TAPP understands and celebrates the social, employment and economic benefits that our local agricultural industry offer our region. It is well documented that the environmental benefits to surrounding areas can be achieved through implementing best practice knowledge and methodologies in an agricultural setting. TAPP encourages projects and programs which improve agricultural best practices in the Pumicestone Passage catchment.

There are interesting sessions recorded from the  Convergence (click tag on home page) which discuss practices in Agriculture. 

Growcom and Healthy Land & Water have been working to improve understanding of hydrodynamics of local agricultural areas and have made improvements to water quality run-off.

These practices include changes to methods of fertiliser use and the installation of Bioreactors downstream. Both actions are beneficial in the reduction of Phosphorous and Nitrogen content of the water.


In 2010, water quality in Pumicestone Passage had deteriorated to a “D” rating. This prompted the formation of the Pumicestone Passage Catchment Network, managed by both the Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast Councils.

This group has representation from community, government, and council at meetings.

The primary objective was to examine current practice in the catchment and seek methods for improvement to improve water quality run-off to the Pumicestone Passage.

With representation from Forestry, Poultry, Pineapple and Strawberry farming it provided opportunity to review practice and assist to improve output from these activities.

Actions taken have included improving Forestry roads to reduce excessive sediment run-off and to manage public use of the area by recreational 4×4 vehicles. These have a big influence on the sediment that runs off site.

Farming practice has been similarly supported by introduction and trial of “Bioreactors” to reduce Nitrogen run-off from poultry and strawberry farming.

Polymer trials have been conducted on Pineapple farms to reduce erosion.

With the progressive work of the PPCN water quality in the Passage has improved to as high as an A- and averages around a B+.

TAPP Inc has been a foundation member of this group and continues involvement. Work toward improvement is ongoing and the support given to farmers has encouraged their ongoing support and continuing effort to upgrade work processes.