TAPP has worked with council engineers to encourage use of best practice techniques for management of storm water runoff from the Southern Lakes development. Concerns were raised about potential contamination by Acid Sulphate Soil disturbance and excessive sediment leaving the site during rainfall events.

Discussion with Council and ultimately the Developers have addressed these issues. Continued monitoring indicates a much improved outcome has been achieved.

Pelican Waters Golf Club Development

Development of the area associated with the Pelican waters Golf Club has been in planning stage for several years. With a change of ownership of the land, a new development scheme has been proposed and approval application is in progress.

TAPP have met with the new owners to discuss issues regarding local environmental impacts, such as water quality from storm water run-off and impact on ecosystems adjacent to the site. There is a known habitat for Water Mouse near the development.

The proposed development area showing the addition of approximately 300 dwellings to the existing area after modification of the golf course.

This area will drain, via a lake system and what is known as the western waterway drain, into lamerough creek, the Pelican Waters Canal system and into Pumicestone Passage. The number of new dwellings will result in greater risk to water quality that ultimately enters Pumicestone Passage. TAPP will continue to monitor this project and meet with the owner and Developer. To date we have been advised that some innovative processes will be introduced to the development to improve site run-off. We welcome these and will also encourage further changes to management in surrounding area for the protection of the existing eco system including Water Mouse habitat.

Application Number: OPW21/0413

Date Submitted: 6/8/2021

Description: Pelican Waters Golf Club 40 Mahogany Dr PELICAN WATERS – Earthworks, Stormwater, Landscaping and Drainage Works – Palm Lake Works Pty Ltd – Cardno (QLD) Pty Ltd

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The above link will give details from the Council Development I website.



Roys Farm development of Eco Caravan Park

Aerial view of Roy’s Farm in 2010 when cultivated for preparation of new Strawberry crop.


This land covers an area of approximately 43 Hectares. The SCC placed bid for purchase with the intention of preserving as native vegetation or wetland but were unsuccessful with their bid.

The current owner has intentions to construct an Eco Tourist Caravan Park on the site.

TAPP have met on site with the new owner’s representative and Developer and were provided with an early concept plan of the proposed development. The current site is very degraded. The concept plans show not all the area will be developed and the plans concentrate on the preservation of the natural bushland and the foreshore of the Passage.

The plans include planting of thousands of trees in the area.

It is not the intention of the operators to encourage the use of power craft and no provision will be made on site for use of such. There is, however, a Council operated boat ramp within one kilometre of the site which will possibly encourage the use of such vessels by visitors to the park.

The site will provide access to an ECO Tour vessel which will conduct tours of the Passage. There will be provision for kayak and canoe launching and such will be available for hire.

The Council has placed many restrictions and requirements on the development which can serve to ensure the ECO Development objective is met, however, this will not control the actions of patrons of the site.

This location is probably a good area to consider public information sessions for community education which would fit within the TAPP Objectives.

Continued contact will be maintained with the Developer and the progress will be monitored.

Application Number: MCU21/0348

Date Submitted: 23/9/2021

Description: 1807 Roys Rd COOCHIN CREEK – Nature Based Tourism 150 sites – Comiskey Management Services Pty Ltd – Murray & Associates (QLD) Pty Ltd.

Check the above site information on Development i.


Progressive Development of Southern Lakes Pelican Waters

The final stage of Pelican Waters development is the Southern Lakes section. This area comprises a canal and lake system with a Lock and Weir. It supports the installation of individual jetties for residents along the canal, a marina with the capacity for approximately 80 vessels and a “dry dock” stacker with a capacity for 200 plus vessels.

Changes to some of the original plans for Southern Lakes has resulted in the division of parkland, originally intended as sport fields in the centre of the development, to provide additional parkland along the canal to increase waterside recreational area.

In conjunction with the progress of the Canal development, an extension to Jensen Park is under construction. TAPP have been in discussion with Henzells during the design stage of the park. This will retain much of the original vegetation, with trimming the understory of the trees for wind flow to reduce mosquito activity. Combined in the design will be “bird hides”, Osprey nest areas and increased vegetation planting. It is envisaged that the local community may be involved with planting and restoring the original power line lease area.

TAPP meet with Henzells on a more regular basis now to discuss progress of this development.

The site plans for Jensen Park Upgrade. Approximately 4 hectares of additional park.