Jane-Louise Lampard, University of the Sunshine Coast

Jane-Louise Lampard is the Program Leader for Environmental Health at the University of the Sunshine. Jane-Louise has qualifications in business, public health and environmental and has been actively researching risks to human and ecosystem health associated with recreational waters, wastewater and stormwater since 2008. Her PhD research focuses on the microbial risks associated with pathogenic bacteria in stormwater. She is currently working with local and state government and private industry partners on projects related to safe reuse of urban stormwater runoff, limiting the impact of urban stormwater runoff on aquatic ecosystems and creating water sensitive cities.


Water Security on the Sunshine Coast needs some innovative thinking if we are to provide the water resources required to support our growing population. Urban Stormwater Harvesting is a proven option that should be considered to support our water resilience strategy. Urban developments that adopt water sensitive design measures such as those at Aura are able to harvest high quality treated urban stormwater for reuse, supporting our water demands. Significant research undertaken has concluded that water from urban sources is of a high quality and should be strongly considered by water regulators as part of a balanced approach to regional water security.

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