP Grant Account     $ 11,645.09

Financial Membership:  32 as at 31/07/2020

Motion put that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as a true record of our account to date.

Moved: John                         Seconded: Carla                   Carried

General Business ( Business Arising from the Minutes are included in General Business as we have not had a meeting for 6 months)

1. Meetings with Terry Landsberg – Division 2 Councilor

TAPP committee members met with Cr Landsberg on the 22nd July at a ‘round table’ discussion with several other community groups who were able to express their groups’ aims concerns and needs. These meetings will be held on a regular basis.

We also met with Cr Landsberg on August 4th to present him with our concerns and aims for the Passage. We discussed the Pumicestone Passage forum which is to be held in February next year and requested some assistance with funding to enable a larger audience to attend. Other issues discussed were the Paradise Seaplane business proposal, the houseboat issues, speed on the Passage and the lack of any monitoring of regulations.  He informed us of another business applying to start an eco-tourism venture on the Passage.

Action: Paul to send an email to Cr Landsberg’ s Office to formally request funding.

2. Bells Creek

2a. Jensen Park extension

TAPP committee met with Hamish Pressland – Henzell’s General Manger, their Project Manager, an ecologist and their landscape contractor. We walked through the area which they will develop into a park and reserve. The initial plan which was approved by Council included the whole area as a park. This would have meant that the 15 year old trees would have been removed. The new plan allows these trees and the small ecosystem which has built up along the creek to survive. 

Motion put that TAPP contact council to request that the mature trees in Jensen Park be protected and maintained as new work is commenced to increase the size of the car and trailer parking area.

Moved: Di                             Seconded: Lissa                   Carried

2b. Regeneration Project

Susie Chapman from Healthy Land and Water has informed us that there were some funds for projects to regenerate banks of waterways in our area. The northern bank of Bells Creek has been eroding where Pelican Waters and Lot 431 have been developed. TAPP committee met with Susie and a Council officer at went to various spots along Bell’s Creek. We identified 7 sites to be regenerated.    The project action plan will be posted on the webpage. We will be seeking funding from the Council and Henzells.

Action – TAPP committee to continue to work with Susie and meet with Henzells and with Council

3. Convergence Forum/Convergence

TAPP committee have been meeting monthly with Susie Chapman, Council officers, University professors and lecturers and Government  officials involved with industry, who all have an interest in the Passage and its catchment. The forum will now be held on the 16th – 18th February regardless of any covid 19 outbreaks because we will now be offering it on line as well as in person. 

We will have a promotional letter to send to Cr Landsberg and some others to request assistance with funding as we are aiming to make the forum accessible to as many people as possible. This promotional letter will be placed on the website as well.

Action: –  Paul and Brady to send the letter to the appropriate government bodies

4. TS Onslow

There has been extensive damage to 15 of the mangroves that were planted 5 years ago in stage 1 of the project. We approached TS Onslow regarding some action we could take as a consequence and they have agreed that it would be ok for TAPP to put up a large notice to inform the public about the possible consequences of vandalising marine plants.  The size of the sign and the wording will be important.

Motion put that TAPP committee meet to consider possible methods to inform the community of the vandalism and of the consequences for that action.

Moved: Paul                          Seconded: Helen                              Carried

TAPP members recently had a working bee to trim the hop bush at the TS Onslow site.

Three loads of shrubbery went to the tip after removing the wild growth and trimming the tops of the larger bushes. 

The last part of  the TS Onslow project has begun as sand has been deposited in the area called stage three, at the southern end of the project. Council kindly donated the sand as they were dredging in the area at the time – this was initially to cost TAPP $800. We will need to plant some ground cover on this sand when it settles so another working bee will be called soon.

Action – TAPP Committee will send out an email when we have purchased the plants and are ready for the working bee.

5. Seaplane applying to land in the Passage

TAPP committee met with Shawn Kelly to discuss his plan to land his seaplane in the Passage twice a week. He wants to do a one month trial and has approached Council as well as Dept. of Environment andScience and Maritime Safety Qld. TAPP has penned a letter to send out to these government departments expressing our concern and requesting to meet with them as well.

Action – TAPP committee will continue to pursue this issue.

6. Enforcement of the regulations on the Passage

There is the continual problem of boats and jet skis disregarding the rules and regulations. Speeding is the main concern.

Action TAPP committee to continue to liaise with BIEPA to keep moving forward with this issue

7. Pumicestone Passage Authority  (PPA)

The steering committee for the PPA are meeting regularly. We have a group called the Pumicestone Passage Catchment Network who meet bi-annually at the moment. Perhaps we could build on the capacity of this group.

8. Neighbourhood watch Newsletter

Golden Beach Neighbourhood Watch are extending their newsletter which they produce three monthly to keep the community informed about the events in the local area,

We have been invited to submit an article in this newsletter.

Action- TAPP committee will write the article for the next newsletter

9. Houseboats on the Passage

TAPP is continuing discussions with Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ).

10. Our Resilient Coast

The team working on this are again inviting public comment. This is a very interesting project. To read more about it and to leave a comment go to this site.


11. Visionary Ocean Warriors

This group are organising a clean-up, clothes swap and waste education event called “Spring into Scavenge” for an organization called Seaside Scavenge at Clarke Place Happy Valley on the 26th September. They are inviting us to support them and set up a stall at this event. Generally we support this endeavor.

Action- John will contact them to find out more information before we commit to this event.

12. Qld Conservation Council – National Parks for life

This group is seeking our support to keep the pressure on the State Government to

* Maintain the commitment to double the size of Queensland’s protected area system.

* Invest in well-managed new National Parks to protect species and help rebuild regional tourism. 

* Increase funding for management of our existing national parks, creating more jobs for Park Rangers and land managers.

They need us to sign a letter and allow them to display our logo.

Action – TAPP committee will get in touch and sign the letter


13. Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC) review

The review is now out and we encourage you to go to this site and have your say about the issues          https://epbcactreview.environment.gov.au/

Additional helpful information can be found at  https://www.edo.org.au/2020/08/07/epbc-act-reform-fast-track-to-weaker-standards-protections/

14. Isabel Jordan Reserve

As mentioned in the July Update Wildlife Preservation Qld – Sunshine Coast branch are still fighting to preserve the Isabel Jordan Reserve in Caloundra. Please sign the petition by clicking on the link below

Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld, Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Inc petitions against the Queensland Air Museum’s request to extend into Lot 687 on CP902087, which contains the Isabel Jordan Bushland Reserve, and Lot 340 on Crown Plan CG803364

15. Healthy Land and Water Survey

Healthy Land and Water are conducting a survey to gauge the community interest in and use of their local waterways.

 Take the survey now

Paul thanked everyone for attending today and closed the meeting at 4:45

Next Meeting will be on 8th September in the Pelican Room at the Power Boat Club

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