Terrestrial Habitat and Species

Research gaps

  • Map significant trees
  • Local data sets for Ecosystem Services to be integrated at catchment level (including SCC/MBRC integration)
  • Integrating multiple data sets (eg HQP mapping)
  • Research in effectiveness of marine protected areas (especially in a changing climate) – resilience buffer?
  • Mapping of native species(key species)
  • Community values survey to drive connection and engagement with Pumicestone Passage
  • Water muse and water rat distribution / changes
  • Further research into translocation of particular species (eg water mouse)


  • Further protection of Res and different ecosystems
  • Mechanism to protect emerging habitat – offset habitat
  • Adopting practices of Traditional Owners
  • Developer contribution for disturbance of habitat
  • Developer to consider impacts to groundwater and run-off
  • Direct developers toward development in degraded areas – ensure planning mechanism supports this.
  • Biosecurity – invasive animals, plants, ants: need more education, connection to nurseries, parks and gardens, pigs – need more collaboration between
  • Maintaining and improving landscape connectivity – addressing habitat fragmentation by roads. Infrastructure etc., particularly East-West connection
  • Engagement through other mechanisms of landholder engagement – stewardship incentives
  • Voluntary land acquisition fund – prioritise land, increase connectivity
  • Information pack for new residents
  • Attitude change mechanism – social media, citizen science, younger demographic, publications
  • Consideration of ecosystem functions informing planning scheme
  • Opportunity to reinstate natural areas on Bribie Island – at end of plantation lease
  • Keep Bribie areas out of SEQ Regional Plan – urban footprint
  • Education of native plant species
  • Economy – jobs in conservation
  • Native forest plantation for harvesting – opportunities for habitat connectivity
  • Four wheel drives off beaches, at least during turtle nesting season