AGM for TAPP 13th August 2019

Take Action for Pumicestone Passage, Inc.  (TAPP) Annual General Meeting 13th August 2019

Welcome to those in attendance:- Ken Mewburn, Rick Albert, John Roberts, Carla Clynick, Brady Sullivan, Dianne Hearn, Paul Harney , Tony Barry, Colin White, Jude Crighton, Erica Mansfield, Allan McKay, Jill Chamberlain, Lissa Ware, Kerrie Chandler, Ian Colledge and Chris Hoskin

Apologies: Helen Crook, Michael McNamara, Murial Bates, Craig Chandler, Randy Lagerway and Don Ritchie

Motion put to accept Apologies:               

Moved: Brady                                        Seconded: Lissa                                                                                         Carried

Ken read the minutes of last year’s meeting.

Motion put to accept last year’s meeting minutes:           

Moved: Ken                                            Seconded: Carla                                                                      Carried

Presidents Report for year 2018/2019 read by Ken – (this was met with appreciative applause from those in attendance as well as a huge thanks to Ken for his tireless effort for the past 9 years.) Presidents report is attached   

Secretaries Say – a statement from Carla thanking Ken for all the hard work he has put into TAPP since its inception. (Attached)

Treasurers Report for 2018/2019 read by Lissa (with thanks to Lissa for the effort put into the treasurers duties this year) (See attached report)

Peter Boyd – Mandrake Accounting Firm is auditing our account and his completed audit will be presented at the next general meeting. At this stage we do not have an excess of $20 000 so we do not need to appoint an auditor for next year.

Election of Office Bearers for 2018/2019

As each seat only had one nominee an election was not called for.

Nomination for President received for Paul Harney, accepted.

Proposed: Ken                                       Seconded: Carla                                                                      Carried

Nomination for Vice-President received for Brady Sullivan , accepted.

Proposed: Ken                                       Seconded: Carla                                                                      Carried

Nomination for Secretary received for Carla Clynick, accepted.

Proposed: Brady                                  Seconded: Ken                                                                          Carried

Nomination for Treasurer received from John Roberts, accepted.

Proposed: Brady                                  Seconded: Carla                                                                      Carried

Nomination for Assistant Secretary received for Lissa Ware, accepted.

Proposed: Ken                                       Seconded: Brady                                                                     Carried

Motion moved that we all recognise and thank Ken sincerely for his exceptional hard work and tireless commitment to TAPP

Moved: Ian Colledge                                          Seconded: Brady                                                   Carried

Col White put a motion that TAPP make provision for the election of Life Members. That a life member be nominated and seconded by current members and this should be decided at an AGM each year.

Discussion followed regarding the groups terms of incorporation and the motion was amended – with Cols acceptance, to say that the committee discuss the viability of nominating Life Membership for exceptional long-term members and the presentation of merit and appreciation certificates, at the next committee meeting.

Moved: Col White                                                Seconded: Brady                                                  Carried

Motion moved that the TAPP committee meet each month prior to each general meeting.

Moved: John                                                            Seconded: Carla                                                    Carried

Annual General meeting concluded at 4:02pm and General meeting commenced.

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