Bernadette May, Moreton Bay Regional Council

Bernadette May currently leads Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Green Infrastructure Planning Team which manages the planning, design and delivery of its capital and operational Green Infrastructure programs. This includes overseeing the installation of wildlife movement infrastructure around roads, large-scale tree planting and urban shade tree projects. She holds qualifications in law, environmental science and finance.


Moreton Bay Region contains hundreds of kilometres of habitat corridors. As wildlife move through these corridors, they encounter roads and land use change which present safety risks and challenges to habitat access.  Unfortunately, vehicle crashes involving wildlife are common in Moreton Bay region and affect human safety, property and wildlife. Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Green Infrastructure Network Program constructs wildlife crossing infrastructure to improve public safety by reducing the risk of collisions between wildlife and motorists, and to provide native wildlife with safe crossing opportunities as they move through the region’s habitat corridors. The Green Infrastructure Network program also delivers tree and habitat planting to enhance and re-establish canopy connections.

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