Stormwater from this location drains to Bells Creek via four infiltration basins. This has reduced the buffer between the development and water ultimately entering Pumicestone Passage, with the possibility of presenting a higher risk of contamination and pollution entry to the Passage. The receiving wetland is potentially at risk of inundation for a longer period of time following wet weather and may be a greater habitat for mosquito breeding which could ultimately create a potential health risk and a further responsibility for the Sunshine coast council.

The development received approval through the “Land and Environment Court” following Council reluctance to approve initial development plans. Original development plans were to drain through the Southern Lakes Canal network but were not sequenced with the development of Southern Lakes. This was the reason approval allowed for drainage directly into Bells Creek.

In alignment with TAPP’s objectives, our organisation has advocated to council engineers to attempt to have best practice adhered to in regard to storm water runoff from this development. Concerns were raised of potential suboptimal management of run off and refuse.