Dr. Reiner M. Mann, Department of Environment and Science

Dr Reinier Mann is the current Science Leader within the Water Quality and Investigations group within the Queensland Department of Environment Science, and oversees the Great Barrier Reef and South East Queensland Catchment Loads Monitoring Programs. He obtained a PhD in Ecotoxicology (2000) from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, and has over 15 years of experience in ecotoxicology research, specialising in amphibian and reptile ecotoxicology. He is an author of over 40 peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters in the discipline of environmental toxicology and co-edited Ecological Impacts of Toxic Chemicals published in 2011.  Dr Mann is the foundational and current editor of the Australasian Bulletin of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry, which is the official publication of the Australasian Chapter of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry –Asia Pacific (SETAC AU).


As part of the South East Queensland Catchment Loads Monitoring Program, Water Quality & Investigation (Department of Environment & Science) collect water samples from Coochin Creek using a combination of manual and automated sampling, and opportunistically from Six Mile and Lagoon creeks. Water samples are analysed for TSS (sediment), nutrients and a suite of pesticides. Historically the nitrate concentrations have exceed water quality objectives and some pesticides have exceeded national or draft guideline values. This presentation will present some of the historical and recent data.

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